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Flight 1549 -- The New Crash Video

1/23/2009 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shocking new CCTV video just released shows the moment US Airways Flight 1549 hit the Hudson, the plane still skidding to a stop in the river.

US Air Crash: Click to watch
Almost immediately, passengers can be seen jumping from the aircraft into the water and onto the plane's wings -- the first rescue boat showed up three minutes later.

Thanks to the "heroic" maneuvering of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, all 155 people aboard survived the crash.


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That video was 2 minutes long and did you see the Ferry Boat pull up within the 2 minutes. This just gives me chills, I love this story. Seeing something like this happen is breathtaking.

Did anyone see 8 of the survivors on Ellen yesterday, It was a good show, she give her 8 guests a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean, good for them......


2100 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Why the quotation marks around the word hero? Does TMZ realize that by doing that it's like saying "so called hero" - like your quoting somebody else's term that you don't believe to be true. Or maybe TMZ isn't challenged when it comes to the english language and just doesnt think Sully is an actual hero.

2100 days ago

Your name:    

New CCTV video just released? I've seen video of it crashing from a montage of CCTV angles like three days after it happened. Maybe because I visit sites that show things like this before they're "released" as you call it.

2100 days ago

Christi B.    

The pilot did make a perfect landing, but let us not forget that the reason the passengers were getting off the plane so quickly is because of the quick actions of the flight attendants on board. There has been so little mention of the rest of the crew who acted just as heroically on this event. Having been a flight attendant the past 4 years (up until I quit last month), I can say that you are trained for this situation extensively and this crew carried out their duties perfectly! Congrats to the rest of the crew! Way to prove that you're there for more than serving cokes and passing out blankets!

2100 days ago


you know the pilot did a good job landing the plane the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS are the ones who instructed brace commands to the passengers an dyelled commands to get them out i think KUDOES to the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS AND the pilots the fligth attendants were the ones injured getting people off the plance using there bodys to force the doors open so you all should give credit where its due

2100 days ago


What the hell is up with the quotation marks around the word heroic? TMZ usually gets this right, but that's just ridiculous. That piklot saved 155 lives, what is that if not heroic?

2100 days ago


Only in America could you crash a multi-million dollar plane and be called a hero! Chances are good that they messed up big time, maybe we should get the facts first before giving them is possible that they shut down the wrong engine and caused the crash themselves. Their union rep. knows better and will not let them speak yet....they had better find bird parts or damage in/to both of those engines or the way, they also forgot to throw the "ditch switch", so they are lucky that they didn't sink faster. Plus, the right engine had stalled two days before - maybe it should have been looked at or taken out of service? Too many questions for us to call them heroes just yet.

2100 days ago


Matters NOT what caused the planes engines to go out -the final effect is what is incredible. But, having said that, he DID tell the control tower right after take off that they hit a flock of birds.....the Control tower said to the pilot "See if you can land in New Jersey at that little airport or you have clearance on runway 19 at La Guardia".....pilot radios back...."You'll find us in the Hudson River".
I smell a movie

2100 days ago


Come on, Patrick! Are you really that cynical! A plane loses both engines and the pilot manages to save the lives of everyone on board. Rather than taking this remarkable event at face value, you immediately think there must be a conspiracy. Have faith, my brother. No reason to doubt what reason at all.

2100 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

Patrick let me guess, you probably are one of those moronic conspirators that thinks 9/11 was an inside job also. Did you see the engine that was still attached. I did, the photos are all over the web, it looks like multiple bowling balls ripped right through them. Did you hear the final outcome from the NTA on the flight box recorder, they said they were hit by birds. You are beyond stupid.

2100 days ago


All I can say to that is WOW! I am glad Sully wasn't forced into early retirement like the Airlines wanted some experienced pilots to do. Can you imagine if this went the other way? He saved them untold millions in liability. He is my kind of hero.
If we want quality in the American way of life we need to pay for it and expect our employers to provide a working wage with benefits. Please support the Pilots Unions and all Unions. Come on folks, are we going to continue to sit back while the greed factor in our economic system continue to rob us of our ability to earn a decent living, live in a modest home, provide for our children? We need to wake up and take our cue from Union organizers of the 60's and 70's. They got the job done and a lot of men and women who have decent job with benefits today owe these men and women a debt. It's time to pay up and set the standard for the next generation. Don't be scared. There is power in numbers!

2100 days ago


What's with the dismissive quotations around "heroic?" That word is batted around too often, but it truly applies here. I'm sure the 155 people he saved would agree.

2100 days ago


Also, anyone who doubts exactly how much goes into flying a plane, much less landing safely with no casualties after a malfunction, should read Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers," which details exactly why only someone like Sully, who has accrued 19,000 hours in the air, could do something like this. An immeasurable amount of fortitude and blink-and-you-miss-it good judgment. I think TMZ owes an explanation for those quotation marks.If you don't feel comfortable with the word hero, fine. Don't use it. Just give his name and occupation. This is truly the snark and cynicism of the blog world gone too far.

2100 days ago


& Im telling you jet ski'z should be outlaw'd................

2100 days ago


I would be high tailing it off that plane and jumping in the water, My first thought would be is this plane going to blow up or catch fire, I bet I would have made it almost to shore. congradulations to all ; what a tale they have to tell the Grankids.

2099 days ago
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