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Cabinet Spouses Have Their Last Supper

1/17/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With no good times to reminisce on, the spouses of George W. Bush's cabinet gathered together this week for a final luncheon that at least featured some good eats.

Georgetown's 1789 Restaurant hosted the affair on Wednesday, which featured Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney. The main course featured gave the spouses three options:

-- Roasted free range chicken with Jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted fennel, hedgehog mushrooms and chicken jus.

-- Maryland style crab cakes with parsley spaetzle, honey glazed baby parsnips, roasted hazelnuts and Madeira

-- Chesapeake Bay rockfish with Nantucket Bay scallops, black trumpet mushrooms, celery root and smoked golden trout roe.

None of which could mask the bitter taste of the last eight years.


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Jane Doe    

The "bitter taste of the last eight you mean the bitter tast of safety since there have been no attacks on American soil, or do you mean the bitter taste of freedom so that you are safe to continue to mock and make fun of about the bitter taste of long seven years of economic and job growth, despite the recession we were in when Bush came into office, and the 9/11 attacks,, maybe you mean the bitter taste of safety preparations put into place after 9/11 that made it possible for everyone on the US Airways flight to survive., I could go on and on...but you hacks can't give Bush credit for anything. Stay behind the cameras...I don't think you could survive your own scrutiny.

It doesn't matter, come 12:01 p.m on Tuesday January 20, there will be world peace, everyone will be happy, Barack is going to pay our mortgages, all the world's problems will disappear after the coronation of the first Messiah of the United States of America...Hail to the Messiah.

2073 days ago


Good one Jane Doe!

2073 days ago


only 4 more days of Georgie!!! GOOD RIDDANCE. It'll take years to fix all the mistakes the idiot savant made. He'll have to find something else to screw up.

2073 days ago


ha-ha-ha... that's a good one Jane Doe? Exactly what job growth and great economy are you talking about? Uh, hate to point this out, but Georgie took a $500 Billion surplus he had when he came into office and turned it into a trillion deficiit. He started two wars he hasn't won, he made America the most hated nation in the world (thnks for that Georgie)

Bang up job with Katrina too! That was wonderful :) (sarcasm)

And thank you we don't have to hear him say he's doing it because Jesus told him to. Dont' be stupid Georige... You're an insult to God. And Helena, don't try and speaking for God or Jesus. I wasn't aware you were elected to be their official spokesman. Evangelicals are an insult to God.

2073 days ago


Here's some good evangelical jokes. Enjoy!

If someone tells you that you are “on fire,” and your first thought is not to stop, drop, and might be an evangelical.

If you believe the 700 Club is the best source of news on might be an evangelical.

If you’ve ever used the phrase, “I don't think God is leading me in that direction,” to get out of something you didn’t want to might be an evangelical.

2073 days ago


SHUT UP SHUT UP....even as they leave, you cannot say one graceful thing. No wonder this country is where it is. If you and your cohorts in the media just treated Bush with a tad of respect, this country would be in a lot better shape. I do not like Obama, but I wouldn't wish him a nano percent of the crap Bush got from the press. NO PRESIDENCY CAN WITHSTAND CRITICISM 24/7 for 8 years.

Bush kept our country safe for seven years. That's what the job of the federal government is. A president is just a man. Problems this country faces now can be blamed on alot of people, places and things...LEAST of which is the President. We have become a mean little country. We are on a downward slide and I blame the press who, with their own agenda, beat down this presidency until he became a shadow of the man he was...and could have been. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

2073 days ago


To Jake: I'd be interested for you to point out one false assertion in colton's comment? ;-)

It is a known fact Bushie boy didn't pay attention to the security briefings....C. Rice testified that to the 9/11 commission...and it wasn't exactly a revolutionary concept to beef up homeland security after we were attacked. That's kinda what you do there kid. Ever bought a home security system after your house was robbed?

Perhaps Jake is the idiot, haha.

2073 days ago


To Dan...So, Katrina is Bush's fault? How about the people who were told to get out? How about the busses that stood, drowning in the parking lot? How about the Dem Governor who did NOTHING. The Dem Mayor who did NOTHING. So, according to you, the people closest to the situation and were in charge of the evacuation and subsequent recovery were mere victims...IT WAS THE EVIL GEORGE BUSH sitting far away in Washington, DC that is the devil. Federal aid has a process...IT STARTS WITH THE STATE. Why did Mississippi do well? Of all the steps in Katrina, THE LEAST RESPONSIBLE WAS GW Bush. But, again, a convenient way to beat up on the man you all hate so much. The reason the world hates us is because of the PRESS. How do they learn about us? Huh? THE PRESS. Where do they get images of us, our violence and our obsession with sexual images...HOLLYWOOD. God help us.

2073 days ago


The only one that still has a Bad taste in her mouth after eight (8) years is Monica Lewinsky.F-U-T-M-Z !

2073 days ago


So it's the Press's fault??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha... that has to be the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. Because of course the press is the one running the country... Maybe it's just that the majority of people figured out thathe sucks as a president. Why else does Georgie have the LOWEST approval rating than any other president. The only one who could have even a worse public rating would be Adolf Hitler.

2073 days ago


Adolf Hitler = George Bush? You make the call!

2073 days ago


You gotta imagine this is all leaving a bad taste in Laura Bush's mouth as well. Hell, she has been cursed to be married to an idiot. She has my condolences

2073 days ago


TMZ is run by 12 year olds. Just look at their TV show.
Before you bad mouth Bush, let's see what the muslim's track record will be huh?
Hire people above puberty will you?

2073 days ago


Stick to entertainment reporting - that jab was uncalled for - you just lost a reader.

2073 days ago


"If I hear one more person say that America is safer because of Bush, I'm going to freak out."

America is safer now than prior to 9/11 due to Bush.

Also history will show him saving 10 million lives. As for TMZ, as someone stated please stick to entertainment. Those kind of comments make you look like bitter retards.

2073 days ago
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