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Is That a Bottle of Alcohol in Your Pocket or ...

1/21/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... a bottle of alcohol in your pocket?

Last night was day two of Brad Pitt's "one more drink for the road" tour of Germany.

Angelina is gonna ground him for a week for this.


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wasting time    

Brad Pitt or homeless drunk.

I'm just sayin'.

2068 days ago


The better question here is....who's ass is he about to grab??? That doesn't look like Angie's rump. That dress is really fuggly!

2068 days ago


I see Jen's paid posters are still on a roll to bash Brad and Angie. Bitter women can't move on with her life.
I have been giving bottles as gift I guess that makes people alcoholic if the receive bottles of alcohol as gift.

2068 days ago


You are all freaks. I don't know why I bother reading all of your whining and bitching about how awful Angelina is. As if any of you could hold a damned candle to her. And er....Divashels? Don't hold back there pal. Tell us all how you really feel. Got a bit of Brad envy dontcha?

2068 days ago


Why can't Jen and her fans move on with their lives and Leave Pitt/Jolie alone.

2068 days ago


The bottle looks like it still has the seal on it.

What's next? A picture of a fat guy with a sandwich?

2068 days ago


Jennifer Anniston is so much better than Angelina, she never slept with Billy Bob Thorton my god what a gross man. Jennifer you deserve so much more than a Brad Pitt. Billy Bob thornton i am going to puke now.

2068 days ago


Well, Duh!! The guy lives with six little kids who don't go to day care or shcool. I'd get drunk too if I had to put up with that kind of circus in my house 24-7!

2068 days ago

Kawika 3    

Like he has to listen to her. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa
He shoulda NEVER left Jennifer Anniston.
She's the prettiest babe. Not like that tatooed clown he's with now.....
Go back to Billy bob, ya Hillbilly !!!!!

2068 days ago


He drinks and smokes dope..cheated on his former wife..some Father of the Year he'll make..he should start hanging out with John Edwards. And, if "angie" is such a "good" mother why isn't she protecting these kids from Brads habits?

2068 days ago


WOMAN9955 Sounds like pathetic Jennifer Aniston off her meds. Jen put the key board down and call you doctor.

2068 days ago

something smells    

he might be a alcoholic if he's got booze on his person all the time ie: the pic with angelina and now this one. he might be drinking a lot because he feels guilty for what he did to jennifer

2068 days ago


Relationships break up all the time. What makes Jen so mentally ill
that she would still stalk Brad and his lady 4 years later. This is
the sickest thing I have saw in a long time.

2068 days ago


Why is he stealing booze in the first place? He's a freaking millionaire. He's either really cheap or a boozer.

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He AN`t.

2068 days ago
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