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Angelina: Please Change-ling!

1/26/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie should get some sort of award ... for basically wearing the same kind of unfitted dress to three different award shows in the same month.

Angelina Jolie

At this rate, she's going to show up to the Oscars in Amish garb.


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She needs to stay home and be a mother.

2096 days ago


So it's not the greatest, but maybe she still has a little baby weight she's not proud of. She is known for her looks, and if she doesn't feel up tp her normal par, maybe she doesn't want to flaunt it!

2096 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

She is so creepy....

2096 days ago


i think she looks great. why not point out that JLo & other B-listers wear the same cleavage flaunting strips of cloth in public on a regular basis?

2096 days ago


Please, this woman is pencil thin and could pull off just about any fitted gown... I am so tired of her and Brad, I agree they need to be parents first!

2096 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey...stop picking on A.J....
have you ever lived with 6 children ??? would you want to ???
anyways...she's a natural exotic beauty...

2096 days ago

sick of paris    

Look at the photo of her last night with Pitt- Her belly is GROWING....I think she is preggers again. Her belly sure was not that big at the Globes.............only my humble opinion.....she needs birth control if she is.............sheesh

2096 days ago



whores are too busy to dress properly

2096 days ago


I think she's pregnant...hence the "flowing" gown look. She just has the "glow" she had with the twins.

2096 days ago


I think she probably has some baby weight she's trying to hide. That and with 20 kids in tow she probably could only try one dress on without them tearing up the store.

If she is pregnant again I swear the doctor that delivers this next one needs to tie her tubes while they are in there. They are children Angelina, not accessories! It's like once they get out of that cute baby stage she just has to have another one.

2096 days ago


maybe, just maybe she does not have the $$ for "extravaganza",
she is beautiful and exotic and she loves children.Don't be harsh on her
she is a good person and I think she found hapiness so why judge?

2096 days ago


She looks awful. Maybe she has too many kids and she can't afford a stylist or nice dress. If you look at photo #2 it also looks like she cant afford for someone to do her hair eighther or maybe she didn't have time. Whatever the cause Pull yourself togather women.

2096 days ago


Angie taking her kids to a store to shop for a dress? Ridiculous! These rich & famous people get most of their clothes on loan or for free to wear on the red carpet. The designer gets the publicity, the rich people get free stuff. The only one who MAYBE does any shopping is her terrible stylist.

Just like all of the goodie bags celebrities get. I truly hope the IRS is taxing them on every single item they pick up. Why do the rich people need to be given all of this stuff when they can afford to buy it? If you or I were to win a gift basket in the 5 figure range, the IRS would be on us like ducks on a june bug. Unfortunately, I don't think that free dresses worth thousands are included.

2096 days ago


Look how skinny her arms are! This woman needs to stay home and take care of herself and her children. Why she has to be everywhere, everytime, after becoming a mother to all of those kids, just seems plain wrong to me.

2096 days ago


Oh I dunno Linda, something to do with having a very public affair with a married man and then adopting a small town kind of puts one in the position to be judged doesn't it?

2096 days ago
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