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Terrell Owens -- Stick a Plug in It

1/25/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While surrounded by half-naked women at Prive Nightclub in Las Vegas, T.O. demonstrated his new M.O. -- ignoring the growing number of haters who want him out of Dallas. Check out the bright yellow ear plugs.

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Meanwhile, Mariah Carey let hubby Nick Cannon out without a chaperone -- he spun records at PURE without her.

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while he cant catch ball'z latley......he can still catch many d -thezeze'z...............

2009 days ago


This is Terrell Owens last chance. He's 35 and pushing it with his whining. He's bringing the team down. He's such a pansyass cry baby.Shut the hell up and play ball! I truly hope they get rid of him.

2009 days ago

chirs messin    

He and packman deserve each other. what an absolute waste of talent.

2009 days ago


Chances are hes wearing the ear plugs because like most strip and dance clubs the music is so loud and obnoxious u have to if u want to save ur hearing. Not to mention hes not the only one in there with ear plugs in

2008 days ago


What Zoya said +1.

Get a life TMZ.

2008 days ago


I thought Black people were going to find new role models and heroes now that Obama is President? Empty the clubs of these losers---go home to your families, there is no salvation for black men at clubs. Time after time they go there and find trouble and glorify clubbing as some kind of right of passage to herodom. Obama is the new hero to emulate, not T.O., Plaxico, Vick, Barkley.

2008 days ago


I'm sure glad I read your post...for a minute I was thinking white men went to clubs also...damn I'm glad you cleared that up for me.

2008 days ago


I was in Vegas, 2 ft from these guys on Saturday night at the club in Planet Hollywood. For 3 superstars in a club, let me tell you how classy and respectful each of them were...signed autographs when asked, shook hands with anyone who tried (even the rude Vegas drunks who wouldn't leave them alone), and casually sipped their drinks. Barber never took a sip.

And despite every 20-something girl trying to hit on them, the entire group minded their own business.

I was honestly impressed.

2007 days ago


Nicely stated Scott

John Q Public; you sound very stupid. Whitees go to clubs and bad things happen its just not reported, There is no salvation for YOU, MORON

Chrispymess: You have wasted TALENT, if these players had no talent why are they playing for the NFL.. GO CLIMB UNDER A ROCK..

2007 days ago

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