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I Am ... Sasha Fierce!

1/21/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The youngest of America's lil' First Ladies, Princess Sasha Obama.

Bow down, beyatches!


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Here comes the Loser Right Wing Bitterness    

"Now that we have a "BLACK" president are "BLACK" people going to stop playing the race card when things don't go their way?"

Did having a white president ever stop the disgusting racism inflicted on blacks making it possible and likely that they would question if they are still being treated differently today by racist whites??

Racist bitterness just as what you are exhibiting here today makes it so that the race card will ALWYAS be in play!! WHen the racism stops the race card will stop...

2039 days ago


OK PEOPLE GET OVER IT...It is 2009. This day & age we are all pretty much mutts anyway, I mean really. Black, Whites, Latinos, Asians...whatever...we are all citizens. And from my understand the "original" Americans are the Native Americans. So I think they are the only ones who have a right to be pissed off about this land. Don't hate Obama because he had the drive to run for president. Be happy in your own life and you won't have time for so much hate....I'm just saying

2039 days ago


I don't bow down to anyone, especially a small black child....

2039 days ago


For all those who wrote the negative comments "YOU ALL ARE SICK"

2039 days ago


Roger C

UUUMMM sir, you give yourself away with your moron statements. By your name my guess is you are probaly in your late 50's or 60's. In your generation I expect to hear stupid comments. I bet your parents were brother and sister because only peole with mental issues say the, well, dumba$$ stuff the likes of your kind say.

Maybe you could move? Perhaps to the South Pole? This way you live all alone in yourlittle shell. Idiot.

2039 days ago


I just don't have the stomach for this....It makes me so sad to read the comments on here. I guess it's time for me to stop. I just hope and pray that oneday we all realize that we are in this together and most of us all have the same hopes & dreams for a families. Peace Out & God Bless you all.

2039 days ago


34. The mom is an ape in clothes.

I hope you have no children, if so, sadly I believe they would be a reflection of YOU! You're exactly the kind of person this world can do without.
Obamas wife and children are beautiful.

2039 days ago

a whyte man    

If Obama is half white....what does that make these girls??

2039 days ago


Be careful TMZ. This is a 7 year old child. You set her up for you readers to harm her in any way what to ever and the lash back just might sink you.

2039 days ago


She looks like royalty alright--as in a royal lil bit-h. Maybe it's just the picture, but what a horrible snarl on her face. Good luck in the spot light - every other (white) child in the first family has had to put up with, same goes for the Obamas, as they should not get any special treatment just because of their skin color.

2039 days ago


David Duke, you and MK are late for your next Klan meeting-and take a good look at Michael Phelps why don't ya? and David, tell your mother I said hello :)

2039 days ago


Read into it what you want. I do thank you for your service. I am eternally grateful for anyone who has served and protected our country.
I'm not in the Klan and wouldn’t have a clue where to find a meeting.
Michael Phelps is definitely a physical anomaly as well.

2039 days ago


she looks like a sweet kid, the other one looks like a snot like the mother and arrogant like the father

2039 days ago


The little one is Malia, the older one is Sasha

2039 days ago


it's true that the media are crassly biased towards obama and his family (the bush girls were indeed treated like hopeless drunks from very early on) but obama's daughters are little girls, come on, leave them alone

2039 days ago
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