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Inauguration Urination Made Easier

1/19/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, there's a way to leave the Depends at home for the inauguration -- one company is issuing passes to help people who just can't hold it any longer.

Latin Concepts -- which owns a bunch of DC bars and restaurants -- is selling $25 VIP passes to all its spots, which lets you bypass their long lines ... including the one for the bathroom.

The pee passes went on sale yesterday -- get 'em while they're warm.


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i just wanted to go D@#$it! But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I have to work. i can't afford to go. I never get to do anything! SUCKS!

2111 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Next, they'll charge you to breathe.

2111 days ago


what a load of money being spent and hoopla in the press for this inauguration! when I think of how the press is gonna suck up to him for 4 years, it makes me sick to my stomach... people need to face reality, man. all the adulation - the cult of obama... too weird for me.

2111 days ago


Actually, one of the more enterprising ideas I've heard surrounding a public event the magnitude of which this is. If you've ever been to an event like this, you know that decent public toilets are few and far between, and even when you can find one, there's a long line for them. And Latin Concepts does indeed own enough bars and eateries that you don't have to look far to find one in the areas where inaugeral events will be. If you're already going to be in Washington for the next 2-3 days for the events, you've already spent a pretty penny, so $25 is actually a quite reasonable amount to pay for the convenience of decent, clean, and numerous toilets that you don't have to wait in line for. I think it's a great idea that Latin Concepts came up with. Stupid as it might sound on the surface, those little conveniences are pretty important in this kind of situation. And this is better than those port-a-potties they put up at public outdoor events.

2111 days ago


no thanx latin consept'z but ive found a much cheaper way to go!Wahlberg cocept'z iz free & there iz plenty of bush'ez on the mall to relief one self but the freezing temp'z could do you in.................

2111 days ago

She hits him too    

I think you meant to say "get 'em while they're warm"....don't you have editors over there? And if so, what exactly are they paid to do?

2111 days ago


Wow...that's pretty easy grammar and yet you can't even get that's "get em while THEY'RE warm, not "THEIR"....pretty simple stuff - your hiring standards must be very low there.

2111 days ago


again, it can be stated.. if you republicans don't like the incoming administration you have two choices:

1) Leave the country if you don't like it. No one is asking you to stay. But to put it briefly, if we could suffer thru 8 years of President Incompetent, you can at least suffer thru 4 years. How do you think we liked it that our country was being run by a buffoon. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - NOT!!!!

ha ha

2111 days ago

She is hot    

Hey kev---- that buffoon you refer to kept you safe for the past 7 years but I am sure that is not important to you. By the way, can I call Obama a buffoon or will that mean that I am a RACISTS or a HATER. It really does not matter that the "messiah" is now in power to me. I am not leaving this great country at least for the moment. Hopefully, Mr. Obama will not CHANGE everything that this great country stands for but I seriously doubt it. He will go and appease the terrorists because hey, they really just needed Obama elected and EVERYONE now loves us!!! Woohoo!! I do not give a dang if the rest of the world loves us. Who do they turn to for help everytime and then demonize us in the next breath!!! Hey Kev I guess you would have been happy if Saddam was still in power and GASSING his people or his sons were still RAPING and KILLING at their whim!! Yea I sure wish we hadnt LIBERATED 50 million people!!! We are such a down right mean country!! Wait, the FIRST LADY TO BE said my last statement. I dont want to take her credit!!

2111 days ago

Big Dee    

....while THEY ARE or THEY'RE warm. Not 'their." Your continuous misspellings and bad grammar ruin your feeble attempts at humor.

2111 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

#9 (Barrack) Now you have your ass over here calling Mr. President the messiah, go take a xanax or something and give it a rest.You sure are taking Obama's win very personal, you shoulda campaigned a little harder for palin and mac. Are you Joe the Plumber??

2111 days ago

She is hot    

POWER TO THE PEOPLE------- No I am not Joe the Plumber but are you gonna have the media investigate every portion of my life like they did ole Joe just because he asked a ? to the "messiah". Farahan called Mr. Obama that before you start attacking me. I do not need a xanax I am perfectly composed thank you. I do not need to campaign for anyone but I sure will voice my opinion on this man. I am still able to do that arent I or is freedom of speech just for libs. By the way, power to the people, love the name! Guess you do not know that 55 to 60 million people did not vote for this man. I would like to know what you think of the 40,000,000 people out there that do NOT pay taxes? Who do you think they voted for? And this is not a racists statement( white, mexican, and brown) dont pay taxes. Seriously, look at Barry's own appointments. One of his appointment owed $34,000 in back taxes but that was just a small mistake.

2111 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

barack, sure you can voice your opinion, but so can I, I have no control over you or the people who didn't vote for him. And just so you know, I nEver called you a racist, but if the sheet fits wear it

2111 days ago

She is hot    

LMAO,,,,,, no the sheet does not fit. I am referring to the FACT that if anyone disagrees, does not accept, says anything against Mr. Obama the consensual statement from the minions of Obama( ie the media and libs) say well I am just a racist or a hater. I sure wish that if someone said something against me I could always use the CRUTCH of racism. Racism is a crutch that Farakhan, Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton use and feed off of and feed the masses. You dont get the job you applied for the man is racist, you get pulled over for speeding the man is racist, nobody feels my pain the man is racist!! Should I go on. Would it be racist of me to want a White Entertainment Television (WET), White Entertainment Awards, National Association of European People, White Colleges, Miss White America. I am just saying "racism" will never end because to many Black people racism is a cash cow.

2111 days ago


175 million dollars and counting. Yet every kook "journalist" in '04 couldn't take a breath without bitching about Bush's costing 40 mil. I love liberal hypocrisy :)

2111 days ago
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