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Did Barack and Michelle ... You Know ... Do It?

1/21/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Be honest -- you thought about it.

He just became the most powerful man on the planet -- but after one helluva long day and 10 inaugural balls, ya think President Obama and First Lady Michelle ... uh, consummated the presidency?


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I hope someone someday from Obama's staff just makes TMZ disappear I will never ask any questions.

2109 days ago


Seriously. That's just even go there, TMZ.

2109 days ago


To #43:

If that's how you feel, why are you even on this site that is run by the same folks you just slammed?

2109 days ago


That is the most disgusting comments ever. While you at it, why didn't you ask if Bush were dong it in Texas.

T - Totaly A
M- Moron and All
Z - Zeros work at TMZ

2109 days ago


Ok, I'm the same age as them. My guess is, at the moment this picture was taken that was ALL that was on their minds. But by the time bedtime rolled around they were too tired.

2109 days ago


Hey, some of you Obama people are dreaming. Don't need any racial garbage comments, but, after 8 years of nothing
but bashing and hating Bush, we're all supposed to sing "Kumba Ya" and not say anything bad?? You've gotta be
kidding. I was even willing to give you one last chance at the innauguration. Say what you want about Bush, personally not a big fan, but, you have to admit, he had to deal with an unprecedented situation with 9-11, and by all accounts, even from your own Democratic senators and reps, he is a genuine and very nice gentlemen personally. I thought at least at
the innauguration their should have been at least some slight applause or the very least, silence. But, no, you had to
start singing "na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye". Very classless, and, that is why, you better get used to 4 or 8 years of
Obama bashing!

2109 days ago


Who cares if they did it? More importantly, did I do it? The answer is YES! And you wish it was you in my bed.....

2109 days ago


TMZ how low will you people go? TMZ is so low that a snake couldn't crawl under you people. Why don't you introduce yourself to RESPECT? Obviously you've never met. President Obama and Mrs. Obama deserve respect. He is our PRESIDENT. She is our FIRST LADY. What does it take to extend respect to one another in the world today? How loathsome, vile, disrespectful, and down-right disgusting is TMZ? When the history of truly DISRESPECTFUL RAGS IS RECORDED, TMZ will be page one, paragraph one, line one. FYI, President Obama's father was born a Muslim and later became an Atheist and abandoned him at 2 yrs old. He is not an Muslim or an Atheist. He is our President and he DESERVES RESPECT!

2109 days ago


They Did It.... may have been a half ass tired quicky but you know he "Hit It!"
Go Obama!

2109 days ago


Oh. The Obama train is at full speed. Everyone is like "That's inappropriate." But if you said it about Bush or another candidate everyone would lol and make rude sex jokes

2109 days ago


haha I had just asked my fiance this same exact question. I am pretty sure they did. Wouldn't the rest of us?

2109 days ago


They did it in the "Beast" Limo.

2109 days ago


WHO THE HELL CARES? I am so sick of this piece of crap and his horse mouth wife. WAY to much coverage! Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way does anyone in the world realize that he is not our first black president? his mother was white trash-WHITE! and his black father that left him! he was raised by his white grandmother!!!! URGH! he is the first bi-racial president!

2109 days ago

How Sad    

Obviously it's been a slow news day at tmz. What with the item on K-Feds new gf remaining the first item on the opening page for more than 2 hours. They just had to come up with something just so that fans will have something new however silly. And to think that its just a day after inauguration!

2109 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

by RespectfullyMe

STFU. Get use to it. Bush was bashed non stop and I bet your sorry ass didn't post anything nice or in his defense about him. Go whine somewhere else.

2109 days ago
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