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Samuel L -- Every Black On Team Barack

1/19/2009 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel L. Jackson can't imagine an African American who didn't vote for Barack Obama. Apparently, S.L.J. wasn't thinking of the dude down the street ... Clarence Thomas.

Samuel L. Jackson: Click to watch


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Just Cirroc    

Well, at least President Bush knows how many states there are.

2068 days ago


I thought you were suppose to vote on the issues, what you believe not the color of your skin -- I am sure alot of people voted for him because he was the better looking candidate -- It is sad that the US places so much on superficial reason and so many were lead to believe so many lies on what is going on in this country and who is to blame. Following like sheep to the slaughter. People need to think on their own -- not by what the media and hollywood tells us to.

2068 days ago


41. 38. So Chavez says Obama has the "Bush stench." Wonder if Sean Penn is going to go have lunch with his buddy now and talk crap about the President now?
Posted at 2:45PM on Jan 19th 2009 by DrinkYourKoolaid

Well Chavez was half right. Obama has stench alright.

2068 days ago


I'm an educated black man and I did not vote for Obama. I voted for McCain.

2068 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

To: Don't get me started, so why the hell did you vote for the white guys? I'm guessing they were all white, who the hell are you to say who would have done a better job. Just STFU and deal with it .

2068 days ago


I'm black and I voted for McCain all the way without even a second thought, and was MORTIFIED when Obama-lama-ding-dong won the election... does that make me a traitor? OMG, I'm A TRAITOR!! I'M A DISGRACE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY!! OMG!! I shall cry, and plead the forgiveness of Chaka Zulu, every slave that ever picked cotton, and Samuel L. Jackson! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Oh wait... Barack Obama's ancestors were NOT slaves, were they? NOOOOO!! His dad was born in KENYA, came to America and married someone WHITE, and Barack was born in HAWAII!! PHEW!! Load off MY mind!! :-)

2068 days ago

Belinda Mays    

I'm an African-American female and I didn't vote for him. Dr. King wanted us to judge each other on our merits & deeds, not skin color.

2068 days ago


Kev, you best shut-up before you hurt yourself!! You don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. SLJ is an idiot with a big mouth. Of course the main reason people voted for NoBama was his skin color. That's a no-brainer. I wish all these hollyweird people would also shut-up and do what they get paid ga-zillions of dollars for doing, and not very well most of the time!!! Why should anyone care what they think. They're a bunch of lemmings who will follow BHO over the cliff and still think it was the right thing to do because he said so!!!!

2068 days ago


Kathy, do you mean like how all the Bush lemmings fell in line when we went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.... Let me guess, you're helping Bush to find those WMD's, right?

HA ha ha ha

Stop drinking the bush kool-aid; maybe in 15 years you'll realize what an idiot Bush was.

2068 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I'm Black and also voted McCain. I find Obama to be an arrogant. conceited. collosal fraud. A product of Hollywood elitism who we purposely know nothing about outside of his flowery speeches. You want a Black President? Even though he dissapointed me by ndorsing Obama I'd STILL vote Colin Powell. Proudly served his country like my own recently retired cousin.(25 years ,.Air Force) who was NEVER ashamed of the flag...Wven so, the deluded masses have spoken. Fine, let Obama be my President...Just don't ever expect me to worship the man...

2068 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


My cousin WEPT during the flag ceremony at his retirement. Let's see FraudBama pull THAT with conviction...

2068 days ago


Did everyone forget that Obama is half white!?!?!?! I think it is interesting how that is not brought up! And I thought we were(as a country) supposed to be united as one? That color was blurred and we were to see people for who they are and not color? That is what BLACK people have alwasy been saying! Now you stick a black president in the office and all you hear is black, black, black. you people really need to make up your minds...either drop the color thing or let it be???

2068 days ago


Lauren, not sure if you know this or not. Barack refers to himself as black/African American. so what if people refer to him as he refers to himself. In no way does anyone discredit his heritage of his mother when we call him black. and further more who cares....we can nowl call him MR PRESIDENT!!!!! That sounds even better

about time this world has a non-euro, non white president
hopefully the next president will be asion, latino etc....... (and of course i'm referring to the ones that are qualified to hold that position)

It is amazing how some take issue b/c people of color take pride to see Obama as the president no one sees there is obviously a problem with this nation if over the hundreds of years the only presidents have been white......
we live in a very diverse country and the majority of our leadership is white, our leadership needs to reflect the diversity of this nation bottom line!!

I'm so delighted to know the majority of Americans are open minded and made the decision to vote for Barack Obama.

So call him many things Hussein, Nobama, Faker etc..... but one thing we ALL shall call him is


He is now OUR president and will work for us all even if you didnt vote for him!!

2068 days ago


Today is historical to me for a different reason. It will forever be the day that America has proven they are racists by voting for a President not based on his experience, morals, values but based on his color. Congratulations America, you voted for a President because of the color of his skin...which to me isn't much different than not voting for a President b/c of the color of his skin.
Thank you for your assistance in my absolute disgust in the people that inhabit this country.
Change? How much was spent on his little inauguarttion celebration? Where could that money have gone...yep, lots and lots of change...

2068 days ago
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