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Jessica Alba Says He's an "A-Hole!"

1/20/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba has a reputation for being downright nasty around paparazzi -- but apparently she's just that way. Her latest Alba victim: Bill O'Reilly.

Jessica & Bill: Click to watch


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Sick of seeing this woman. Kinda annoying and bitchy. Who the hell is she anyway?

2066 days ago

Tri Fex    

Bill has the highest ratings in his time slot, like him or not more than a few people watch his show.

Alba, like alot of Hollywood celebs has a big mouth but no education (no college and home schooled) way to go Jes!

I would rather listen to O'Reilly any day than have to suffer the torture of sitting through a Jessica Alba movie.

No wonder all her films are flops, if you are going to make comedy bombs like Good Luck Chuck and The Love guru it would help if you were actually funny!

2066 days ago


My friend worked on Melrose and interacted with Jessica Alba frequently... Apparently she's stuck up and bitchy to everyone she encounters, as I've been told.

2066 days ago


Didn't she get pregnant out of wed-lock, if I am not mistaken? I know she's from LA and all that now, but she is not what I would refer to as a role model!!!! O'Reilly is a stand up guy. What's she? Let me see....dumb!

2066 days ago



2065 days ago


You CAN'T be seroius???!!! Who gives a f*ck about Bill O'Reilly???!!! He's somebody who brutally sexually harassed a former employee. Hell, he even told of her that he had fantasies of breaking into her apartment, while she was in the shower, so that he could take off his clothes, rush into the shower and rape her up the ass when she least expected it!!! So when Jessica says the guy is a locust, she's right. Why would she give that degenerate the time of day???!!!


2065 days ago


Did she do something to her face????
She looks weird different, like a muppet, why?

2065 days ago


Ok so she got one thing right, he is an a-hole

2065 days ago


bottom line if you are a good person you do not go around bashing people, never mind under a live mic, here she is an Obama fan well Obama would not approve of her and her ways so wake up Alba you are loosing fans every time you open your nasty mouth

2065 days ago


14. Bill played the clip last night on his show and laughed it off. Didn't say one bad word in response.
Even he knows Alba is a pinhead.
Posted at 1:30PM on Jan 20th 2009 by mittelfrueh

Since when is this w-- b--- a credible portrayer of politics in the U.S.?

2065 days ago


O'Reilly really is an pompous A'hole! And I use to like him too, but Jess looks incredibly dumb for not being able to back up what she said. What a dummy!

2065 days ago


14. Bill played the clip last night on his show and laughed it off. Didn't say one bad word in response.
Even he knows Alba is a pinhead.
Posted at 1:30PM on Jan 20th 2009 by mittelfrueh

I don't get it! They won. We have to live with it. No complaints. You can't win them all. But now comes some dip s--- who is angry because some people don't LIKE him? So now we have to LIKE him too? It really bothers them to think that some people don't bow at the altar. Frankly, I rented a couple of movies yesterday (definitely not Alba's) so as not to watch the media circus on tv & threw all the unread newspapers in the trash. Alba should stop watching O'Reilly if it unhinges her so much. Someone should tell her that even Hollywood can't MAKE YOU LIKE SOMEONE.

By the way, say what you will, O'Reilly is tops in his field. Alba? Not so much.

2065 days ago


wow. all of u republican a**holes here are just dogging Alba. Jessica is so right. Go Obama. Fox and O'Reilly are jokes. what a waste of time. Good riddance to bush, he left the country in such bad shape, no wonder those pinheads on Fox and O'Reilly worship him. Good Job Jess. Let me just put this in for u republicans: OBAMA. WON. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!

2065 days ago

Jerome Melgar    

Those that say Bill O'Reilly is stupid have never seen his show.

2065 days ago


WELL SAID # 2- Adrianna.... My exact words!!!!

2065 days ago
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