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NBA Star's Son May Have Witnessed Murders

1/25/2009 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddy CurryThe mother of NBA star Eddy Curry's son was fatally shot in her Chicago apartment last night along with her infant daughter -- and Eddy's infant son was there when it all went down.

Curry's three-year-old son was found unharmed in the apartment and is the only known possible witness to the double murder, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The victims, Nova Henry, 24, and her daughter Eva were discovered by Henry's mother at approximately 6 PM.

A man claiming to be Henry's uncle says Nova had been having problems with an apparent boyfriend – but police aren't elaborating as they continue their search for an unnamed "acquaintance."

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hey sorry TMZ he's not a "Star", he's a washed up player who has sucked his entire career

2060 days ago


This is so sad! Poor baby had to see all of this going on around him. What a shame, hopefully he's young enough where it may not stay with him.

2059 days ago

TMZ is Gay    

A 3 year old is not an infant. FYI

2059 days ago


a baby from an NBA star and a baby from someone else at the young age of 24. Can you say gold digger? something tells me baby daddy had something to do with this but why kill the baby? So sad that the 3 yr old probably witnessed this terrifying ordeal.

2058 days ago


This whole story has some strange twists. The young woman's ex-boyfriend had made violent threats against her and the family, and she took out an order of protection on him year before last (2007). But somewhere along the way they got back together for a time, since when the baby Ava was born last year, the boyfriend claimed the child as his, and his name is on the birth certificate as her father. He had also moved in with her at the condo that Eddy Curry bought for her and the son. But then they decided to try to hold Eddy Curry accountable for the new baby also, and took him to court to increase her child support. to $15,000 PER MONTH. The boyfriend happens to be, in addition to a sometimes violent abuser with a history of domestic battery, a well-known Chicago attorney, who represented Nova Henry in both the paternity cases against Eddy Curry.

Something apparently went wrong again in recent months. The Henry family claims that the boyfriend had made violent threats again, and they had, in fact, been trying to move Nova and the kids around to protect her from him. She moved into the new location, at which the murders occurred, just a few days after Christmas.

Police located the boyfriend and questioned him, but apparently didn't have enough cause to hold him, so they released him and have not named him a suspect in the murders. Now we're finding that this guy is thought to be so dangerous that the Cook County Sheriff's Police has instituted special security measures at our local court in case the guy shows up because he's a licensed attorney who still has legal access to the courts to deal with his regular caseload.

NOW it's being said that Eddy Curry IS the father of the little baby girl who was killed. Here's the link to the latest update on this convoluted story:


2057 days ago


Nova and Ava Henry were my cousins and up until a few months ago we all lived in the same house together while she was hiding from her ex. Id like to say to the stupid ignorant bit*hes KIM and MS TELL IT LIKE IT IS that my cousin was NOT a gold digger. Eddy Curry is the father of BOTH of her kids not just Noah! And Nova and Eddy dated throughout high school before Eddy even made it to the NBA! So have more respect for my deceased cousins and my family and get your damn facts straight before you make comments on something you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

2057 days ago


For #14 - Shannon - For your family and all other loved ones - prayers for peace, comfort, and closure to all. But the story on the "ex" is really scary... since it's known that he made threats to Nova and the family, why couldn't the police detain him? Apparently he's still considered dangerous to all concerned (your cousin's family, and Eddy's) or they wouldn't have those security measures at the court building in place. Since CPD hasn't released his name ( I guess they're afraid of legal action for slander since he's an attorney) I guess we shouldn't do it here either, but obviously there is still reason to be concerned for the safety of the families. What's the plan for resolution here? No reason that either family should have to be in fear of their own lives as well as dealing with all the other challenges of grieving (losing Nova, Ava, and Grandmama) while trying to help little Noah find his way through all of this.

2056 days ago


To #15 Thank you for you thoughts and prayers....I have no idea what is going to happen in these coming days. There are still threats being made upon our family....We will have to watch our backs during the wake and funeral because we dont know if he will try to show up or what he may do. This dude is seriously unstable mentally and I cant understand for the life of me why he was released...the only thing I can think of is the fact that he is an attorney...he knows the game and knows what to say and do. His name has been released...not by the CPD, but in several articles and theyve even posted a picture. I'll just say his initials are F.G....I can tell you that even tho he will most likely never forget...Noah is doing well and is in good spirits...thanks so much for your concern. All we can do is pray....for healing and that this maniac is brought to justice. Shannon

2056 days ago


Shannon - I hope the police are at least helping by providing some kind of protection for the family. Sad enough that this tragedy happened... scary to think that F.G. is still out there.... I live in the same neighborhood as his office. I hope that everyone in the family stays safe, and that justice will be done. Though it won't bring back the lives that were taken, your family, and Eddy's, deserves peace and safety.

2056 days ago


Update, for those who haven't yet seen this:


Still, this man is not in custody. Sure, we all respect the importance of the "innocent until proven guilty" approach. But if the little guy says this happened... a 3-year-old doesn't have the cognitive ability to deliberately try to accuse an innocent person to protect another guilty party ... Mr. Goings should at least be held until or unless he is able to produce a firm and verifiable alibi for his whereabouts on the day of the murders. The fact that the family of the victims is still being threatened tells us that something isn't right here, and that their safety, particularly the safety of Noah, who was probably the only witness to the crime, should be a priority.

2054 days ago


I agree that the type of tragedy you describe happens all too often. But I think this case is different, for two reasons:

If the children's father (in this case, Eddy Curry) was behind this, I think we would have seen one of two possible scenarios. If the motive was to get rid of the financial burden by eliminating both children and their mother, all three would hae been killed. If the idea was to spare the son (perhaps because his father had truly developed a relationship with him, and genuinely loved him), this would have been arranged in such a way that the mother and baby would be killed while the son was away from the home (such as on an arranged visit with his father or father's relatives) so that he could be spared the trauma of witnessing the crime. Instead, little Noah was left alone with the remains of his mother and sister, without comfort or care until his grandmother found him. A loving father who wanted to spare his son's life would also have made better arrangements for his well-being. An uncaring father who saw his children only as a financial drain would have killed his son too.

The other factor that's very different here is the fact that the person who had previously been threatening Ms. Henry and her family was not only her ex-boyfriend, but the attorney who had represented her in *securing* the child support through the court settlement. They had actually lived together during the time that this was in process. In addition to previously oviding child support for his son Noah, Eddy Curry had also purchased a condominium home for the use of Ms. Henry and their son. The family said that he had raised some objection when he found out that the boyfriend/attorney was living with Ms. Henry, so also enjoying the benefit of the housing and support money that was intended for the mother and child. Apparently Ms. Henry's relationship with the boyfriend deteriorated further, so they broke up, and her family assisted her in staying at other locations to keep her and the children safe from the violent threats. According to the family, the enraged ex-boyfriend was heard to tell her, "There's only one way out of this relationship."

I think you're right in thinking that this tragedy was related to child support. But I think the person behind it was not a father who was trying to avoid a financial drain, but an ex-boyfriend who was enraged that he was no longer able to also enjoy the generous benefits provided through the settlement agreements.

We still have no reasonable explanation as to why Noah's life was spared. Perhaps the killer was scared off because he thought someone was coming in, or perhaps Noah was asleep in another room or otherwise out of sight. But it looks more like an act of rage than a planned hit, since the killer carelessly left a witness.

2052 days ago
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