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Guess Who This Kid Turned Into!

1/23/2009 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before becoming an international celeb, he was just another American boy growing up in the '60s. Can you guess who he is?!

Who dat?


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Just Cruzin Thru    

This actually has me snickering a bit! Obama has been in office since Tuesday? The problems in America are supposed to magically disappear? I really wish I lived in some of the poster's reality!!!! It took a LONG time for this to evolve and it's gonna take a long time for things to settle down. Why is it so difficult to give a person a chance? This is not a black/white issue (Obama has never denied he has a white family) this is an AMERICAN issue. Can we focus on the real issues and stop the character assassinations? They are so counter productive.

2063 days ago


He is a human being, like we all are . One of God's greatest creations ever, now SMILE!

2063 days ago


Dyna, you're such a pain in the a$$. Why don't you go away already. According to you, no one can have an opinion except you...moron!! You've been on this thread most of the freakin day, get a life!

2063 days ago


Five Executive Orders in three days, more than any other President. First order is to shut down Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, where the USA houses suspected terrorists. Next, to stop waterboarding of terrorists in order to get information from them that could help the USA's intelligence in protecting Americans here and abroad. And then he ordered the CIA to close up to 100 other detention centers around the world where the USA CIA interrogates other suspects or terrorists from around the world, again, in order to protect Americans. Okay, enough! How about the detainee that was released from Gitmo that is now the chief of Al Quaeda in--I forget what country. You cannot make friends with terrorists who are bent on destroying you no matter what. So our President has been busy. Economy???? I know he's working on it. I just hope it's fair for everyone.

2063 days ago


Sure Tammy, Obama is best friends with Castro and Chavez.... now what newspaper did you get that from, the imaginary one in your head... We all could chip in and give you a $100 reward to prove your point with some facts.

Remember, the stuff that you're thinking in your head? It's mostly grounded in imagination... LOL ... what's next? Obama is friends with the space aliens?


2063 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Tammy is a name for ugly strippers and toothless trailer park trash.

Posted at 12:49PM on Jan 23rd 2009 by A REAL American

65. Maybe Tammy's just a white supremist. She doesn't like black people at all! Sad really, that is so 1960's.

Posted at 1:08PM on Jan 23rd 2009 by Dyna™

See this is a great example of how racists the Obama supporters are ....I'm being called a white supremacist by Dyna, but A REAL AMerican can call me white trash stripper just because I don't support King Obama?

Too bad we have to deal with this crap for 4 more years!

AHAHAHAHA! I AM A 45 YEAR OLD WHITE GUY! YOU HOWEVER ARE A COMPLETE imbecile!! and every time you hit your keyboard you prove it!

2063 days ago


I may be a bit off base with this.... but for all you car people out there.... is that a Falcon or a Comet in the background?

2062 days ago


He looks White to me!

2062 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

LMAO. all you wingnut's ,Shrub's kept us safe for 7 year's, look Idiott's we were attacked on he's watch dah! now with O in office, Rush and all the other Repuke hater's say wish him failure, your guy shrub's already failed and divided us all as a Country, the Hateful revengeful man he is, it was so awsome seeing shrub's get booed at O's inauguration,and at he's Inauguration in 2001 and 2004 he got booed so bad and pelted with egg's, NO love for bush the worst president ever in history, so keep on hating Obama, it will only make us stronger, 8 loooong year's of that antichrist bush, I know you Rightwingnut's only feel love for hateandwar monger's, but us lib's and dem's all 2 million of us were their at O's Inauguration were all about peace and love and togetherness, you repuke's will never match that in history your all about division and fear,and making s tuff up that is why faux new's exisit , just for the repuke's, see you in 2012 when all you have is Dumb palin and her f-ed up family and the brown skin guy from Louisiana, BTW NO ONE went to jail and not one arrest on Tues. Jan 20th can't say that about Bushy's Inauguration's because he stole them both, he will alway's be the worst and most hated President beside's Nixon who was also a Repuke, that is why NO Repuke has ever Recvd. a Nobel peace Prize and never will, repuke's are all about War , hate and fear, keep on hating Obama, but this is the first time in 8 year's where Ican say I am finally proud of my country, and I don't care what Repuke's think your Now the minority, so f-off,,,lmao at Rightwingnut's, after 8 miserable year's of the worst president ever.

2061 days ago
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