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Marisa Miller Exposes Her Victoria's Secret

1/20/2009 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller took her girls for a swim in St. Barts on Monday.

That's one hot mama.


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she is beautiful but she's too skinny. Seeing your ribs and hip bones is not attractive it's sick...

2072 days ago


Good grief people, its funny how some of you seem to want your opinion but at the same time, crack on others for their opinions. Lots of different shapes can be beautiful, she's an absolutely beautiful and sexy girl in my opinion, but I'm guessing later on she'll put on a few more pounds but for now, she's very easy on the eyes. Obviously the majority of the public agrees because she is making a living as a model, something that the ones who get on here and down her, insult her and make rude comments about her, aren't able to do. That all being said, in my opinion, she could probably use a few more pounds, but it doesn't make her less beautiful, but you know what, you don't have to agree.

2072 days ago


"18. Thank God she has those built in flotation devices! High tide and that beeotch is history!"

Nothing to do with god there... boobs are made primarily of Fat tissue... as skinny as she is, there wouldn't be any fat let there. The flotation devices must be completely artificial!

2072 days ago


She's got anorexia. I should know. I had it myself.

2072 days ago


She is way too thin. All her bones are showing and it does not make her look attractive at all. Look at her neck area she looks like an older woman

2072 days ago

Fubunki PunkChat    

She just needs to add more muscle mass to her body as she clearly has the appropriate amount of body fat to protect her internal organs.

2072 days ago


To Howard Robard Hughes IIV,

I MUST correct you...a man that is HALF Black...and raised by his WHITE mother and WHITE grandparents has become may continue...

2072 days ago


This poor girl looks sick. DO NOT TELL US this is what teen girls should aspire to when nature gives them the physiacl features of real women. Please stop this sickness that makes 99 percent of women crazy. This girl is -- sorry to say -- ugly.

2072 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Obvious fail. Us he-men like our bitches soft and supple.

2072 days ago


Way too skinny. How can you people say she is "one hot mama"? She looks maybe 5 lbs heavier than Donatella Versace's "remains" that were photographed walking on the beach! So I guess if Donatella was 20 years younger, she would be classified as a "hot mama" according to TMZ. barf.

2072 days ago


Dude, shes a frickin stick. Its not about race. Shes just a frickin stick. Im 5'7 and 130 lbs. People call me skinny, but hot DAMN... You can see her ribs. How is that even remotely sexy? Gross.. Gag me with a spoon.....................

2072 days ago


what happened to her?
she has lost some serious weight recently. when i've seen her before she's had a very nice, thin but voluptous body.
she needs to put some weight back on, she looked much more beautiful then.

2072 days ago


You guys are crazy. She is too fat. Lose more weight, fatso.

2072 days ago


Why do people assume that if one's opinion of this woman is "she's too skinny" then one must be "fat and jealous"? I am a little on the thin side myself but I work out everday and have excellent muscle tone. You don't have to be an MD to see that this woman is underweight. She has no muscle at all and I suspect no real breasts. Too many young women are suffering from poor self image as a result of people (mostly men) "idolizing" these anorexic models. If men could be judged by the length of their penises, then they would understand how wrong it is to perpetuate the idolizing of anorexic body types.

2072 days ago


Lay Off! Haters. You Can Clearly See Alot Of Muscle Tone On This Girls Body. Its Funny That People Can Say Skinny People Look Gross And Sickly, But If You Say The Same About A Fat Person, THEN All Of A Sudden It's MEAN And Hateful. Double Standard?? Hey Fat People, Being Made Fun Of For Being Fat All The Time, Doesn't Give You The Right To Turn Around And Do It To Other People ( Who You're Really Just Jealous Of Deep Down, BTW) GET REAL! Thin Is In, Get Over It

2072 days ago
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