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King to Milken: He Madoff With My Money!

1/23/2009 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King, who lost more than a million bucks in the Bernie Madoff scam, had breakfast this morning with someone who certainly understands the situation: Junk bond felon Michael Milken.

Larry King

Milken, who was the poster child for Wall Street greed in the 1980's, noshed with King at Nate 'n Al in Bev Hills. Larry did a lot of listening during the meal as Michael spoke almost nonstop.

Milken served 22 months in federal prison for securities fraud in the late 80's.


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Bernard Madoff gipped alotta people. Post #5 scares the living heck out of me. That dudes got problems. Bernard Madoff didn't live very extravagantly considering the fact that he had *$50,000,000,000* stashed away somewhere!!! $7,000,000 for a condo in New York isn't extremely insane. He was smart by living under the radar.

1991 days ago


Oh who cares? What is a million to this old geezer?

2077 days ago


milken iz the biggest jerk I ever met!!!But he still haz ton'z of other people'z dough hidden about...............

2077 days ago

London not England    

My HEART BLEEDS...........

2077 days ago


Oy vey! That wasn't kosher at all! Is Larry eating a ham sandwich?

2077 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

People who STEAL more than a million bucks should face the DEATH PENALTY, imo, the COUNTLESS LIVES who these heartless CRIMINALS take should be held accountable, not on HOUSE ARREST in their SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR NEW YORK PENTHOUSE UPPER EAST SIDE CONDOS ! These are the worst of the worst. GAS EM" !!!!!

2077 days ago



Should be put in a mental institution and sterilized.

2077 days ago


LOL. A resturaunt full of old guys. I like the old guy in the foreground picking his ears

2077 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Does this ring a bell ?? Was this going on with some of the ones that lost monwy ??

"TAX-EXEMPT FRAUD Madoff was handling millions in tax-exempt funds for so-called "charities." The IRS says the biggest potential for IRS fraud are these tax-exempt non-profit charities doing deals with other tax-exempt non-profits----all posing as do-gooder "foundations" and “charities.” For instance, the charity owners go on luxury trips "for charity" which are charged to the tax-exempt. A huge part of the fraud is tax evasion-----one non-profit "donating" to another non-profit "charity." This is nothing more than money laundering.....the charity takes a cut then converts the bulk of the donation to an offshore account for the donor's use later---out of sight of the IRS, SEC, and US banking laws. "

2077 days ago


First off Mr. Milken is an awesome guy and he revolutionized the way banking was done now and in the 80's. People are quick to forget that he's raised almost a Billion dollars thats $1,000,000,000 for cancer research as well as been at the forefront of education. He doesn't drive a Lambo, he isn't a flamboyant Billionaire, he's a down to earth guy with an awesome family, and if larry King is getting advice from anyone it should be Mike.

2077 days ago

Frag The Paps    

I just had lunch at this place 3 weeks ago. Best 15.00 pastrami sandwich I have ever had. The guy right next to us was an old jewish guy, probably 65 or so with a smoking hot asian girl on his arm that was maybe 28...maybe. I bet his kids love her. I really meant it though that the food was awsome.

2077 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Bernie Madoff, personally he is my hero,maybe now the super-rich will start treating others with respect. Madoff has made these OBNOXIOUS people HUMBLE. They are no longer greedy and RUDE,they have to be like the rest of us because they realize that without money they have no power,and without power they can't continue to bully people. THANK YOU MADOFF for making this country better, you are a SUPERHERO to MANY HARD WORKING, NICE people. I can't stop SMILING, I'm going out to buy a "Life is Good" t-shirt.

2077 days ago


Looks like a dining room in a rest home.

2077 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Who is the lucky pap who happened upon Larry King having breakfast? That is some epic photojournalism.

2077 days ago


this guy is famous??
i swear on my life that this is the guy who ran this program i had in elementary school; it was called mike's math club.
we had a FELON coming to our school? i'm so confused right now...

2077 days ago
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