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Jessica Alba Says He's an "A-Hole!"

1/20/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba has a reputation for being downright nasty around paparazzi -- but apparently she's just that way. Her latest Alba victim: Bill O'Reilly.

Jessica & Bill: Click to watch


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Bill O"Reilly has an excellant show, never miss it. He is intelligent, amusing, has a little of "Howard Stern" to him, he will ask questions that need to be asked, unlike the network news shows. What does this woman do, I did see her on a commercial once but see her on TMZ now and then. Please don't try to take her pictures, she is so rude to the photographers even at special events. So many of the stars are nice, if they don't want to talk, just say Hello and have a nice day. Please ask her who did her tummy tuck.

2098 days ago


Bill O'Reilly depite his political views is very well educated and extremely informed. One thing we can all agree upon is that Alba is so dumb. The other ignorant Hollywood idiots can defend her and say Sweden is neutral, blah, blah blah. We all, well the educated people of this world know she was too in fact trying to using the "be neutral Switzerland..." The closest Alba has ever come to an education was when she played a knocked up unwed girl on 90210. Wait, isn't that what she is now or did that guy finally marry his meal ticket? Must have hurt her family to give her up as their own meal ticket, or is she supporting them all? Doesn't she wonder why all her films have her in a leotard or a bikini? Is it because of her fine acting skills? I will never understand why celebs think they are automatically informed or qualified to discuss any real subject, especially when most barely even have a high school education. They were too busy being the bread winners for their families and Alba is the perfect example! She should stick to sit ups and bikinis in Sweden!

2097 days ago


Why are liberal folks so angry and intolerant? I think it's time for more conservative types to stop going to movies
(except Eastwood/Willia/Sinese) and stop buying music and CD's. We're stupid enough to pay $9+ to see a movies
that some of these so-called "actors/actresses" think empowers them think they need to tell us plain hard-working folk
what to do and how to think? I would like to know what percentage of the movie ticket goes to the theater owner,
since I wouldn't want them to be hurt, nor their employees. I would show up, hand them that amount with a signed
petitiion - "Fees paid to keep you in business, as long as Hollywood sees not on cent of this" Sorry folks in the
cinematic trades, hopefully your unions will help you, since most of the Hollywood elite may not. I would like
to see them give up a home, or do a movie for free and feed the hungry. Paul Newman was one liberal who at
least walked the talk - making hundreds of millions for charity, while not being that terribly vocal about his politics.
Rest his soul.

2092 days ago


They are both losers. Bill has an ego that is in outer space. He thinks he is the most important person on TV. If you don't agree with him you should never go on his show because he will put you down and talk over you. "Jessica" Well everyone has their sense of beauty, I think she is a three. I feel sorry for the idiot that got her pregnant. He must have been drunk at the time.

2091 days ago
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