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"CSI" Star Kicks Criminal's Ass

1/25/2009 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gerald McCullouchOne of the stars on "CSI" did not rely on high-tech crime fighting techniques when he thwarted a crime -- he just beat the criminal down.

Gerald McCullouch -- aka crime scene investigator Bobby Dawson -- was on a train from JFK Airport in NYC when a very large man tried grabbing his laptop. McCullouch -- a trained boxer who had just been in the ring 8 hours earlier -- treated the criminal to a body shot to the chest, according to the New York Daily News.

Now get this. The 6-foot-3-inch, 240 lb scofflaw pulled out a kitchen knife with a 10-inch blade. As other passengers ran for cover, the dude tried to plunge the knife in McCullouch's back, but his leather jacket protected him.

McCullouch says he was in the guy's face and punched him again. The train had just left the station when it stopped. McCullouch said, "You are f**ked, buddy." "Buddy" then came at him again with the knife.

At that point 10 cops jumped on the train and busted the guy. And get this -- cops told McCullouch the culprit may be the same guy who stabbed two cops.

Henry Lee, eat your heart out. This dude knows how to solve crimes.


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Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

And was building a story for TMZ.

2066 days ago


And no body does it better NEWS? than TMZ`s fake news

2066 days ago


Thats an awesome story!

2066 days ago


Get Down!!! We love it when the criminal gets his ass kicked and arrested too! Good job Dude. We should all have that kind of balls and then maybe a lot of these worthless, no good,tweaker punks would just scam on each other!
In fact...Lets just start killing all tweakers and make this planet a better place for all of us?
I say start with Amy Horseface, or whatever her name is supposed to be!

2066 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Than TMZ aha beat themselfs? down? or off?

2066 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

TMZ is into that homo- erotical thing.Beat something dude please please please.

2066 days ago


The man has guts. What a badass.

And for those posters saying this is a "fake" story, suck it. It happened.

2066 days ago


Is he the guy who's hooking up with hot young girls on " " ? actually there're lots sexy people there, Online chat, blogs, forums, flirtation and messages! Start an May-December romance just a click away! Whether for heat or passion, you are gonna be surprised what you might be end with!!LOL

2066 days ago


That's almost as inspiring as the US Airways landing. We will never know how many lives have potentially been saved do this guy's quick, brave reaction. Good for him.

2066 days ago


TMZ posts these fake posts to keep you Up4 it DUDE!...homo erotic storys don`t sell well at the BOXXX office Dude!!.LA sports `el-LA KILLROYSS TMZ sos. get in line TMZ GE ...Zzzzzzzzzz

2066 days ago


Good for him!

I hope "Buddy" gets what's coming to him - the LOSER!

2066 days ago

Proud American    

Finally an actor that can kick ass! I love it!

2066 days ago


if that story is accurate, that's a cool story. If I was him I would exagerate it to at least 3 men with knivers.
ivylinda - not sure if he is the guy from that website, that site lets you hook up with young girls? wow that must cool, i bet there must be some real lookers on that site waiting to hook up with old guys all over the worl.d

2066 days ago


God Bless you, Gerald McCullouch for taking out that vermon thief and attempted murderer! if buddy pulled out a 10" bladed knife and stabbed you in the back, buddy should be charged with attempted murder during a robbery. buddy was trying to steal his laptop. i am praying buddy is the same guy that stabbed 2 police officers. and Gerald McCullouch was the man that brought buddy boy down. wow, who would of thought that Gerald McCullouch was a trained boxer and had been in the ring sparing for 8 hours previously? this incident is so amazing! God Bless you Gerald aka Bobby on CSI!
p.s. Henry Lee eat your heart out, Casey Anthony Lover! i use to have so much respect for Henry Lee, but i don't anymore since he joined the forensics team for Casey Anthony. the expert witnesses on Team Casey are hoping for a movie deal and a book deal each for doing Team Casey for pro-bono. how they could even think about making money off that poor, defenseless baby Caylee is mindboggling. Hell is going to be full of liars, thiefs, adulterers, murderers, blasphemers, coveters, idol worshipers. Heaven won't be.

2066 days ago


That guy's too cool.

2066 days ago
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