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What Baby?

1/23/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's that New Year's resolution working out for all you mortals? For Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio -- who had a kid 5 months ago -- it's going pretty well.



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Let's see. How did she do it?

2065 days ago


big deal. i'm 30, never exercize and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and waistline within two weeks of giving birth. i look exactly the same as before. thank god. breastfeeding helps.
p.s. looking like this is her job. she better get back into shape asap if she knows what's good for her. i doubt she has many other lucrative skills that don't require her to get nekkid and lay on her back....oh wait, that's pretty much what she does now.....

2065 days ago


man i just read some of the comments. there are some bitter b*tches posting here. she looks like she gained the APPROPRIATE amount of prenancy weight for her size.....that's why she was able to lose it so quickly. i gained 31 pounds while pregnant and i'm only 5'1...BUT that was within my recommended weight gain range...and so...two weeks later i was right back to 105. just b/c you chubby chicks used your being pregnant as an excuse to fulfill ALL of your food fantasies and probably got so your husbands didn't know how they could have gotten you pregnant in the first place doesn't mean you have the right to blast on this woman who is HEALTHY and THIN.
go eat some cookies and cry at your size 16 reflections. i never thought i would accuse people of being jealous but you negative posters are JEALOUS.....and fat.

2065 days ago


Hey # 19. We don´t live only in rain forests a$$hole, we have cities in Brasil ok?

What a stupid person you are. Not funny at all.

2065 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

It's called plastic surgery people!

2065 days ago


SIGH...............This woman has my heart :(

She is soooo pretty (google her) that you just want to fold her up and like keep her in your back pocket and protect her...hahaha

Dont even try and hate on this one..She is da bomb.. :)

But yeah i gotta hate on her husband, because he has my Her husband is a short pervy looking business man who will never be able to satisfy her, has a receding hair line, and thinks he knows Rock and Roll..LMAO..he is a lame poser... O.k. thats my hating for the day...

Happy Friday :)

2065 days ago


Bunch of angry, jealous women out there. There are actually women who exercise during pregnancy, don't eat everything in sight, and don't get surgery or use drugs to fix everything. A couple of them actually responded here. I love the women that wonder where her curves are or think she has a boy's body. Some of the same women that are disgusted by breast implants will fault a model for having breasts as flat as a pancake, which I don't think Alessandra is. She looks like a B cup, which is what my wife is and I would never want her to get fakies. Sorry ladies. Your husband or baby's daddy may tell you look great, and I am sure some of them actually mean it, but Alessandra is smokin' hot.

2065 days ago


It is a myth that women must gain fat weight during pregnancy. The baby weighs from 7-9 lbs, and really only about 15 or 20 lbs extra should be gained, if one is healthy and active. It looks like she didn't really have any body fat before she got pregnant, and it also appears she did not put on weight during her pregnancy, so of course she is going to snap right back after the baby is born. She really is so beautiful.

2065 days ago


Why does everyone believe that all pregnant women stay fat after givning birth? Women start to lose the baby fat almost immediately IF they eat healthy during their pregnancy and exercise moderately! The women who stay fat are the ones who use their pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthy and stay sedentay during pregnancy. There is no surpise here that she lost the baby fat!

2065 days ago


I'm 5'3" and gained some weight while pregnant. Lost it all within a few weeks and have no stretch marks. I've got the boobs and butt, but chalk it up to not using pregnancy as an excuse to binge on cupcakes or whatever. Also, having existing muscle tone will prevent the belly from exploding outward causing the marks.

Breatfeeding is amazing for weight loss!!!

2065 days ago


That is not a picture of her 5 months later. That was taken before she was pregnant.

2065 days ago


5. Yep, just another women with a teenage boys' body that the gays in the fashion industry want us to swallow as being hot. How about some women with curves?
Posted at 7:53AM on Jan 23rd 2009 by jimmys

jimmys, you are a genius. I hadn’t made that connection but now it makes perfect sense. Those gay designers keep shoving skinny chicks that look like teenage boys at us because that’s what they want sexually.
I much prefer the Cindy Crawford’s of the world and their curves.

2065 days ago


I'm 5'7' and before I had my baby, I weighed 120, gained 27 pounds while pregnant, 6 months later was down to 125 due to diet and exersize, and looked fabulous--no stretch marks, no belly. This chick looked healthy while pregnant, but looks like an anorexic cokehead boy now and that look is so not hot. Skinny doesn't necessarily = healthy.

2065 days ago


I only gained 14 pounds when I was pregnant, and I ended up losing 30 more pounds after I got out of the hospital. I was skinny within two weeks. I was also a little bit overweight before I became pregnant, and I watched what I ate. No garbage.

2065 days ago


Skinny for me is 150 pounds. I am just very top heavy and small on the bottom.

2065 days ago
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