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I Am ... Sasha Fierce!

1/21/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The youngest of America's lil' First Ladies, Princess Sasha Obama.

Bow down, beyatches!


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Nice looking little girl and raised well. It will be fun to watch her grow in life.

2103 days ago


You go Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!

2103 days ago


Spoiled Paris Hilton in the making- Im sure that 150 million will serve them well. Let the spending begin. You will all regret you affirmative action vote.

2103 days ago


"I want an oompaloompa NOW daddy!"

2103 days ago


What is so cool is these kids got their stuff at J. Crew!! Normal everyday kind of store, unlike "Trese PetiteorwhateverRobertsonBlvdoverpricedcrapstoresthatkidsparentsonlyshopattogetphotographedbythepaparazzibecause theirparentsaresooounsecureabouttheirimage" overpriced crap! You Go Grils and keep being real people!!!!

2103 days ago


SUCH A SAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2103 days ago



2103 days ago


Getting rid of the Federal Reserve (a cabal of international private banks who corrupt and undermine US national interests) will be done in order to protect our young and future generations from being exploited and undermined by foreign interests, corruption and flat out war that is intent on economic slavery, all under the disguise of that most precious illusion: freedom.

President Wilson was extremely regretful that he allowed the Federal Reserve to become established. Jefferson and others had earlier fought hard to keep such a system from ever taking hold of the US.

Did you know that there is no legal requirement to pay income tax in the United States and that 100% of your income tax goes to paying off national debt produced by government borrowing from the Federal Reserve, who make up money from nothing except a promise of debt. They love a war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2103 days ago


The fact the bitter Republitard fanatics will hate on a child just goes to show what mean-spirited, sad people they are. Fortunately, they're a tiny, tiny minority. By far and away the majority of this country, regardless of political party, are looking forward to a new day and feel hopeful about our new leadership.

2103 days ago

i love michelle!    

She is so cute! I cannot believe the nerve of some of you to put down a child..what did she ever do to you?

2103 days ago

leave here alone    

you know, you must really be a hater to pick on a little child. the least you could do is be respectful of say i don't know a little girl? cause you might have one of your own already. just 'coz u ain't the player doesn't mean you should hate. respect the player. you would probably have done worse.

2103 days ago


Polar Bear, you think you are so much smarter than everyone else. Why don't you go to a nerd infested Mensa gathering or something and stop trying to educate on this site with your paranoid conspiracy theories. The first family is a marvel, we love them and pray for them. HOPE-CHANGE- YES WE CAN---YES WE DID! Obama will use sound judgement in the White House and he is surrounded by the best minds in business and finance who understand there is no such thing as trickle down economics and that without the hearts and minds of the people a union can not stand. This man and his administration are about to change the world for the better. All you naysayers are in for a bitter shock when your powerlessness finally sinks in to your greedy ,mean spirited, bigoted selfish little hearts and you realize your time is past, gone to never return again, it really is a brave new world. Put that in your pipes and smoke it.

2103 days ago


You go girl your a beautiful young lady and I know your proud of your daddy. G-d bless you and your family.

2103 days ago


so the obama's girls are ''princesses''? Hmmm.... I doubt tmz would have used that word to describe the Bush girls, am right?

Enough with the fawning!

Btw, the ''beyatch'' thing is really not appropriate when talking about little girls, is it. shame on you.

2103 days ago


Leave these kids alone; look at Chelsea Clinton & Amy Carter if you want to pick on kids with their family's arrogance.
Besides that ; these are cute kids a far cry from Ms. Clinton & Ms. Carter ever were.

2103 days ago
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