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John Rocker Adds Jews to Hate List

1/24/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John RockerSay what you will about former Atlanta Braves alum John Rocker, but the guy seems to hate every minority equally.

John Rocker was reportedly booted from an Atlanta nightclub Thursday night after slur-slapping sports commentator Steak Shapiro. Shapiro claims he pulled the "Jew card," according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Remember back in December 1999, when he told Sports Illustrated how he hated mingling in NYC with "some queer with AIDS." And he had choice words for women, Asians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians and Indians. He also called a Black teammate a "fat monkey."

Shapiro, a radio commentator on 790 the Zone, was critical of Rocker when the S.I. article came out. He says at Atlanta's Whisky Blue Nightclub Thursday night he asked Rocker to "be civil" after Rocker gave him the death stare.

Rocker then demonstrated just how civil he'd become a decade later by fast balling a string of expletives and pulling the "jew" card.

Some times two strikes is enough to be out.

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Wow, that is one butt-ugly, goofy looking man. Hope someone jumps his racist a$$ and beats the hell out of him.

2037 days ago


I love John Rocker and I doubt this story's validity.

2037 days ago


he hit on me at a night club in Chelsea ...and let me tell you he really likes guys with curly hair....
its all a cover for this alcoholic beast

2037 days ago


I am all of 6 ft tall I weigh 165 pounds, And I would love to bump into Rocker in a street alley, Even in his home town, This guy really needs to be put in his place! He only has bad things to say about everyone, Blacks, Jews, Gays, He is a public figure why can't he just keep his trap shut? I would challenge him to a bare fist match and we will all see the type of person he is. I have a black wife, A jewish son in law, My younger brother is gay, I would clean his clock in a matter of seconds.....Like his career. Bring it!

2037 days ago


So, who like's Jews besides other Jews anyways?? He is within his right to hate anyone he wishes....sheesh.

2037 days ago


what's a "jew card." you used that term twice and did not explain it at all.

2037 days ago


"Jew card"?!!....Never heard that one before, but I love it!

2037 days ago


This loser needs to just stay GONE

2037 days ago

If TMZ had the whole story....you would understand    

I have no problem with a baseball player being a racist, I have a problem with anyone that has power over anyone else being a racist. As, the once great Charles Barkley said, we need to be our children's heros, not sport figures, so why do I care if he is a racist?

2037 days ago


Taino871---sounds like you need your butt kicked. Yuck to your entire family!

2037 days ago


Well he is one racist who is probably sick and besides himself because guess who is the Leader of the United States of American! Deal with It!!! Like all racists, LOSER, JACK ASS, DUMB ASS. GET YOUR TRIPLE TEETHED TAIL OUT OF THE MEDIA.

2037 days ago

octomom's 6th born    

if everyone he hated was gone for whatever reason that dudes life would still suck. he sucked at pitching, hes ugly and it seems he can't hold down a conversation very well... ain't no "aid carrying gay, or gun toatin' black, or no money hungry jew" being gone gonna thats change any of those things. mr rocker, the reason you suck is because YOU SUCK!

2037 days ago


Not sure how calling a black person a "fat monkey" is a racist comment. If i call a white person "fat pig" is that a racist comment? It is what it is.

2037 days ago


#10, burp - I doubt very much you could kick anyone's ass, but if sitting behind a computer screen makes you brave so be it...
Yuck? - I'm sure your family is nothing to brag about either. lol,,,,,

2037 days ago

alan brickman    

Shapiro's just trying to make a name for himself like that Drag queen who tried to pick a fight with Rocker......

2037 days ago
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