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Did Barack and Michelle ... You Know ... Do It?

1/21/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Be honest -- you thought about it.

He just became the most powerful man on the planet -- but after one helluva long day and 10 inaugural balls, ya think President Obama and First Lady Michelle ... uh, consummated the presidency?


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she looks like her son    

70. prinmare #64.....Honey, if your husband's WOMAN co-worker calls him at home to talk about sex, you have bigger problems than TMZ. Get your head out of your ass and give the poor guy some. Clearly you have some marriage problems.....

Posted at 12:00PM on Jan 21st 2009 by Spill it all over TMZ, why don't cha

NO. 70 --- THIS is one of the funniest posts I have ever read on a blog! You are so right...

It is a natural thought for people to wonder and I am surprised that people are acting so silly over the TMZ remark. The man just became President and a natural healthy thought between a married couple.

2099 days ago


God, who cares. Let this country have some dignity.

2099 days ago


76. If he is anything like his celebrity friends and a modern, progressive president as he proclaims, he would have videotaped it and had it "leaked" by my guess is no.....

Posted at 12:06PM on Jan 21st 2009 by Rotten Peaches
Yeah and if he was a conservative he would have tried having sex with a guy in a bathroom,and then lied and said he wasn't gay.

2099 days ago

she looks like her son    

I meant NO. 78 - YOURS is the most funny post I have ever read... NOT NO. 70 --- Sorry for the mispost..

2099 days ago

thingsthatmakeyago HUH?    

pretty damn close to it while they were dancing........Mr. President you do not play grab-ass while dancing an an inugural ball

2099 days ago


You have to admit that this headline is completely out of line. May it have been Obama or McCain... this is our President and we should have some respect. I strongly believe TMz should publicly apologize for the headline. That will get you even more publicity out of this headline.

2099 days ago


THANK YOU #60....Not many people have used the words "Bi-Racial" and that is exactly what Mr Obama is. He has both black and white blood running thru his viens. He may have made the history books but he is not the first BLACK president. He is the first BI-RACIAL president. Born from a black father and white mother and raised by his white grandparents. He knows the WHITE scene. He is not Hawaiian. He was just born there. Did not serve this country in the armed forces. He didn't fight in any of our wars. Just the thought of his name on the list of American presidents doesn't look or sound right. I could go on and on. BI-RACIAL......NOT BLACK

2099 days ago


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

TMZ, youa re the BOMB!

that was great!

and I like the fact that is pissing off the ones that drank the kool aid

2099 days ago


Who cares? There are more important things to worry about.

2099 days ago


I heard that he is going to allow orgies in the (white) house, I mean, he is the most corrupted president so far

2099 days ago


I wonder if her massive under bite is good for that sort of thing?

2099 days ago

ATL Resident    

The Comment made by Hussain was totally tasteless and showed how ignorant you are. Grow up. Maybe I can send some of the Brothers to come check on yo ass.

2099 days ago


She's quite fugly. Her lower jaw enters the room thirty seconds before she does.

2099 days ago

Quit ur bitchin'    

Re: 75. If you want to see what it may have been like, just turn on National Geographic and watch the chimps go at it. It's the same thing.


Moi - YOU are an absolute jerk!! Grab a life and keep your goofy and highly prejudiced comments to yourself........

Who the hell do you THINK you are???????

People like you make me sick!!!


2099 days ago

LCpl Harris    

Personally its no ones business. Thats how i feel and many others feel. Is this gonna be a requirement now of the president?

2099 days ago
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