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"Twilight" Star: Spitting Image of Jacob Black

1/22/2009 4:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Lautner will appear as Jacob Black in the "Twilight" sequel and he can't contain himself.

While getting out of his car in L.A. the other day, the 16-year-old let it hang loose and slimy.


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Goldie B    

Ok. Did we really need to see this. LMAS

2064 days ago

Goldie B    

Dang I need spellcheck. LOL LMAO

2064 days ago


ewww but still hes a guy and my dad spits all the time. so theres really nothing wrong with it. hes a guy and guys do that. but then again its still a little gross!

2064 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

We all agree spitting isn't the most charming thing to do in public but come on, celebs aren't allowed to spit in public without ending up on this stupid web site? Wait until baseball season starts up; you guys at TMZ can start another web site with all the players spitting all over the place.

2064 days ago


Blah! Oh my! What a nasty thing to do. Anyone who spits in public should have their salivary glands ripped out. Not by me though. Ew! And stop bashing on TMZ you crazy douches. We would have nothing spit-related to talk about if not for them.

2064 days ago


odd... he's looks like one who'd swallow... jackass...

2064 days ago

ryan defenbach    

i happened to come across your television show this evening and it struck me as so ridiculous, i had to comment. how do you guys sleep at night. obviously you have some serious insecurities if you can take so much pleasure from judging people like you do.
please, please, get cancelled soon.

2064 days ago


I WISH I WERE THE GROUND THAT HE SPAT ON.....he so f''ing hot !!!

2064 days ago


ok im native american, and i have no problem taylor lautner is playing jacob black, i mean sure it would be nice that we had some native americans playing in the movie, but how many famous and good acting native americans do you know? i think taylor lautner will do us all proud, and as for the picks there showing, yes its alittle gross, but come on people every one does it, they just snapped a picture of him doing it, so what, goodluck to him and its nice to see some one commited to a charecter .. DLL

2063 days ago

Native Girl    

I agree with Lindy! A real native american actor should have been hired for a NATIVE AMERICAN ROLE!! The studio said they searched a long time for someone and finally chose Taylor. Where did they look - Tokyo? He is such an arrogant dude these days and I have no plans to watch him do interviews for this movie...his attitude is absolutely disgusting.

The thought of having to watch two hours of Taylor/Jacob in New Moon is...well, just shoot me now. I hope Summit puts more scenes of Rob/Edward in the movie...PLEASE!

2063 days ago


I think it's hilarious how that he was told by directors and producers to stop his unnatural obsession with fake tanning, but he refused to listen. So, when they filmed the first movie, the REAL native Americans appearing on set with him were forced to go fake tan to catch up to his unnatural skin tone.

2061 days ago


come on TMZ what happen to the other pictures you took. you know that every one in your office wishes they could be that sexy what EVER he is doing he is HOT.So come on do your worst you will never make Taylor look bad.NEVER

2058 days ago


OMG like if u guys had to spit u would swallow it? and like he was spitting for the camera Grow Up PPL, and taylor can do what he wants its his body and like really where did u hear the gossip weekly?

2055 days ago


For all the people who are like "get a native american actor". HE IS PART NATIVE AMERICAN!!!!!!! This is gross but he is so hott yall are just jealous.

2054 days ago


That just goes to show that we are all alike right?

2041 days ago
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