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Cabinet Spouses Have Their Last Supper

1/17/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With no good times to reminisce on, the spouses of George W. Bush's cabinet gathered together this week for a final luncheon that at least featured some good eats.

Georgetown's 1789 Restaurant hosted the affair on Wednesday, which featured Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney. The main course featured gave the spouses three options:

-- Roasted free range chicken with Jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted fennel, hedgehog mushrooms and chicken jus.

-- Maryland style crab cakes with parsley spaetzle, honey glazed baby parsnips, roasted hazelnuts and Madeira

-- Chesapeake Bay rockfish with Nantucket Bay scallops, black trumpet mushrooms, celery root and smoked golden trout roe.

None of which could mask the bitter taste of the last eight years.


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I am so tired of the Bush bashing. Just let it go!!!!!!!!! I remember the country was so happy with what he did right after 9/11. How quickly we all forget!! I wish Obama well because our country needs it.

2103 days ago

Missing Reagan    

"None of which could mask the bitter taste of the last eight years"

I have a feeling history will remember it differently.

God help American if Obama is faced with the same challenge the newly elected Bush had to face in 2001. As for the uneducated who think 9/11 is due to Bush ignorance...the plan was hatched during the Clinton era. The same era that had Bin Laden is its sight but Clinton was too busy dealing with the fallout from his affair. The Dems dropped the ball and America suffered. (the Dems dropped the ball on the ball on the housing/banking industry as well but we will leave that one alone) It will happen again. The facts are clear.....America has NOT been attacked since that day. Someones was doing something right. T

hank you G.W. You had a tough job in tough times. God help us if Barry Obama has the same challenge he cant spend his way out of.

2103 days ago


TMZ would be better if they tried to emulate a real entertainment show like Entertainment Tonight or a first class blog/mag such as People. Maybe TMZ is hoping to get props from the Professional Bush haters/writers at the LA Times, NY Times, etc.

2103 days ago

50 is apig    

Mask the bitter taste of the last eight years. AS a service member I might remind Harvey that we still hold Bush in high regard. It's Comrade Obama we choose not to support. That's why I am joining the walk off with thousands of other active duty soliders. I will not re-enilst and serve a man that refers to use as bay killer and village burner. If you libs like the messiah so much, let's go back to a draft and let your children, todays fortunate sons, serve the elitiest bigot.

2103 days ago


"With no good times to reminisce on..."

Said like a true political zealot.

2103 days ago


Those of you who are nasty and bitter need to have half as much charm, polish and education as these ladies. Get a life and stop being so hateful. Lets see how much you love the new administration after a few years. Obama is an OK guy but he can't possibly keep all of the promises that he has made.

2103 days ago


Hello!!! Please just report the entertainment trash and leave your editorializing to some one a bit brighter. You all got your way, JANUARY 20th 2009 Beginning of an error....good luck.

2103 days ago


OK, let's hear it from the idiot Republitards. They spent days trashing Obama because his kids go to private school, suddenly pretending they don't like rich people after they tried to sell our nation to them when Bush was in office. Why do I suspect their indignation will evaporate when Mrs. Cheney and Mrs. Bush are dining high off the hog?

2103 days ago


Good news! Obama's train is now leaving Philly heading to D.C. Yeah!!! Wish we could kick out George now.

2103 days ago


Land of the free; home of the ignorant. Ignorance and mean-spiritedness runs rampant among the LIBERALS in this country. History will judge George W Bush to be the right man at the right time. After Clinton allowed 8 terrorist attacks on his watch (he, you remember was busy in the oval office with Monica Lewinsky), terrorists thought they could get away with the big one. They couldn't. All of us - even the ungrateful degenerates - have been safe for 8 years. When history is written, GEORGE W BUSH will get the credit. He's a man without compromise of principles or beliefs. Help us Lord.

2103 days ago


Aren't they out of the white house already..GEESH...give them a can of pork and beans and hotdogs and send them on their way!

2103 days ago


"History will judge George W Bush to be the right man at the right time..."

Yeah, right. Since the entire world thinks he was a destructive idiot, you have high hopes future generations will be less observant. You're dreaming but I don't blame you -- guess that's all you have to cling to when you supported someone who was obviously damaging our nation, and now we're all suffering for it. Know what? Since you make really horrible decisions, maybe you should be quiet about what the future holds. I wouldn't trust a Bush-fan to correctly predict getting wet when it was raining. I sure don't think loftier predictions are within their limited capabilities.

2103 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Golly, after all of the negative comments about what the Obama's will be eating during Inauguration week, I just assumed that the Republicans only ate hot dogs and marshmellows...who knew THEY were eating high on the hog after THEY caused our economic nightmare. A little hypocritical, yes??

2103 days ago


there is a town outside of chicago, called pembroke, IL. this place is like a third world country. their main problem is they don't have a zip code. if they had a zip code, pembroke would qualify for federal grants for sewage, utilities, ect. just because they don't have a zip code. a man said that it would cost 20 million dollars to hook everyone up on sewage. people were living in shacks no running water, little or no electricity. i saw one lady having to get well water and drag it into the house and put it in the commode so they could go to the bathroom. this is in America! i saw this on oprah and she was horrified. but, i don't know if anything was done or if ever anything ever happened. then the people in our white house eat expensive catered meals everyday then a really expensive catered meal for the Last Supper. i dread the next few weeks, on all the tv stations. Obama blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah!

2103 days ago

Deepest respect for an honorable man    

George W Bush was probably the most popular Texas governor ever...and dearly loved. He still is. We know his heart and his courage to do what was right in spite of the public opinion that turned against him. He is truly a great American and will eventually be shown the respect he rightfully deserves, as this country suffers from "change"...and only then will people realize how fortunate we were to have the right man in the office for the times we endured. God Bless G.W. Bush and his wife Laura. Their character and strengths are admirable and their loyal supporters are true blue Americans...the kind of people that I respect for their values and ideals. There isn't much left to respect in this country anymore...and I fear for our future since the American servicemen are so disgruntled with the new president - elect, and we may all be in a heap of trouble once we lose our American "pride" ...thanks to those who think we are arrogant and have made enemies around the world. Well, gee whiz...we are always the ones bailing out everyone else, and we never get the respect we've deserved from these other countries, I for one don't care to have their respect if it means that we are no longer the home of the free and the brave. America...the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

2103 days ago
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