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Wilchcombe Outraged by Extortion Claim

1/25/2009 7:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Obie Wilchcombe & John TravotlaObie Wilchcombe -- who was very close to the John Travolta family -- has broken his silence, saying he had nothing to do with any extortion plot -- and it appears he thinks the woman charged with extorting John is clean as well.

Wilchcombe told Us Magazine he was approached early last week by Pleasant Bridgewater, who just resigned her seat in Parliament after being charged with conspiracy to extort on Friday. Wilchcombe says Bridgewater told him "someone was doing something untowards" and he was asked to forward the info on to Travolta's lawyers.

Wilchcombe, who was detained by Bahamian cops for questioning and released Friday, insists he was not involved in the alleged conspiracy and "never once [asked] for anything."

Here's what's interesting. Wilchombe says the attempted extortion was committed by "one single individual." It appears he's talking about EMT Tarino Lightbourne, who we're told is still in custody. But cops believe definitely more than one individual was involved because Bridgewater already has been charged with conspiracy.

Sources tell us Wilchcombe maintains Bridgewater got wind of the extortion attempt and told him so he could pass it along to Travolta's lawyers. Wilchcombe told Us Magazine he "did a noble thing" by giving Travolta's people a heads up.

As we reported yesterday, the initial extortion demand was $25 million and Travolta's lawyers set up the extortionists by pretending to negotiate. The extortionists allegedly haggled down to somewhere between 10 and 20 million dollars -- we're told somewhere in the middle. And, we're told, cops have recordings of conversations.


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Well we're talking $cientology here, who knows what they could try to cover up.

2060 days ago

grand bahamian    

Shay, you seem to be a little confused or brainwashed by the Wilchcombe and Bridgewater scheme! They work hand in hand in every deal they have done, and none of those deals have ever been innocent and legit, they are all CROOKED! Unfortunately, they are members of the former government and will always be crooked! During our recent elections, WILCHCOMBE was paying people to vote for him and we are not talking small change! AND Bridgewater was the leader in the Pegasus scam! Come one people, how can you say Wilchcombe has nothing to do with this when all they have ever been part of is "crookedness". And Shay, the words you used to described the person who has done this kind of act are the exact words that describes obie! you will see in the end......its all about what goes around comes around and obie and bridgewater have had their wicked days but they are over now....too much greed has gotten them in trouble - big time!!! and they deserve it all!

2060 days ago


I thought once Obama was elected, all black people were gonna "change". Because he was the change they could believe in? What happened?

2060 days ago


Well, how hard is this? Whose voices are on the tapes?

2060 days ago


Kudos to Shay

2060 days ago



2060 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

This is really interesting stuff and all... yeah - but there's a much more important topic that is in dire need of being addressed: Why aren't more of those babes at TMZ allowed to speak on camera? (Yeah, yeah, Harvey jokes, right).

They sit there, enticing us with their supple breasteses, flowing hair, etc., but most of them mute.

One example: That chick at the 0:18 mark in Friday's show. Gah-ahd-DAMMIT!! she is so f'ing gorgeous.

C'mon, Harv!

2060 days ago

Lord Almighty    

Wow...people like Kendra and all the other gossip mongers who have already tried and convicted John Travolta of something...anything (even though they don't really know what, but why should that matter!) just keep spewing the same old lines instead of using their heads. If Travolta and his lawyers had something that THEY wanted to cover up, why would THEY have contacted the police instead of just paying the hush money?? And why would they TAPE THE FAKE EXTORTION NEGOTIATIONS if they didn't want anyone to know what it was all about??? Come out from under the covers and realize that all the Scientologists aren't out to get us and use your freaking brains.

2060 days ago


With all due respect to the Bahamian people, if you didn't want the bad reputation, why did you let in, and cater to, this scientology trash to begin with?

2060 days ago


BREAKING SNOOZE..............

2060 days ago


If Bridgewater and Obie got wind of the plot, then why did not they report the matter to both the police and John's lawyers. Also how would the EMT know how to contact Travolta. Only Travolta's "friend" would have his private contacts.

2060 days ago



2060 days ago


With all due respect to the Bahamian people, if you didn't want the bad reputation, why did you let in, and cater to, this scientology trash to begin with?


$cientology is a duplicitous cult capable of anything. google 'scientology crimes'

2060 days ago

Bamama Mama    

They are both guilty Pleasant and Obie and I hope they both rot in hell for the shame and scandal they have brought upon my precious and beloved Bahama land.. For the nonbahamians out there reading this trust me Bahamians are very upset about this whole situation and Pleasant resigning is only the beginning.. Her arse need to go to jail!!!

Bahama mama

2060 days ago


I am from the Bahamas, Obie is guilty as sin he along with Pleasant needs to go under the jail for extortion. Both of them have background in law so they should know it is a criminal offence to extort money from people. You can not attain a lawyer to extort. If she was approached by the ambulance driver as a lawyer she should have told him it is a criminal offence punishable by 5+ years in jail and not try to get a cut out of the deal. This makes her just as guilty as the ambulance driver who she claims cooked up the idea. Obie needs to be fired or resign effect immediately. Pleasant and Obie have business dealings together they are indeed in this twisted plot together. Why was she given bail at only $40,000.00 when in fact she declared herself as a millionaire when running during the elections. Her bail should be much higher. Send them all to Jail, make an example of these criminals

2060 days ago
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