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Tyson -- All Ears For Obama

1/17/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Retired boxing thug Mike Tyson was spotted at LAX on route to the Presidential Inauguration.

His handlers are hopeful they can explain to Mike what an inauguration is prior to the ceremony.


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Eileen Gatti    

Hey criscam...that "black man" is half white. Who are the rednecks? White people? Now you wouldn't want anyone to use irresponsible words on people who are not white would you?

2104 days ago


sorry to poke a hole in our theory uh-huh, but a good percentage of white americn voted for Obama too. What did you expect? We didn't want to put anothe incompetent fool after Bush. Then again, Bush has taken us to the bottom of the hole so to speak, so maybe the only way is up now?

Um, about the Whitney Houston crackhead comment, you realize George Bush was a coke user back in Texas, right? He even was arrested for it. So in a way it's better. Whitney wil only be singing at the inauguration. We didn't vote her into office like Georgie. She won't be taking office and screwing it up as much as Gerogie....


2104 days ago


The guy that DEFIES every black stereotype with the guy that IS every black stereotype...

2104 days ago

Pat Riot    

"on route [sic] to the Presidential Inauguration"
Haha, nice one TMZeniuses. Who's the cunning linguist who wrote that?

2104 days ago

bitch please    

The comments here are so funny, Mike Tyson in a cage, LMAO!! He is a maniac, he bit off someones ear!! So please don't anyone call me racist.

Personally I think a lot of interesting and mostly good things are happening in race relations right now. I'm white and I voted for Obama -- in fact I actively campaigned for him in Ohio.. because I think he is an awesome man and leader. He is a constitutional scholar, something we desperately need in this country after the BUSH administration, I can't wait for George Bush to be OUT!!

2104 days ago


3rd Side of the Story:

What exactly is your complaint? I stand by everything I wrote.

2104 days ago


Dan: Whether you agree with everything Bush did (I don't) or not, he poured a lot of money into a lot of black people. He partnered with Senator Kennedy for the largest public school education policy and has spent millions in Africa to fight poverty and AIDS.

2104 days ago

White boy    


2104 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

I studied Abe Lincoln, and Obama is NO Lincoln (at all) . Abe Lincoln was one of the Founders of the Republican Party , The Republican Party was founded on anti-slavery reformers (The Ideology of Freedom). The Democrat party turned to Nationalizing Resources and Companies which severly limits freedom (via socialism).

2104 days ago


white side/black side, blah, blah. Are you guys a bunch of Creationists or what? Dinosaurs and humans on earth at the same time, I hope not - that didn't work out so well in the Jurassic Park movies ;)

If the first humans originated in Africa, then no matter what you see in the mirror, your great, great, and so on ancestors were black, alright?!

Now stop this crazitalk and let's get back to some regular celebritard goodness

2104 days ago


20. Dan: Whether you agree with everything Bush did (I don't) or not, he poured a lot of money into a lot of black people. He partnered with Senator Kennedy for the largest public school education policy and has spent millions in Africa to fight poverty and AIDS.

Posted at 1:09PM on Jan 17th 2009 by rainbow68


The leftist media tanked Bush and his administration. I'm sure when O is in office everytime he fartz the media will say a purple rainbow came into the sky.

The media even lies for him and says he quit smoking when he is a chain-smoking rain. You can tell by all the wrinkles on his face and his cracked purple lips, he's puffin' like a train.

He has absoultely no accomplishments, zip, and for the most part only voted "present" or NO Vote" in the senate for the two years he was there and mostly campaigning.

He has appointed the Clinton administration who has brought on all the problems George Bush ahd to clean up for the past eight years, but the leftist media lies and fails to mention this. Because most people are willfully ignorant and prefer not to keep themselves informed. They prefer to blame Bush everytime they get a pimple on their dirty bums.

And the idiots think O is going to be some kind of medieval king who improves their pathetic little lives.

It's sickening.

2104 days ago



Good move Bamo! Now when there if a major f-up, he can practice damage control by blaming the Clintons! hehehe

Oh Lawd! I'm waiting for miracles! Praise Jesus? When I get mah stimulus check? Another stimulus check? Where's mah change Bamo?

Oh, lawd.........

2104 days ago


mike tyson didnt rape that woman she claims he raped her and the jury bought it because of tyson being big and scary looking and she looked like a barbie doll. Tyson invited her to his room at 2am is that or is that not a booty call she set him up good and got away with it. Every woman in the planet knows if a guy calls you over to his hotel room at 2am the guy is looking for sex and the only women who show up at 2am are also looking for some sex. As far a tmz is concerned they would never ever say anything like this to mike tysons face I person they would be like please mr. tyson can we take a picture with you can we have your autograph. they will be on his penis so strong mike tyson would bust a nut all over their face. print that TMZ

2104 days ago


When is Tyson going to have a rematch with that dude that beat Tyson's fairy ass in a bar.

2104 days ago


What's with his ear? Looks like he glued it down or something.

2104 days ago
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