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Tickled P!nk

1/19/2009 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The red-hot butt belongs to -- appropriately enough -- P!nk!


If only she had used protection.


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Buck Farack    

Tats that are huge, random, ugly black slashes or cover large areas of the body (think Tommy Lee or Travis Barker) are definitely trashy. But tats that are artfully done, discreet and colorful can be quite sexy. The ones on Pink's leg is trashy and disturbing to say the least. The one on her inner thigh must've been extremely painful. And for you lusty boys, imagine de-pantsing this chick only to find a half-healed, crusty scab on her hoohaw.

2101 days ago


What a bunch of petty, judgemental whiners.... tatts are a personal choice.... if you don't like them, don't look!!! Like she cares what you think... she's laughing her tattooed bod off at ya while living in her multi-million dollar home, driving her nice vehicles, wearing designer clothes, and living a life of luxury.... and I'm sure that before she gets old and wrinkly she can afford to have them removed... I love Pink, and that she's stayed true to herself, and hasn't conformed to what others think she should be.

2101 days ago

montana mike    

i need to take a closer look at that tat--really close

2101 days ago

Geez Louise    

I know lets put the people that hate tattoos in a room with people that are fully covered hahahaha and see who wins in a fight. You wouldn't even be able to bet on the odds in vegas it would be so ridiculous. Also trashy That's cool! I love that you think that, why do you think we have them? So it separates us from idiots like you. Also who said thanks for the new kid actors are you out of your mind they just aren't old enough to get tattoos, but they are spitting out kids, and drinking and doing drugs like adults, ya thank god for them. Bottom line I have ALOT of tattoos and I can care less about what some person hiding behind there computer says. On the same note, I personally don't like them on the people I date so I guess I don't have too much room to talk

2101 days ago


Wow, people with tattoos seems awfully touchy. If you were so secure with your body "art," then you wouldn't get upset when people call you trash (if the shoe fits...). I say deface your skin all you want--it just makes me with my beautiful, unblemished skin look even better.

2101 days ago


i dont have tattoos and it makes me mad. i dont know people with tattoos either. i just dont like people calling other people trashy because its on her body. it's hers! you werent supposed to see it!

2101 days ago


I'm not a fan of tattooes, But then I'm pretty damn old which probably makes a difference. :-) My husband, 70, got a couple of tattooes when he was in the navy sometime in the age of the dinosaurs; they were okay when he was young, but now they're just messy skin stains and have been for a lot of years. The thing is, the body ages (TMZ is always reminding us of that!), and the tatooes just slide around the skin like old goo. Not pretty.

I see a lot of young whippersnappers inked to the eyeballs these days, and I shudder to think what they'll look like when Father Time has his way with them.

2101 days ago


ugh, she is gross, her songs and videos are gross, and the musicians/producers (some of them) who she works with are just as trashy as she is. TRASH!

2101 days ago


LOL #47.

I've got five tattoos myself. I put a lot of thought into where to put them so they did not interfere or look "trashy" in the workplace. I'm in HR management and have been with my company for more than 5 years. Only a few of my close co-workers know that I have them. I can dress business casual and still maintain a professional look. People are frequently surprised when I tell them I have tattoos, let alone five! I also frequently attend the theatre and can wear formal evening wear without any tattoos being exposed. I think placement has a lot to do with what people define as "trashy" vs. "classy" tattoos.

I don't think they are a sign of insecurity. All of mine represent part of my personality or a reflection of what was happening in my life when I got them. In today's age, tattoos are very commonplace and I'm surprised they still cause so much controversy.

Tattoos have been placed on humans for thousands of years. Archeologists have dug up mummies and other evidence dating back to 4000BC with tattoos on them. The ancient Chinese also used tattoos as a form of art and expression. We don't call the ancient Egyptians "trashy." It is considered part of their culture, so why can't it be considered part of ours?

2101 days ago


I have 2 tattoos and they have meaning to me... just because someone is cover in tattoos does not make them trashy... they may have meanings to them.. Yes i do agree tho, the one between her legs is kinda nasty.. but thats her choice. I happen to like P!nk....

ANON... obviously you dont now what art is... it takes a pretty good (ART)IST to come up with these tattoos..

TATTOOS DO NOT MAKE A PERSON TRASHY OR TRAILER TRASH!!!... just get over it.. its THEIR body to what they want to it!

2101 days ago


Tattoos on most people just look plain bad. There is nothin worse then a truly pretty women who spoils the natural gift she is given with some half baked art. It is distracting and pulls your eye to the tatoo and destroys the womens beuaty. Angelina Jolie looks stupid with her tats. It is very few people that tattoos look right on, there are some people but they are very few. Everybody has a right to do what they want with there body but the vast majority of people who get inked just look stupid and appear to be just following a trend. This makes them appear to be sheep like which is the ULTIMATE turn off. Nothing worse then Sheeple. Leave the Tats to bikers and other people they look right on and keep them off of pretty young women who are already art. Putting a tat on a pretty women is like puttin a bumper sticker on a ferrari LOW CLASS.
And while your at it, stop with the stupid lookin fakey breasts that also look TERRIBLE and can destroy an otherwise perfect women ( looks wise). Tattoos were only cool when few people had them. Now they are a sign of wanting to rebel by conforming. Very uncool

2100 days ago


I have to admit I don't like ALL of her tats (particularly the bows on the back of her thighs) BUT I also have to say : The difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people, is that tattooed people don't care if you're not tattooed.
Anyway who cares, she makes good music.

2100 days ago


its really no wonder that p!nk is considering moving to Australia ... with judgemental, uneducated, narrowminded, self-righteous people that seem to have a problem by something superficial as whether a person has tattoos or not ... i can't blame her ... its no different to being a racist, its a prejudice! and in 2009, shouldnt exist ...

p!nk is an innovative, intelligent woman, who is proactive in women's rights, and an activist for animal cruelty ... not to mention she can sing her ass off! which im damn sure is more than most of u have achieved in ur lives ...

2069 days ago


listen, judging someone based in how many tattoos they have is sooo superficial. like, that's totally judging a book based on its cover. actually, if you can call anyone trash you've never met, or never had a conversation with, doesn't that make u trash? how can you judge someone's socioeconomic status based on how many tattoos they have? My boyfriend has like 6, and I have none. He sees his body as a canvas, and I just havent decided to get one yet. so does that make him trash? or you? because your the one judging him based upon how many things he has drawn on his body.

1650 days ago
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