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The Two Biggest Things to Ever Fit Inside Jenna

1/26/2009 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Glowing like only an expectant mother could, Jenna Jameson re-emerged over the weekend at an MMA event in Anaheim.

She is expecting twins in April. They should have no trouble popping out.


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Yeah I'm really sure these kids are going to be sooo humiliated as they spend their trust funds that she built for them. Give me a break people.

And everyone saying what a whore she is I'm sure has seen at least 10 of her movies. She's such a whore, but you sure enjoyed it didn't you?
I wasn't a saint before I had my son, but you change your life. Give her a chance.

She does look the best I've seen her look in a long time.

2066 days ago


sorry to say, her child won't have a chance in life.. Everyone knows she was is a porn star, her child will be so proud. She should not have children, they deserve decent parents, its hard enough for kids in this world with wonderful parents.

2066 days ago


Your "babies popping out" comment is pathetic. Everyone is so high and mighty about her doing porn, well, you wouldn't even know who she was unless you were watching it yourselves! She looks great and I am glad to see that she has moved on and has a more normal life. We all have a past, hers was just caught on tape. No one would make a comment about her having kids if she was a guy and had done hundreds of chicks. Get out of the 1700's please.

2066 days ago


Wonder if they'll slide out of both holes?

2066 days ago

hot snot    

Hilarious. People who think porn is so bad, are the spouses of those who watch it. If there wasn't such demand for it, it wouldn't be around. DEAL WITH IT. Also, Jenna looks fabulous! This is the healthiest I have ever seen her look, due to the pregnancy weight. I think she will be a wonderful mother. I do feel badly for the child, since it will be teased relentlessly in school. I hope that she and Tito are getting some sort of counceling help to figure out how to teach/tell the child when it gets old enough...they need to make sure it's prepared.

2066 days ago

hot snot    

Heather...she has been "retired" for some time

2066 days ago

Wild Abra    

Are you all serious? She has made much more from her business than many of us could ever DREAM to acquire. Not to mention many big-named stars really only have to do about 2-3 films PER YEAR to make money. I hate how these "Moral" people are wasting time bashing this lady, who is obviously successful and probably minimally phased by the hatred and disapproval of many of you. What does it really matter what her career was? She obviously has PLENTY of money and resources to take care of these two children, and shame on you for saying she doesn't "deserve the right" to have children. How many of you are truly saints? But hey, if bashing on a woman more successful than you puts some meaning in your life, by all means, go for it. I'm sure she'll be just fine without your consent.

2066 days ago


Sadly to say these kids won't have a problem if they are brought in this lifestyle since the beginning. As disgusting as this sounds if they see her pics and movies from day 1 this will be something so normal to them. What can you expect from Jenna her own Dad encouraged her to do this as seen on her bio that came out on TV. Her Dad was so happy with her and would watch her videos with her. She'd walk naked in front of her own father as normal as if she wore clothes. She was brought up this way so everything she does is Normal to her and for her kids I imagine she will do the same so to them this lifestyle is going to be as normal as yours. Now for Tito that is something else I have no idea how he would want her to be his wife and mother of his children if he was not brought up like this. Can you imagine his family who knows if they support him but I'm positive they don't.

2066 days ago


She's no different than half of the people in LA that hop from bed to bed. The only difference is she was smart enough to make millions off of it.

Plus, she's been retired for years. She'll probably be a better mother than Angelina "can I adopt another baby for some publicity" Jolie. Who is anyone to say she doesn't deserve the right to have children?

And read up on your anatomy, the "stretched out" is all a myth.

2066 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

I thought jenna jameson was a porn star?

2066 days ago


Very sad to think of how her kids will feel when they and/or their peers find Mommy's "work" on the internet. Sure, they will be born into the biz, but it will still impact them in a negative way. It does not matter HOW MUCH MONEY she made, she still did it being a skank - a very public skank at that, and her kids will find out.

2066 days ago

Bajan Woman    

I know she's having twins but that is a huge belly with nearly three months (April) to go. She soon won't be able to walk.

2066 days ago



2066 days ago

NJ Nailbunny    

If she teaches them to say "please" and "thank you" and to not run and scream in public places, then she'll have done a better job than most parents out there right now.

F.Y.I.-- I'm less offended by the idea of Jenna Jameson reproducing than, say, Sarah Palin.

2066 days ago



2066 days ago
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