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Nick Hogan Kills Sundance

1/18/2009 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's left to go to the Sundance Film Festival with the inauguration competing for celebs?

Nick Hogan arrived yesterday. No word if he's driving around town.


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Queen of Hearts    

holy crap what has happend to this family??? 1st hulks with a girl who looks like his daughter,linda's with a friend of her kids who trys to look like hulk waaayyy back in his young days and nick hes out of jail spending shi* loads of money job talent or care for what he did to his best friend, and poor brooke she has daddy hulk rubbing tanning lotion on her butt and telling her what to do in wtf??? RUN BROOKE RUN and dont look back !!!

1993 days ago


Drunk driving, and racing...looks like he has no respect for the law at all. And now we see why, it's because rich people are above the law. Sue hope you are proud of yourself Nick, way to go kill what the Iraq war couldn't! Mr. Hogan, I would've expected better from you!

2045 days ago


Someone actually said to give him a break? The justice system already did. What he did is vehicular manslaughter if his passenger so happens to die. Are you saying to give him a break because he was drunk? If so would you give someone a break for getting drunk and going on a shooting rampage whether it was pre-meditated or not what he did was still atrocious! Time after time we see "celebrities" getting breaks for what they did, at what point do we hold them accountable, will it take them leading an act of ethnic cleansing? Give Me a break!

2044 days ago


I know this punk "served his time" but something inside of me craves the headline "Nick Hogan found badly beaten....." I put that mildly for the younger audiences.

2082 days ago

Rip It Up    

WTF cares about this loser? Can we move on to someone who's more interesting?

2082 days ago

arte help    

I hope he get run over by a snowplow!!!

2082 days ago



2082 days ago


Must be nice to be able to walk and think for yourself. Some people are stuck in care facilities for the rest of their natural lives.

2082 days ago


Let's see - Sundance, a yearly event for the stars to bring their new projects for the world to see -

Robert Redford . . . . Robert De Niro . . . . Robert Townsend . . . .

And THIS punk?

Yes, I know it's open to the public, but give me a break! How does this CREEP show his face?

Maybe he's bringing HIS new flick, "Live And Let Die".

Honest, where IS the justice?

2082 days ago


Hey, Nick, if you happen to read this, how about getting in the ring and fighting for charity? Now, I may not be as popular as you-- though I actually do have many talents, unlike yourself-- but I would be more than happy to kick your ass in the name of charity. All the money will go to the guy you left a vegetable while you live the fast life wining and dining at Sundance with real celebrities. It's pretty sad that you're most famous attribute is putting a buddy og yours in a vegetable-like state for the rest of his life. You are one pathetic loser, little boy.

2082 days ago


i didn't even know this guy was out of jail and i live in tampa. that's how pathetic he is.

2082 days ago


Somebody needs to beat this douchebags ass. SOON.

2082 days ago

Triple Play    

He is a bigger A-Hole than his Dumb A$$ father. He is an irrresponsible spoiled little Prizk and should be beaten within an inch of his life or locked up with Bubba or Tyrone

2082 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

he sure looks happy,I wonder when the Civil suit will be served,it,s about time to rattle the Hogan cage once again , this slug looks to happy,he dosnt have a care in the world, MAKE THIS SLUG PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2082 days ago


To be the the devil's advocate.. what happened if you had accidentally killed someone in a car accident? A lot of people lose control of their vehicles. Did you know that over 65mph you are merely steering your vehicle in the direction but you actually don't have control if something else were to come into play. I've seen many people total their cars just popping a tire.

I know what he did was wrong, but he didn't drive that day INTENDING to injure ANYONE. So just leave the kid alone. He has many years ahead of him to GROW UP and learn from life's lessons. What if this was your son? Would you want people sending such negative comments his direction?

2082 days ago
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