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Chief Justice Screws Up Oath -- Obama Blanks

1/20/2009 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So the oath didn't go particularly well, and here's why. Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the second line and it seems that threw Obama off track.

Obama oath: Click to watch
The oath, found in Article II Section I of the Constitution, reads, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States....

The Chief asked Obama to repeat these words, "...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." It's "of" the United States and the word "faithfully" should have come before the word "execute."

After that, Obama blanked. Could this be a conservative conspiracy?

Stay tuned!


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Jesse: I'm not kidding you. It wasn't the "nervousness" of the pastor that offended me. It was that he said sweet, hopeful remarks about all races, and that white needed to learn to embrace what is right. White people put President Obama in office! We make up the majority of this country and we turned up in droves to bring change to this country! This day was supposed to be a celebration, not something racially nasty by an old, bitter man stuck in the 1960's!

2104 days ago


Well if that's all it takes to thow him off.. GOD help us !!!!!

2104 days ago


The way this election turned out and considering the sheep that follow obama blindly, it is quite clear that folks like charles manson or jeffrey dahmer could be president as long as they were black. Scary.

2104 days ago


I think what happened is that President Obama CAUGHT the error and waited for a correction by Roberts.
Just proves that our new president is smart and quick to catch an error!

2104 days ago


Re: Rainbow/ The ceremony was really beautiful until the racist "prayer" by the second "pastor". "When white embraces what is right"? Are you kidding me? ALL people groups elected Obama! I'm deeply offended

I totally agree with you. As a white American from Birmingham , AL I voted as with my family for Barack. President Obama should address this, I am sure the ministers remarks with his "little poem" offended a lot of people. His remarks do not present unity at all.

2104 days ago


Leave them both alone! It was just nervousness. I guess you wouldn't be nervous of millions of people are watching you plus tuning you in on TV, etc. to hear you speak.

Just look at Princess Diana during her wedding vowels. I guess she really didn't marry Charles because she transposed his name.

2104 days ago

ut oh    

Big difference between a 19 year old getting married and screwing up her lines and a biracial president screwing up the oath of office ... don't be stupid. find someone alive to pick on.

2104 days ago


Hey, #11 Obama is half white & half black, stop using the word rascist about everything, no wonder it goes on & on. Not only did the blacks vote him in so did the whites. Don't you think it time to get over the race issue!

2104 days ago


there can be no more excuses for black americans anything is possible

2104 days ago


ut oh - Why do you have to bring race into it? I'm just saying that they were nervous. I wasn't picking on Diana, Obama or the Chief Justice. You sound like the stupid one! I'm just saying that people get nervous until stressful events no matter what their ages are!

2104 days ago


Hey, #11 Obama is half white & half black, stop using the word rascist about everything, no wonder it goes on & on. Not only did the blacks vote him in so did the whites. Don't you think it time to get over the race issue!

Posted at 2:31PM on Jan 20th 2009 by SKA

What would they have if they didn't have the race issue.

2104 days ago

fancy & classey    

I noticed they were going out of their way to avoid his middle name- then finally/ legally because he HAD to take the oath they announced it. Also that was CRAP that the pastor said "whites enbrace what's right" that was a raciest remark and should have NOT been said !! POST IF YOU AGREE- UNFAIR to let people get away with it. I am tried of every white person being blamed for everything because of some screw ball whites YEARS & YEARS ago did the unthinkable and I am not to pay for it. I do not share those views and this should stop!!!

2104 days ago


$170 million on inauguration day! How many americans can that feed, give shelter & health care to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just turns my stomache.

2104 days ago


Ilove how Obama is trying to follow Abe Lincolns footsteps but one thing is certain Mr. Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN and Obama is no Lincoln

2104 days ago


NO NO Thats not what happened TMZ> Obama started to repeat his part before he was suppose to. I would think he MIGHT have been a little nervous.

2104 days ago
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