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Can You Handle The Inauguration? It Depends

1/18/2009 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Best Inauguration story so far: Several D.C.-bound women went to a Beverly Hills salon on Friday, talking about their trip.

They said they were going to watch the swear-in from the public section, where there is one port-o-potty for every 6,000 people. They were bragging about their solution -- they will all be wearing Depends to the ceremony.

It's the flack jacket of the disconnected.


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I'll be happy to watch it at home, with my own throne. ew - pissy pants.

2067 days ago


I think we're past the point of simple pro-Obama indoctrination.

At this point we've entered '1984' for real.

2067 days ago


take salt pills - just the minimum- and only sip water when thirsty.
I lasted on a 7.5 mile bike ride that way

2067 days ago


I wont watch ONE minute of it because instead of spending 4 million on a friggen party, he should be using some for his party but the balance he should have practiced what he PREACHED and SHARED it. But since he is doin about faces all over it will soon be apparent that what his is his & what ours is his. I'd pray for impeachment, but then we'd have Biden & peolosi. Hopefully America will be so disgusted that when its time to vote for the senators they will all get voted out. I am sure he will give nice comfortable homes to the Gitmo prisoners here someplace in the U.S since no other country will take them. Oh yeah, he will definitely bring the war here to american soil. We're so screwed....

2067 days ago


im glad i was wearing mine yesterday az i stared at my computer waiting for you to put up a new post...if i ever see tony danza again..............

2067 days ago



2067 days ago


Good to get used to poop with the Zero-bama in the hizzouse.

2067 days ago


I'm waiting with bated breath ... I'm nearly certain that all my problems will simply vanish when that man is sworn in! But what am I saying? A mere man? Nay! More ... certainly more! *swoon*

The "Obama-is-savior" crowd is in for a rude awakening. And his troubles are going to come from a source most don't realize. Not the Republicans, who are a toothless minority at this point. Nope ... Obama's troubles are going to come from Pelosi, Reid and Schumer, Democrats all, who absolutely do not want to be seen as lap-poodles of some upstart like Obama. Their massive egos won't permit it.

And let's not forget Hillary, who will certainly try to project a "co-presidency" image from Foggy Bottom.

Obama will soon yearn for the relatively simple days of campaigning. His followers are going to wonder what happened to their golden boy.

2067 days ago


Please don't forget all of the problems are there already. Just because Obama is President on tuesday and unemployment numbers go up a week later, it has nothing to do with him. It will take a long time (which he has agreed) to see his changes actually make a difference. Changes takes time, it doesn't happen overnight. We all have to do our part and it is not Obama that is going to change the country it is all of us.

we all go ourselves in to this castrophe we all need to work together to get out

2067 days ago

arte help    

So we'll have the first bi racial president, big deal!!! I say this because, Bill Clinton, was our first black president, remember?? He's being treated like he has invented the wheel or something..

2067 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

I am sick to death over this huge love fest over that phony in a nice suit Obama. Other than voting "present" when he was in the senate, he hasn't done a damn thing worthy off all of this.

2067 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

ThAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2067 days ago

same same same    

inauguration ripoff... obama showboat the money the extravagance we are at war we are in recession

2067 days ago


It proves one thing, there will be a ton of S*IT in DC this week and the next 4 years.

2067 days ago


I love the people who are complaiining about the inauguration costs. Uh, little fact you knowledge-lacking Repubs forgot. All the parties are paid by private donations. The only thing that will come at tax-payer expenses is the inauguration (and in case you think that's special treatment, every president gets sworn in. LOL.

What's really hilarious is the repubs coming up with all the predictions when Obama comes in (the best one so far that's totally hilarious is the one that Obama is not a citizen. Oh, those poster are too funny - and stupid.

And a little reminder Repubs - your idiot president took america into 2 wars (one under false pretenses - hey dummy bush, where's the WMD's?. And bang up job with helping New Orleans.

Please don't let the White House door hit you on the way out. Bush is a disgrace to America and it's history. Hopefully the only thing he'll screw up after his presidency is his town of Crawford or Texas.

His presidential library will also be the only one to have coloring books, and pop-up ones as well. That was typical reading for Georgie...


2067 days ago
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