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Keeping Tabs on Dustin Hoffman

1/16/2009 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inquiring minds want to know what Dustin Hoffman reads.... Well, it ain't the classics.

Dustin was snapped picking up this week's tabloids at a newsstand in Brentwood on Thursday.

Regardless of what they may say, even 71-year-old two-time Oscar winning actors like to stay abreast of the latest salacious headlines, celeb scandals and alien abductions.


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I love Dustin!!! What an awesome actor, he looks fantastic - just adorable. He's so underrated. Tootsie was one of my favorites!!!! You go Dustin!!!!!

2106 days ago


2. Geez, who reads magazines anymore? It's all here on the 'net.

Posted at 11:49AM on Jan 16th 2009 by Luke Warmwater


Yeah but everyone isn't a fifteen year old who holds cyberlife sacred.

2106 days ago


Leave Dustin alone, he is a wonderful actor, BTW, TMZ mad that he reads the globe instead of coming on here?

2106 days ago



2106 days ago


#13 -- Greg in Vegas -- THANK YOU! Thank you very much! I much appreciated your post.

And hey, why would anyone HERE want to seek out the truth w hen you can just make up some crap instead?

2106 days ago


I think I see the Hustler publication, "Barely Legal" just underneath the Globe .

2106 days ago

Nick Sunset    

What a great actor he is, I like the way he changes his voice inflections and mannerisms from each character he plays you can't even recognize him sometimes, you have to wait for the credits to role at the end of the movie. Look I don't know what he did to get where he is today but it was not on his acting talent. He has been playing himself his entire career I would not consider him an actor but a STAR with the talent of Britney Spears.

2106 days ago


Dustin Hoffman is a LOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSER!!!!! All of his movies lately have been FLOPS!!!

2106 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The rain forrest and strip mining now those are really F`N up the world but pulp paper is renewable and you wipe your ass with it every DAY?.

2106 days ago


Hoffman needs to quit playing that tired old jewish gentleman role---the slightly neurotic sytled after Woody Allen innocent needy type that gets laid, not because he's attractive to women, but because they need to mother them they're so despicable .

That whole shtick died around 1990, when Woody got caught banging the adopted daughter. Its not cute---its jewish incest and now with the Madoff thing is giving the culture a bad name---I/'d say religion but none of these guys actually worship, they are secular jews. Hollering jewish at every turn for their rights and victimization needs, but nary a one of them heads to help with the trouble in Gaza.

Hoffman is one of them...cute and cuddly, but a hack, a has been, and truly boring now to new generations.

2106 days ago


He's an awesome actor, but a loser in real life. He used drugs...don't know if he still does though. You know, you grow up respecting these people because they make you laugh, and that makes you happy, and you like them. But then you read in the Enquirer that they've done drugs, and then you lose that happiness you had, the respect you had. I THINK ALL THOSE IN HOLLYWOOD ARE A BUNCH OF LOSERS...THEY GO TO SUCH ENDS TO PLEASE THEMSELVES...SELFISH. Do good and do something for those less fortunate. Your house doesn't have to be ten million. We get along in a $250k on a budget...and we help the less fortunate. OPEN YOUR POCKETBOOKS and take care of those around you...

Using you lucky money to buy drugs...? Sick lucky losers!

2106 days ago


He just want's to know ahead of time what TMZ is going to say about him!

2106 days ago


I have the sneaking suspicion that the 'Globe' magazine is covering up some skin mags that he was going...or did..,.purchase.
Wonder what they were! Barely 18? Juggs? Sneaky, sneaky Mr. Hoffman!

2106 days ago


all dustin meant was -I DON"T CHEAT! I HAVE A WIFE I LOVE!!!!! -they are such a good looking couple-who don't look their age and love each other! Dustin Hoffman was being kind when he answered this rude reporter .Mr.Hoffman being married answered beautifully! and so is your wife,like you answeredf Mr.Hoffman!

2105 days ago

no way    

You've got to be kidding.. that's not even his arm..... that is a staged inset picture. TMZ tsk, tsk....
This totally makes be beleive that all your photos are doctored in some way.... terrible job!!!!!

2105 days ago
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