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Pam Does a Body Good?

1/17/2009 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We can't decide if Pam Anderson should just move on to the next stage in her life -- as in post-hoochie.

We got this shot of her in Malibu yesterday with her new boyfriend, and she looks pretty good.


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arte help    


2070 days ago


hope he enjoys his newfound exposure to Hepatitis!

2070 days ago


before all the insults come flying - love ya, pam! yes, she is not as young anymore, but she was ultra-hotter than anyone back in her day and she still can look fantastic! ;-) she just needs to tone down the hoochie outfits and stop showing so much. she still has an awesome physic!

2070 days ago

happy day    

totally hot!!! Only people making bad comments are the big fat cows, sitting eating cheese puffs and a diet coke, you fat women shut up!!!!!! Go open anothe box of little debbies.

2070 days ago

bitch please    

No doubt Pam has a great body for her age, even though her breasts are fake. It's the face that looks beat. Her mug has really gotten fug. Harsh, old, nasty.

2070 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

What has she got to flaunt that isn't either plastic or painted-on?

2070 days ago


She looks like she has a log of crap sticking out of her bottom!

2070 days ago

bitch please    

LMAO at #4! Pam is that you? Please. I'm gorgeous and built, and I think Pam looks like a complete skank. This particular pic isn't bad because it doesn't show her face and it's a good shot. In real life she is very unattractive.

2070 days ago

Anonymous Bitch    

You guys are jealous bitches! Pamela Anderson is AWESOME and an international icon! #7, if you were as hot and shapely as you claim, you'd have no need to put down another hot woman! Also, your personality is obviously UGLY and that counts for a lot!

2070 days ago


Pam is gorgeous - sexy, beautiful, built, nice, sweet, loves animals, and knows how to please a man, and what a stunning smile that simply sucks your breath away. She knows how to look elegant and sexy all at the same time. When she stops dating those young potlickers, she'll be even hotter because then she'll be the classic beauty AND smart.

2070 days ago

anne lynn    

she is a bit too thin... the guy looks like kid rock in his hat. she must still think of kid rock!

2070 days ago


#7: My thoughts, exactly. #4: You have moron so deeply embedded in you, it will never come out, so I won't even waste my time with you.

Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.
She could be a class act if she wanted to but she doesn't want to. You can take the girl out of skank mode, but you can't take the skank mode out of the girl.

2070 days ago

Todd Lee    

This skank is nasty looking, i cant believe how all the rock stars flock over this ho-bag like shes a trophy, i never thought she was pretty, she actually was attractive when she did Home Improvement in the 90s, but when she started getting poked (no pun intended) and proded and got all the implants and lipo and botox or whatever the hell she got done 5,000 times.....THATS when she started to look horrible. Shes a horrible actress and not pretty...why is she famous and why do people care about her???

2070 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

She's a butter face! Everything BUT her face. Hehehe!

2070 days ago


Pam looks great..Do what ever make you happy

For the haters....So lets see another day on your computer and you are still FAT, or EXTREMELY OBESE, still lonely, still woke up by being hit with the ugly stick, and will spend all day on tmz and perez making nasty comments about people with a life...LMAO Oh and you will be back 2morrow to repeat the same process.

2070 days ago
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