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Creepy Playground Donation

1/25/2009 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin LazardWhen is the gift of playground equipment disgustingly creepy? When the former actor who made the donation was busted for allegedly exposing himself at the exact same park a few years prior.

Justin F. Lazard -- who appeared in hit movies like "Species 2" and "The Giving Tree" -- gifted $28,000 in equipment to Library Park in Lakeport, CA, which had its ribbon cutting ceremony last week.

Problem is, Lazard is the same guy who was tasered by cops in a 2006 incident, in which he was allegedly sitting on a railing at Library Park pleasuring himself with his genitals exposed, according to the Lake County News.

Cops told the LCN that when they approached Lazard, he refused to stop doing what he was doing and then actually began fighting with the fuzz.

Lazard faces one count of annoying/molesting and one count indecent exposure. The trial begins in March. Lazard faces up to a year in jail if convicted, and he'll have to register as a sex offender.

The creepiest part? The park's plaque, which reads, "This playground is dedicated to the children of Lakeport, CA, Creating Childhood Memories. Donate by Justin Lazard 2008."


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This is such a weird story. Why got to a playground to masterbate?? Why cant he do that at home? Was eh drunk or just being a pervert and wanting the kids to see him. ewwwwwww. That part makes the donation suspect.

2100 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


You can't even write in correct English... I believe you meant "your" not "you're." You are a GD fool. I wish to hell closed-minded illiterates like you would be euthanized.

2100 days ago


Good god. Who is the real victim here?
The man was getting off- minding his own business- when the local yocal gestap had to step in.....

Justin- come over to my house. You'll have the entire yard, porches, pool area, and the house to do that.
Just let me set up the video equipment first

2100 days ago


The man is a CREEP!

2100 days ago


Please send him to jail, and when you do it, let the other felons in there know why he's there. Even murderers, robbers, thugs etc. in jail have some minute part of honor, and would kill this man out of being a sexual predator.

Here's hoping we read an obituary soon for this guy!!!

P.S And apologies to mankind for #4, and #8. They most likely are registered sex offenders. Wouldn't doubt it in the least.

2100 days ago


Hey Mike, don't you have to go and gas some people you don't like, or something? Isn't that what you revolting Germans do? Get your stinking sub-human ass out of here. YOU'RE not very popular here in America.

2100 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

MS. Tell it like it is...

I would rather live next door to the handsome man who is the feature of this story or Mike from Berlin than you. I would bet you are a fat hypocritical closet alcoholic that cheats on her income taxes? Did you shave your obese drunken husband's back last night?


2100 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Ms Tell it, etc.

I know "women" like you...their husbands are unemployed and you keep your family fed by turning tricks at rest stops with truckers and other low income men.

I bet aren't even sure who is the father of your children.

This man was just enjoying himself...what is wrong with you.

You GD Menschenäffin

2100 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Rick as far as your less than clever post...

you are a Affenschwanz

2100 days ago


Intelligent comeback...not. Whatever I am, it's better than a person who tries to eliminate an entire race.

And not talking to idiots like you, Toby. Mind your own business.

Love you brain surgeons who have not the intelligence to think an original thought other than "You're fat" Sheep.

2100 days ago


Well, I'm sure it will look good in court that he made the donation. I'm sure it's just to help his case. Sort of like when you enroll in alcohol courses after a DUI.

2100 days ago


Ms tell it like it is...Toby is Mike.....

2100 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Later that year TMZ hired him after they seen his thing as he left his MC-fly open.He later when on to take pictures of everyones things hanging OUT for TMZ.HE HE HE ha ha ha them TMZ got busted taking dirty pixs at the same play ground.TMZ does the same thing this guy does but they get payed for doing IT!.SOUTH PARK is kiddy porn just as TMZ is.

2100 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Weezie is Tellit like it is...

2100 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Did TMZ get IT on tape? I`am sure they were there pulling for Him!.

2100 days ago
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