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Samuel L -- Every Black On Team Barack

1/19/2009 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel L. Jackson can't imagine an African American who didn't vote for Barack Obama. Apparently, S.L.J. wasn't thinking of the dude down the street ... Clarence Thomas.

Samuel L. Jackson: Click to watch


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He's wrong and a racist.

You know how I know he's wrong because people on TMZ said it was racist to say that. Over and over people said it and they were told they were racist so he should STFU. No one likes a racist.

2040 days ago

reality check    

Racism is shared by black people just as much as white people. I would be willing to bet that 75% of the people that voted for Obama voted for him because of his color not for what he represents. If you ask me that is racist. Time will tell just how much he helps this country.

2040 days ago


I don't believe all blacks voted for him because he is black. My in-laws are black and they had a hard time deciding who they were going to vote for. In the end they did vote Obama, but only becaue he seemed the lesser of the two evils. They watched all the debates and learned what they could before casting there vote, because they didn't want anyone to be little them by thinking they voted based on skin color. On the other hand I did have "friends" who voted based on skin color, they voted McCain because they would never pick a black man.
It's not just blacks who voted based on skin color, but whites too.

2040 days ago

that's all    

To the idiot who mention 911 and the war in Iraq,

The war in Iraq was not because of 911, goon. It was because Saddam did not hold up to his end of complying with U.N. resolutions agreed to after the Gulf War. Personally, I could less if Saddam was left where he was since he could keep the Neanderthals in line over there. And Uday and Qusay his sons would have inherited Iraq and would have blow that part of the world away and our problems would be solved and crazy as they were.

O is a fakester and an empty suit and when things start to go belly-up he'll blame everyone but himself. The man has no character and hasn't achieved a darn thing since being in the senate for only two years, and then only voting "present" and "Not voting".

He's media-made paper-mache creation of Rupert Murdoch. He did not win by landslinde. Leftitists are good at what the Fueher once said. "Repeat lies often enough and people will believe them".

2040 days ago

reality check    

That is BS. This whole election was about race. Neither Black Obama or White McCain should be in office.

2040 days ago

The world is still messed up    

Samuel L. Jackson should shut up. Blacks are not a monolithic race. Just like other races Blacks do not all think and act alike. You will be surprised to know that there were quite a few Blacks that did not vote for Obama and the amount of whites, Asians and Latinos/Latinas voted for Obama. Times are changing and they have changed, so all you racists that are black, white, brown, yellow, red and totally stupid people sit back and watch we are in for a ride of a life time.

2040 days ago


So Chavez says Obama has the "Bush stench." Wonder if Sean Penn is going to go have lunch with his buddy now and talk crap about the President now?

2040 days ago

that's all    

38. So Chavez says Obama has the "Bush stench." Wonder if Sean Penn is going to go have lunch with his buddy now and talk crap about the President now?

Posted at 2:45PM on Jan 19th 2009 by DrinkYourKoolaid


Chavez is a nasty little troll with the mole on his head. I'm sure he and Bamo will be good friends. Bamo has a mole on the side of his nose and they're both radicals.

2040 days ago


The fact that black people vote for somenoe because they are black is just another form of racism. Or even that they think black people only vote for black people. I know lots of black people that didn't vote for Obama. Some voted for McCain and some didn't vote at all because they didn't care for either candidate.

2040 days ago

She is hot    

28. Barack the Magic Fraud..............
The War in Iraq has currently cost the United States approximately $300 billion.
HMMMM tell me where has this pointless war gotten us? How has this helped us? We're going effing broke u dumb ass. And look what it resulted in: A civil war in an already messed up country!!! That damn country had nuthing to do with 9/11 so don't even used that as ur weak excuse!
I absolutely love the hypocrysy!!!

I am so so sorry Boredsh*tless!!! We should have left Sadam to keep dodging sanctions and just give him chance after chance after chance till infinity. We should let him GAS his own people and his beasts of sons RAPE and MURDER at their will. Mr. Obama has already said we were going to spend spend spend to get out of the economic situation caused mainly by Carter, Clinton, Barney Franks ie Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but hell the media blamed Katrina on Bush so I am sure you will blame the mortgage debacle on Bush to. Woohoo the world will love us with Mr. Obama but I dont give a crap about how the world sees us!! We are the first everyone runs to and demonize us in the next breath so give me a break. Mr. Obama will sit down with the terrorists and give them flowers and rainbows and they will like us again!! PPPPLLLLLEEEEASSSEE!! By the way, I thought liberals were for tolerance and you ask how the war helped US?? Hmmm let me see the WAR is over there and not on our own SOIL!! Plus millions of people persecuted by a dictator were freed!!! America is so so so horrible arent we!!!

2040 days ago

that's all    

You're bored at work? You must be a lazy government hack. Get a real job and quit f----------------------ing off on my dime.


*Watch this leftard say he has his own buisnesss and travels the world.

2040 days ago


Didn't vote for him but I wish him well. I have my doubts about his plans and abilities but I hope for the good of our country that he proves my negative feelings wrong.

2040 days ago

Triple Play    

Sam Jackson is a Racist Pig. Does he honestly think tha bama is going to show favoritism to the Black community? I hope not. I think that he is smarter than that. All of that being said Samuel L Jackson is a Racist. If it wasn't for White producers and directors giving him a chence he would be asking if you wanted fries with your burger

2040 days ago

She is hot    


Thank you for educating me that Bush went there for his daddy. I guess the deaths of people that hate the gd America that you refer to was a horrible idea. There havent been anymore attacks on our soil, have there? All that work Bush did for AIDS yea that was a horrible thing!! I am sorry but if you would look and see who was actually responsible for the economic debacle in the housing industry you would see dems hands all in it but you just watch the national media for your education. I am just curious, do you see what Samuel Jackson said as racists or not?

2040 days ago


Racism/Racist Definition:
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
1. based on racial intolerance; "racist remarks"
2. discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion
1. a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

Now that we have that our of the way:

As I read these comments, I am amazed! Who cares why someone votes for Barack or not, he will now be our president. I think SLJ words were taken out of context and I do not believe SLJ would support voting for some ignorant a** black person if they weren't qualified. Yes, Barack is black/biracial but he is also a very intelligent man who has every right to be in the position he is in today. I voted for him but I also voted for Clinton, Kerry etc........ I usually vote for the candidate within my party and this time it just so happened there was a highly intellectual non-white person to vote for. It is time for change in this world, people with new ideas and a different perspective on things. The reality of why most of these Obama blogs entail so much rhetoric about race is because this country has some major race issues and I'm starting to see (based on many comments) that we have a long way to go.

I'm not from the Jim Crow or separate but equal era and it is very shocking to read some of these comments. I do not expect Obama to fulfill everything he indicated in his campaign as I am smart enough to realize progress is going to take some time and he has to prioritize based on need. He also mentioned progress would take time and he wouldnt be able to do everything at once (this was mentioned in one of the debates). He is now more privy to information he didnt have when campaigning thus the steps towards implementing his agenda has to be altered and put in perspective.

If Obama had not won, it would have been a democrat and trust, the majority of African Americans/blacks would have voted democrat. So enough already about black people voted for him b/c he is black crap. He was the best person for the job which seems to be hard for some to swallow. At the end of the day when its all said and done, Barack Obama will be our president whether we voted for him or not.

2040 days ago
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