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Vick: "Chickens ... Are Very Athletic to Me"

1/26/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The next time Michael Vick calls you "chicken" -- take it as a compliment ... because dude believes they're "uncanny" thinkers and even more spectacular athletes. Seriously.

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PETA just released the handwritten answers Vick gave to a "Developing Empathy" test he took just after he pled guilty to dogfighting charges in 2007 -- and he scored a whopping 73.5 out of 100 ... that's about a "C."

Among the highlights, Vick explains "The Golden Rule" as doing "on to others as u want them to do on to u .... (as long the feeling is mutual)." But that's only the beginning -- check out some unedited highlights:

"People who abuse animals dont [sic] have a heart and find it amusing to see animals suffer."

"Chickens have an uncanny ability to think and are very agile. They are very athletic to me."

"My aunt Tina own a Rotti name Tico. Once my aunt and her boyfriend Wayne was having an intense fight ... [Tico] jump through a glass window & pinned my aunt boyfriend Wayne to the ground just growling ... Now that's loyalty."

After he took the test, PETA balked on an offer to shoot a TV spot with Vick after his lawyers insisted they support his return to the NFL.

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Can this piece of garbage PLEASE "STOP TALKING"?!?!?!? Whos gives a rat's a** what he thinks or has to say????

2062 days ago


Whomever would sign this man to play on a professional team of any kind should be strung up. The very idea that he wrote "People who abuse animals dont have a heart and find it amusing to see animals suffer." , is laughable and any team that signs him should be boycotted.

2062 days ago

lisa lisa    



2062 days ago

lisa lisa    

Um, did you mean which PIT BULL will be the last one standing???

2062 days ago


[Among the highlights, Vick explains "The Golden Rule" as doing "on to others as u want them to do on to u .... (as long the feeling is mutual)."]

Oh for crying out loud.....his written English is so subpar, he actually WROTE OUT 'u' instead of 'you'????? I don't even understand why people do that nonsense in Internet forums if/when there are no spatial constraints, but one has to be really TRYING to handwrite that. Gee, why not '2' instead of 'to'? (rolls eyes)

Yes, I fully realize that what he and his @$$hole friends did with the dogs was utterly disgusting, and I have no love lost for him because of that, but I'm sure that's been addressed ad infinitum already. Yet, I fear the further destruction of the language because of these continued instant messaging shortcuts. What's next - will people speak 'LOL' to each other?

2061 days ago

Rick Rawlings    

anyone who favors this idiots getting back into the NFL, god your about as stupid as Vick is, he should be kept in prison for what he did to poor defensless animals,im glad his mom lost everything, im glad he lost everything, & i pray to god that the NFL will see that this joker doesnt deserve a new chance in the NFL, he sucked as a quaterback anyways, only thing he knew how to do was run with the ball, his passing was 1 of the worst, his stats also 1 of the worst, he just got plain lucky, & you other jerks thinks hes gonna be going to the cowboys??? god wake up & smell your stupidity!!!!!!!!!!

2061 days ago


Unbelievable. White is one of the most ingnorant races in existance. The rednecks on this sight are so blinded by their sheltered reality they don't realize that their statements makr THEM look uneducated.

2061 days ago


Number 46 - Sandra brooks 7:30

Yes, there are a lot of dog owners in the US. And some of them will be adamant about Vick staying outta the nfl. However, the majority of them have bigger fish to fry in their own personal lives. Millions of people own dogs, but very few will protest/write letters behind this foolishness... Mike Vick has killed less dogs than PETA LOL! They were throwing the carcasses (sp) in a damn dumpster! remember that!

2061 days ago


RAMOS, check out all my other postings BESIDES #46. Those explain the big picture. In my opinion, PETA or NO PETA, Vick needs to stay out of the NFL. I will sum it up again!
My # 37. I pray with all of my heart that this man does not get back into the NFL. I have written Roger Goodell on more than one occasion and will do everything in my power to influence Roger Goodell and the NFL in general.

VICK thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs belonging to Bad Newz Kennels injure or kill the other dogs.

As I understand it VICK hung approximately three dogs who did poorly in a rolling session, which lets you know if a dog is ready to be in combat. Vick and his accomplices hung the dogs by placing a nylon cord over a 2 X 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed. They also drowned approximately three dogs by putting the dogs heads in a five gallon bucket of water. It is also my understanding that Michael Vick placed family pet dogs into the ring with his trained pit bulls and laughed as the dogs caused major injury to the pets at Bad Newz Kennels.

He killed dogs that could not fight and derived extreme pleasure in watching dogs get injured and/or killed. This is not a mistake. This is not something you say sorry for. You say you are sorry when you bump into someone, not when you exhibit a pattern of behavior like this. He is sorry he got caught. He didn’t all of a sudden see why torturing animals is despicable. He is sorry about not having the money and the sponsors. That is the only thing he is sorry for.

Anyone that defends Vick is entitled to their OBTUSE opinion; however why do you defenders fail to see the atrocities of what he did. Do you not know that Jeffrey Dahmer started out with the torturing of animals and that even Vick's friends said Vick laughed and really enjoyed listening and witnessing the pain endured on these animals. This is not something like a drug problem, that could potentially be fixable. There is nothing fixable or redeeming about Michael Vick. SO I REITERATE, the NFL that may consider taking Vick back will be making a mistake - It really is that simple. He never understood his actions to be wrong, so to him there was nothing to fix. He may hide or stifle his behavior, but it is still there!!!!!!!

FYI – CNN ran a poll the other day with regard to Micheal Vick coming back to the NFL and I BELIEVE 69% no way to 31% bring him on……………

2061 days ago


Oh and Ramos, thanks for reminding me.

It is so sad that so many children looked up to VICK. We should do everything in our power, (legally) to make sure that any team that even considers Vick would later know they would be regretful. Vick is a monster and the things he did were unconscionable!!!! He is a menace to society. The bulk of most humans and all dogs is that we wish anything good for him at all.

If you feel it is appropriate, please write to:

National Football League
Attn: Roger Goodell, Commissioner
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

2061 days ago


RE: Sandra Brooks at 9:48

I don't know about Ramos or anyone else, but I am going to write Roger Goodell in support of Michael Vick getting a 2nd chance in the NFL. There have been people who have been guilty of involuntary manslaughter, domestic violence, drug charges and everything else that have been given a 2nd chance in professional sports. Surely a dog killer who served his time deserves the same.

2061 days ago


.............M. Ramos @ 9:05 am................Did you take the time to read the previous (63) post, before yours?.........No?.........Did you take the time to read the data on the dog population in America?........No?.............If you had paid attention or researched for your self, you would know the reason why ALL shelters euthenize dogs...............Peta and the Humane Society, and the HSUS and the Animal Shelters in your town,............all euthenize dogs due to the shear volume and numbers..................NONE of these facilities kill to be killing...............They ALL are trying to help animals.......................Why is it, that half of the posters are always having to explain everything to the other half of posters?..................M. Ramos, you read an article somewhere that said PETA was dumping bodies in a dumpster...........And you applied your own personal belief system and prejudicies and decided that those people are terrible..........Do you know what different shelters are doing with the bodies?............YOU didn't know or research, to find out, why or for what reason...................................Therefore, you madam, are a stupid little twit.............

2061 days ago

The Doc    

A 73.5 out of 100 is actually a D+ when failing, or an F is 65. But this kind of grade is to be expected from someone who believes that "Chickens have an uncanny ability to think ".

2061 days ago


.............Lynnette @ 10:56 am........Other people, were given a, "second chance".............THAT, in and of itself , does not constitute a, "second chance" for Vick.............Just how many laws would Vick have to break, and be convicted of, before YOU would finally say, this has gone too far.........he IS no good...........Is it your compassion for a mis-judged person?..........Your empathy for a black man, mis-judged?...........Your dislike of white people?...........Your less than full knowledge of the facts of the case?............Your feelings that none of it was that bad anyway?..................IF Vick did all the things he was convicted of..............Then why would you feel that it is all over and done with?.....................Not everyone in the world works out to fit in society......Not everyone has a grand life.........Not everyone makes a usable contribution to society................................Vick is one of those people.........You should understand that by now.

2061 days ago


You can take the man from the tribe but you can't take the tribal from the man

Dogs Rule, Vick is their stool

2061 days ago
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