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Marisa Miller Exposes Her Victoria's Secret

1/20/2009 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller took her girls for a swim in St. Barts on Monday.

That's one hot mama.


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ewwwwwwwwwwww she got the body of a 10 year old girl freaking go eat something

2101 days ago


Sorry, I prefer Miranda Kerr. She is much prettier and not as bony.

2101 days ago

Holly C    

That is absolutely disgusting!! Girl needs a triple cheeseburger bad...make that 100 triple cheeseburgers!!

2101 days ago

Your mom    

Seriously, beauty are you blind? Sorry I prefer fatties in this case, eat a hamburger skeletor! Oh, and nothing to hate about, but if I wanted to date a women who has a body shaped like a skinny man I would. Duck tape can give a skinny man breast too. hahaha

2101 days ago


I dont know what picture you cows are looking at but the one i am seeing is showing a woman with a PERFECT BODY AND FACE>> She is the PERFECT WEIGHT....Did i mention perfect....Dang she looks good...I personally dont like that "thick" look and i dont like big butts either..I like them nice and lean just like this...All of the beautiful girls have builds like this....

Maybe you can be pretty as a big girl, but it looks better skinny thats why the modeling profession is full of skinny people, they look better in clothes etc...

2101 days ago


Ok first off, why does everyone have to take cheap shots at different body types?? So what if she is a little skinny?? I think its cruel the way that skinny girls are ripped to shreds in todays society. The same way I think its cruel to rip overweight girls to shreds. Every person should be accepted for what and who they are. Skinny, fat, big, small. Most of these comments are a sad reflection of what humanity has evolved into. Overweight girls, wuit picking on skinny girls just because you are insecure. Skinny girls, quit picking on overweight girls because YOU are insecure. For the record I'm 4'11 and 95 Lbs and DO NOT have an eating disorder. I eat crap all day everyday. I'm just naturally skin and bones :P

2101 days ago

Susan B.    

It's not a matter of fatties hating the skinny girl--she's a SKINNY girl! To each his own, as always...

2100 days ago


Actually LA the fashion industry prefers girls with this frame because their clothes hang on them like they would a hanger, not because the clothes look better on them. It's so when they are walking down the runway you notice the clothes and not the girl wearing the clothes.

And I'm sorry I thought I was in America where we celebrate diversity and people's differences not rip them apart. You like skinny girls LA, that's fine some men prefer women with a little meat on their bones, there's nothing wrong with either one. So saying "All of the beautiful girls have builds like this" gives me the impression you haven't stepped away from your computer for quite some time. Good luck getting a girl like this.

2100 days ago


LOL this comment section is heated..

Well i have model friends that do runway stuff and I know for a FACT that the majority of these girls dont eat. They just nibble on what ever they want throughout the BUT it is their job to look flawless and look perfect..Its their job to make companies products look good and dont hate on a PRETTY GIRL who is thin.

Also girls of all shapes can be pretty, and why do you care if EVERY person approves how you look, the only opinions who matter are the people you love :) and someone who cares about you wont put you down.

BTW This girl is SMOKIN hot in this pic, but my favorite VS angel is Alessandra Ambrosio.

2100 days ago


For all those that think she is too thin:

A girlfriend of mine looked like this until around age 25. Skinny (but with curves), big boobs, pretty face. About that time she started to gain weight and topped out at 70 pounds heavier. So I say quit complaining and hit it now as it is better now than it will be in several years. Closer to the bone the sweeter the meat.

2100 days ago



2100 days ago


One hot mama????? Are you KIDDING me?????? She is anorexic! Geeze, look at her! How can you think that boney body looks good? No wonder women have a distorted view of their bodies, with male chauvenist pigs like you at TMZ putting pictures like this up and say they look hot! Shame on you!

2100 days ago


First, thank goodness that we have different perceptions of what is considered desirable in a woman. I respect each of you opinions and am happy when people disagree with me.
I actually find certain woman look better with their clothes on and Marissa would be an example. I prefer woman that are very curvy in bikinis or nude. As for sexually desirable, my preference is again curvy woman. A very thin woman such as Marissa can leave bruises as those hip bones can be sharp and painful. Thin woman limit the variety of sexual positions available.
I think other than her politics; Cindy Crawford would be an example of the closest to perfection of a woman. Those are some serious natural curves.

2100 days ago

Black Teef    

I look at her pix & my penis gets big.

2100 days ago


Ummmm...You people are delusional.

This is what a woman's body should look like. I dont like a fat midsection and a fat cellulite

Who would...Every guy in their right mind would choose this girl over a chubster or athletic look..haha And if you say differently you are lying because you are angry that you could never land someone like this

2100 days ago
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