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Yes He Did

1/23/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama
Hail to the Chief.


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Everything is about race in America. It's funny when people write in and say some black guy is using the race card. All you have to do is read almost any of these posts and see have thinly veiled racism is in the country. It's like every black person is full of sh@t when the claim racism because it's a thing of the past and they're just making excuses or false claims...Well it's not, just read on and and the rednecks come out of the woodwork like a fu#ckin cancer. Just admit there is still problem and try and work on instead of perpetuating the same old stereotypes.

2098 days ago


Jonty, no african american would label anyone a racist if they didnt support him. Did you not see the election results. A LANDSLIDE! SO many people supported him before he only make up 12% of the United States, so he couldn't have won with just the black vote alone. GEEZ. and there are plenty of african americans who didn't support him. But guess what? He's the president and he's here to stay so everyone should just give him a chance and support him. That's why people are jumping on the bandwagon. Racism is stupid and most people I know who are racist are miserable, poor, idiots and very unattractive. That's why you let your ignorant views out on a computer. So hey if I were those things I would be a racist too.

O, and whoever called him an idoiot I don't see you graduating from Harvard...or even getting to step foot on the campus.

2098 days ago


Hey 8:22 - Since when is stating the fact that the president is half white, racist? He was raised by his white mother and her white family. Remember the president said his grandmother is (was) a typical white person. Do you have something against white people. Your comment is ignorant and racist. You Obama loonies are a cult of personality. Quit slamming President Bush. He did keep our country safe and no terror attack happened after 9-11 on U.S. soil. The bailout was a terrible thing to do, but the democrats in congress, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, etc..... are the ones that really got us into the mess we are in. These morons are still in office. What is wrong with the American public. You want change but you keep these buffoons in office? Then this idiot they want in charge of the Treasury who didn't pay his taxes for four years and has an illegal worker problem. Do you remember how Joe the Plumber was demonized for owing some property tax and his whole background was looked into. Joe is a private citizen. This Geithner is to be put in charge of overseeing the tax laws for the rest of us????? You try not paying your taxes. I think you will be forced to pay them plus interest, fines and penalties. You may also be threatened with jail time. Keep on drinking the kool aid, keep on being a worker bee so the those that think they are entitled because of their "brilliance" can have their liberal utopia that will not work. We'll talk again in a couple year and see if you are still happy with your messiah.

2098 days ago


11. If he can back up what he proposes,then good on him.

One thing that is funny though is how all these high profile "White" celebritys jump on the Obama bandwagon...I dont think half of them really support him,its just if they said they prefered McCain they'd be labelled a racist by the African Americans.

Posted at 9:17AM on Jan 23rd 2009 by Jon

I do agree with you on one thing...only time will tell if he can deliver on his promises. But one thing I do know he is gonna give it his all. He was left with a country that is a total mess. As far your comment about the "high profile white celebritys" why is it so hard for you to believe that they could actually believe in this man? Is it just because your white and you can't believe in him? Why does everything have to come down to color? Guess what the last guy in office was white and I'm sure this black or if it makes you feel better "half black" president can't do any worse than he did.

2098 days ago


i think theres only a handful of racist nuts and they keep posting over n over again. MOST of America has advanced far past that. We are very happy for our new President...I wouldnt care if he was green..he seems to be the best man for the job and ANYONE would be an improvement from the dimwit who just left. Go Barack!

2098 days ago

Change, where?    

How's Obama conflict between his strict no lobbyist policy and his Deputy Defense Secretary nominee who lobbied for the Defense contractor Raytheon going?

2098 days ago


What is the infatuation with this guy? Our first half-black President is a great accomplishment, but geez give it a rest. He hasn't done shiitt yet.

2098 days ago


It is a shame that it takes a different President to make some of you proud to be an American. You should be proud to be an American no matter who is our Commander in Chief. I didn't vote for President Obama and I certainly wasn't happy that he won but that doesn't change the fact that I am proud to be an American and that I am afforded unbelievable opportunity and freedom no matter who is in office.

2098 days ago


I can HARDLY wait till Obama comes for Hollywoods money for the "share the wealth" crap! Should be interesting to see their reaction, $1200 SHOES will go out the window, possibly launched at their new king. When he brings the war to American soil, you'll all be scrambling & that "unity" crap he was selling will CLEARLY be not there! (Not that it ever was).

While we all wait, why dont some of you RESEARCH "socialism"? Call it any other word you want, but it IS socialism.

And lets remember, Michelle is the first black First Lady, Obama is 50/50. Or, now because the election is over did he turn all black?

2098 days ago


you know, seriously, its sad the way that so many of you react. one of you states how everyone is rac ist but they all the "rednecks come out of the woodworks like a cancer". are you kidding me?? your going to call people racist then throw that out?? come on, go work on your eduma-cation, then come back and try again. This man, regardless of the color of his skin, is but another politician. call it what you want, but really, white, black, asian, etc... they are all the same politiciains. they are all the same people with the same agendas. they preach one, they practice another. and by the time their terms are up, everyone is doin back flips with excitement b/c they guy is leaving and a new one is comnig. then the rinse and repeat starts again.

Did bush make mistakes?? of course he did. he made a lot of them. but golden boy clinton did before him as well (blow jobs in the oval office anyone) (i mean who needs morals really?). So to act like this guy is coming in and is just going to be this new amazing grace of america, well its a nice dream, but realize its that, its a dream only.

Please do me a favor and go ahead and metaphorically raise your hands if you think that a 1 trillion dollar "bailout" is goign to suddenly save America. Trust me, its not. its going to put us into debt +1 trillion more dollars.

2098 days ago


Dyna, don't be too happy with how much the world loves Obama, be scared about how much the entire world loves Obama...Why do you think the world loves him?

2098 days ago


I agree...what has he done?...nothing!...he has only been the president for a few days....I pray that he is a wonderful president but i dont see it happening...he got elected because of the media and the people eating it up..we will see if he can pull us out of this mess..i dont see it happening..GOD BLESS AMERICA!..whateer happens it is in our lords hands..

2098 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

Joe Melnick: Thank you for telling it like it is. I'm so sick of all the praise and worship, yeah worship, this guy gets. GMAB! This country will have NO morals by the time he's done with it. God Bless America...we need it.

2098 days ago


Soon the love affair with Obama and the media will end; did you all hear how he tried to bully a reporter? Check it out at He better get used to being accosted everywhere he goes, I mean, he IS the president as much as it sickens me to say. I just wish people would let him do something to EARN the praise before it's dished out. For the record, before anyone calls me a bitter republican loser, I didn't care for McCain either. Also before any dems call me names - think of how your blessed president would want you to act. And why isn't TMZ running the clips of Jay Z and young Jeezy or whatever his name it of them changing the words of the National Anthem and putting *igger this and that through the entire song? I don't care what color you are, you can be green with purple stripes, if Obama doesn't denounce the way these "artists" trashed a piece of American history, he's proven right there exactly what he's about - power and doing whatever it takes to get it. I pray for him daily and hope that he can honestly do what's right for the US but I fear it's going to be a very long four years.

2098 days ago


It's non other than America's first HALF BLACK President!

2098 days ago
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