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Yo-Yo Ma Nailed in Presidential Cover Up

1/23/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There was a giant government conspiracy at Obama's inauguration -- concocted to keep Yo-Yo Ma from being exposed as a fraud!

The most famous classical musician on the planet pulled an Ashlee Simpson of sorts at Obama's inauguration -- as in, the music you heard was really a tape recording of his group that they had made two days before the ceremony!

Mr. Ma claims the deception was in the best interests of the country, because it was just too cold for his all-star string quartet's instruments to stay in tune.

Yo Yo MaBefore you go comparing them to Milli V, however, let's be clear: Yo-Yo, Itzy, and the others actually played on that track -- and they also played live, exactly in sync.

And Mr. Ma gave us fair warning when we caught up with him before of the chill factor.

(Aretha, by the way, sang live, but her backing music was taped.)


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Guess Who?    

I swear white people need to get a real life. Seriously, is thisnews worthy of reporting? Have you ever thought that the crowds further out would get a better appreciation for the music if it were a recording? And for the chick that said Aretha butchered the anthem, in what world is "My Country Tis of Thee" the anthem? PRESIDENT Obama had nothing to do with the planning of the inauguration. There is a committee to handle these details. That committee consist of Prez. Clinton, former Prez. Bush, Sr, etc... Get your facts straight before you show your white sheets. Like it or not Barack Obama is PRESIDENT. YOUR PRESIDENT. BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK. So, get with it or fall back.

2098 days ago


Hey number 9, when Obama closes Gitmo can we send the boys to your neighborhood ? They are just so understood.

2098 days ago


Just can't get past the black thing. I thought we were all just Americans

2098 days ago


BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK. So, get with it or fall back.

Posted at 2:48PM on Jan 23rd 2009 by Who

It scares me to know that someone who actually say's such a retarded comment is out living among us. "BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK. So, get with it or fall back." Was that supposed to be a smart comment or our attemp at a *hitty rap? Geez people are dumb.

2098 days ago


I ment your &hitty attempt at rap. Your comment even dumbed me.

2098 days ago


Just another Racist Black.

2098 days ago

Dr. H    

Seems apropos for a fake President

2098 days ago

just let it go already    

people need to quit hating on PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA and just give him a chance. yes he is a black man but that does not mean he will do any better or any worse than all the white men before him. color does not make you the person you are your actions do.What he brings is hope for millitary peace and tryingf to get every single person in the united states not just black, not just white but all people out of this mess we are in. if people hadn't yet realized we are in a world of s**T right now and all kinds of people are losing thier jobs right now so thier are more important things to talk about than the color of Our presidents skin. so just let it go already

2098 days ago


Hating is just their way of expressing their narrow-minded zealotry, which they mask as political beliefs... That's a record that'll be on repeat for these people the next for years..... LOL.....

They find it hard to accept the fact that the majority in this country don't side with them...

2098 days ago


TMZ should have checked their facts before writing such a ridiculous story. Ma "claimed" that the instruments wouldn't stay in tune if played in the cold? It's a fact TMZ. If anyone knows anything about instruments, they would know this.

I played the violin for six years. It's hard enough trying to keep instruments in tune inside, let alone having to deal with weather!! You're constantly tuning them. One time our school held a concert outside. It was warm. We had such a hard time keeping them in tune, and because of that we sounded horrible. Imagine what the cold would have done, or could have done to the instruments.

2098 days ago


thats normal. It is almost impossible to play something complex on a stringed instrument in weather that cold.

2098 days ago


I've got no heartburn over this minuscule matter. Their reasons were sound. The weather could have ruined everything if they'd gone live. They're too great to rag on. Rag on Madonna for being an ugly old slut. Or Tom cruise for being an ugly old slut.

2098 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

Yo' Mama.

2098 days ago


Riverboy, you can send the innocent ones to my neighborhood. The guilty ones can go elsewhere. How to tell the difference? Who the hell knows? But it is pretty reasonable of all Bush's minions to expect President Obama to fix all of Bush's screwups without any mistakes whatsoever. When you haul in a few thousand people without a clear idea of who is a terrorist and who got sold out by somebody to collect a reward, was picked up cuz their name was similar, or was picked up cuz they had a beard, you've kind of set things up to be totally screwed. Frankly if a few more terrorists are let out I doubt it will change things much. It is easy enough for insurgents everywhere to recruit people to blow themselves up. So a few more show up. And yes, I read the AP story in the NY Times about the guy who was released and set off a bomb at the American Embassy in Yemen. So he was involved. Like they couldnt have set off a bomb without him. I dont want Obama to let guilty people go, but I dont want innocent people like that guy from Canada, who was there 5 years, to rot for no reason. Bush blew it, and now it is Obama's mess to clean up. I don't drink the Kool-Aid. Obama will disappoint me. But, he won't go out of his way to screw things up the way "W" did. Keep hatin' Riverboy!

2098 days ago


Okay #17, "White people need to get a life." You prejudicial jerk. You need to get a life and more importantly an education…. (That must be the white man's fault too) Learn how to make a competent comment. It is people like you that have caused this Country's decline.

You have proven ignorance is bliss and quite frankly I am sick and tired of making excuses for ignorant people like you.

2098 days ago
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