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Tickled P!nk

1/19/2009 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The red-hot butt belongs to -- appropriately enough -- P!nk!


If only she had used protection.


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Pink can be so pretty sometimes...yet I see her tat between her leg and I am reminded how white trash she truly is!

1998 days ago


Ok Diva Mom... Pink IS gorgeous... what's wrong with tattoos? I have six of them, yet I'm still told daily that I'm beautiful. Wake up... it's 2009.... EVERYONE has a tattoo.... and that doesn't make them ugly... Pink looks incredible here!

1998 days ago


I hate tats. How can anyone think what they like now, they will like in many years, like an ugly tat. Trashy

1998 days ago

Big Dee    

I agree with #1. With the leg tats, she looks like Skank instead of Pink.

1998 days ago


Yankee, say you.. Tats are ugly and trashy.. And.. no, not everyone has one.

1998 days ago


Ummm..Why do people "Hate" tattoos so much.. If you really disliked them you wouldn't even care to make a rude comment. Tattoos are not for everyone, so if they are not for you so be it, but remember there are BILLIONS of people in the world and not everyone is going to perceive life exactly as you do. What one person finds beautiful another might not, its not about judging you a-holes.. ITs about accepting people for who they are :)

1998 days ago


I have to agree with the white trash comment. Pink is a heroine to trailer park girls.

1998 days ago


So hot.... want to touch the hiney

Hey are her legs really that THICK or is it just a messed up photo ?

1998 days ago


who are any of you to judge a person on what they choose to do with their own body. If Pink wants a tattoo right on her tw@t, that is her business and no one elses. And many people do have tattoos, I have 4 myself, and I am not a skank or trashy at all. So perhaps all you close minded people should get a life and get back to 2009.

1998 days ago


Tattoos = low budget. I haven't met one person with tattoos that weren't totally trash.

1998 days ago


Tattoos = just some ink on your body that DOESN'T reflect your true beauty, inside or out..... it's a personal decision and I'm pretty sure none of us have a right to judge.......

1998 days ago

Dyna ™    

I made it to 53 and have no tats! My mother-in-law was covered with them. As much as I love her, gravity has hit the skin and what may have once been beautiful, looks horrible now. It's what people do now, I guess, but I for one am very glad I didn't. Besides, if I wanted a design on my body, I'ld connect the scars with a pen and be done with it. Got plenty of those, after all, I am 53.

1998 days ago

Limey Louie    

Tats are pagan pure and simple... Its 2009 hey... big deal... you think our society is advancing? Its coming full circle sister.... we are regressing back to paganist heathens - behaviors, culture, godlessness.... There is nothing new under the sun and certainly not mans foolishness.

1998 days ago


I also HATE tattoos. Yes, it's everyone's own decision weather or not to get one. But they ARE ugly and they look so MUCH WORSE as you age.

They also scream "look at me, I'm insecure!"

No, they are not "art" but, kid yourself all you want.

You can get a freaking t-shirt that has whatever fleeting message you want to convey. That's why we have Cafepress.

They are trashy and everyone I've met that has one loses my respect more with each one. Especially the tramp stamp on the lower back. LOL! What is more desperate than that? Nothing.

1998 days ago


who cares about her tats! they are on her body not yours! she can do what she wants with her body. it doesn't make her trashy just because she has a tat. don't judge. only god can judge you.

1998 days ago
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