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Michelle Obama: Heel Me

1/21/2009 4:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After 12 hours on her feet, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in pain and seemed to take off her Jimmy Choo green kitten heels to let her dogs breathe.

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Walking in her shoes is no easy feat.


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She is hot    

Logical Thinking,

I could not agree more!!! Everything will be Bush's fault Obama's whole administration! The economy, katrina, tornadoes, the psunami, was blamed on Bush!!! But guess what, Bush kept this country safe! We will see what Mr. Obama does but if he decides to attack someone that harms America it will be ok because he is Obama, and Obama and the libs never mess up!!

2065 days ago


I missed the choo shoes but that outfit is butt ugly!!

2065 days ago


#30 AND #18




2065 days ago

She is hot    


Trust me I am not bitter or racist or intolerant or some biggot redneck that every lib states is why some 55 million people did not vote for this fraud that the rest of you sheeple just put in the white house! I will not be told to just get over it and stop complaining because my guy didnt win or let us all come together as a Americans!! That is rediculous!! I am not complaining- I am voicing my opinion because Mr. Obama does not stand for my principles period. Alot of people were asked during Bush's admin to come together and not be a "hater", which is the dumbest term and very overly used, and be an American for the good of the nation yet I didnt hear many liberals saying you know what " let us do come together" during Bush's admin.

"Matter of fact, take a look at Palin's wardrobe and she was only a governor." this statement by you is hilarious to me, at least you will admit that she was and still is a governor of a great state and all Mr. Obama was a senator for some 183 days and a community organizer. Yep, your guy won so congrats! but the facts speak for themselves Mr. Obama sold his minions on promisies he cant keep.

2065 days ago


Michelle looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'd haven taken my shoes off as well!!!! Congrats, President Obama, First Lady Michelle and their cutie-patootie girls!!! :)

2065 days ago


I am proud of them both! They are a wonderful family and I am overwelmd to hv them leading my country and to all you haters...continue to hate! To Becky, boo we're African American, we have melanin in our skin that keeps us from aging as horribly as "others", therefore we dnt have to cake on makeup everytime we go out. The majority of you are only hating because they are a black family in the white house! Well too bad, get used to it because this remarkable black man is OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!

2065 days ago


I wish the Obama family well. I just want some people out there to remember that president Obama is half white.

2064 days ago


Barack the magic fraud, logical thinking. Again, I agrre with you. I would appear that there are those on this post who, regretfully, are seriously lacking in education, as regards the American system of gov. Pat...You are absolutely correct, I am certain that those families who have lost their homes & are struggling to feed their families are not feeling warm & fuzzy abut the Inaugural extravaganza. For some though, it will be business as usual, collecting social assisstance, & waiting for their check from Oscama, who will also pave the streets of America with Gold. For them, Hell yeah, great Party.

2064 days ago


there are so sooooo many haters on this site it's pathetic, to becky # 10 how dare you speak of the first lady that way, I bet you look like a raggedy trick. It does not matter what you sorry azz folks think, we now have a Black Queen it the white house no more old looking wrinkle faced white folks.

2064 days ago


"The majority of you are only hating because they are a black family in the white house! Well too bad, get used to it because this remarkable black man is OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!"

Posted at 11:40AM on Jan 21st 2009 by diva

And just where do you get your information? I guess in your narrow mind, no one could actually disagree with obama's socialist policies? Or his lack of leadership experience? Or his lack of experience in general? No, in your small narrow mind, it is all about race. You are what people call a "race hustler". Throwing the race card every chance you get to try and silence the opposition. Well let me tell you something. Playing the race card too much like that devalues it. Then it is actually needed it will be worthless.

2064 days ago


Why are you WHITE folks so caught up in remebering that Obama is half white, so are a lot of other Americans that are constantly labeled "BLACK" by you white folks, Now that Obama is President you white folks don't want to feel left out, Well toooo Bad, the man is African American, and that is the race he idnetifies with, got that, he has a black queen, not a light skin black or a WHITE women but a BLACK QUEEN !! If you white folks did not know his mother was WHITE then you would NOT be albe to tell he is mixed race got that!! His skin is not white it is his blackness that shows!! got that, his daughters are not WHITE and don't look no where near it, its' Obama's Blackness that show to the world, so stop all this fricken hating, A beautiful Black family is finally in the whitehouse. I can bet if Obama does not fulfill all that he promised all you white people that are hollering is mama is white, will be saying in the next breath, well they let a BLACK man run the country, Black is beautiful !

2064 days ago


Michelle looked great and appropriate. The Obama family is a class act and I, for one, am very proud that they are our first family. By the way, her shoes (and gloves, as well as the girls outfits) were from J. Crew. A far cry from Jimmy Choo.

2064 days ago


her face is full of hate

even all the media coaching couldn't erase the hate and self-righteousness in her eyes

2064 days ago

She is hot    

I cant say it enough---- if you post here saying "so many haters" and "stop hating" -- I promise you, you make yourself look like an uneducated idiot and NOBAMA AND NOONE takes you serious. It is LAUGHABLE!!

2064 days ago

peace sign    

Nothing but love 4 u haters...#37 said it well...get use to it!

2064 days ago
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