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Chief Justice Screws Up Oath -- Obama Blanks

1/20/2009 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So the oath didn't go particularly well, and here's why. Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the second line and it seems that threw Obama off track.

Obama oath: Click to watch
The oath, found in Article II Section I of the Constitution, reads, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States....

The Chief asked Obama to repeat these words, "...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." It's "of" the United States and the word "faithfully" should have come before the word "execute."

After that, Obama blanked. Could this be a conservative conspiracy?

Stay tuned!


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I yet to see how this is even history? History of what? The first bi-racial, none american and least qualified in history?

There are to many red flags being raised with this man, to many unanswered questions and suspicions.

I am really tired of seeing his picture with martin luther king and hearing about the dream. Obama is NOT black, his mom who carried him was WHITE, his grandmother who raised him was WHITE. His freaking black father was never freaking there for him and was basically a freaking deadbeat.

2097 days ago


Obama SCREWED up his own oath, NOT the chief Justice. Just like he's going to screw up this world. Wake up people!!! we have a DEMON living in the White House- who just released terrorists from prison! the Entire world's safety is at stake. Obama is a Muslim. I pray to G-D to protect Israel and our world from this devil.

2097 days ago

Elaine 27    

Justice Roberts is a reflection of the Bush administration -"INCOMPETENCE". President Obama did not vote for him to be appointed as Supreme Court Judge and on this historic day, he certainly sacks it to Obama, by messing up big time. Fortunately brilliant Obama new the oath and was able to pause before repeating crap after pompous Roberts. It was not long before the pundits on FOX News (noise) started questioning if President Obama is really the President of the US, because he did not repeat the oath verbatim. It has only just begun. President Obama, please watch your back, because there are many who want you to fail and will try to bring you down. Keep the faith because you were chosen for such a time as this, to pull this country out of the mess that Bush and his incompetent cronies have gotten this country into

2096 days ago


What if instead of pausing, President Obama said "Don't Roberts Me, Chief!"

2094 days ago


Obama DID NOT blank. He was trying to give the guy the chance to correct himself. Obama knew that version was incorrect.

2088 days ago


Just how scrambled can the presidential oath of office get and still be legit? Here's a hilarious worst-case scenario of scrambling the oath:

HuffmanOnTopic: Obama Oath 2009

How to send someone back to where they came from: 1974 movie, Journey Back to Oz ...

770 days ago
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