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Loses Sobriety Battle


1/27/2009 11:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

AJ McLean is a recovering alcoholic -- so it was heartbreaking to see the Backstreet Boy stumbling out of the Key Club last night, appearing to be wasted out of his mind.

AJ McLean: Click to watch
As McLean nearly falls into the street, one of his friends calls him out -- right out in the middle of Hollywood -- emotionally confronting the guy who went to rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse in 2001... and again in 2002.

Witnesses inside the Key Club say they saw McLean taking shots and drinking beers during the show. After the confrontation, McLean's friends forced him into a cab and sent him home.

McLean was reportedly six years sober in 2008. Calls to McLean's rep have not yet been returned.


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nice "friends". It seems to me that they were more interested in being seen with him than in getting him to that cab. While I don't think it's their fault he was wasted(personal responsibility) I certainly think they were enjoying their time on camera. He needs to stay away from places like that and he needs to get rid of the "hanger ons".

2061 days ago


Dang it boy, do I need to fly to CA and kick your but up between your shoulders? That girl has got to go! Must of been drunk when he picked her up. Get back on the program!

2061 days ago


where were his friends when he was drinking? obviously we are not seeing the whole story here.. but honestly, where were his friends when he was drinking? they will walk him to the car and be on TMZ but they wont help him fight the urge to have drinks?

2061 days ago


This is heartbreaking, i`ve been a Backstreet fan since always, and ive already lived this, in 2001 and 2002 , it`s really heartbreaking, i mean it`s not that he is a drunk guy and he lives like this, no, absolutely not, i know this guy and this is really a disease and people should realize that, if we are not there for AJ while he recovers, then he has noone , i mean people should realize that hes an awasome guy trying to live his life in LA , thats frekin hard, just ask Birtney Spears , lol just kidding,
but what im trying to say is , lets pray for him , lets pray for his health and his real recovering, :)
and for those who didnt know this was in a birthday party, at Nick Carter`s Birthday Party and of course he had to go , thats his best friend, people always go to their bestest friends parties right ? dont say he could have stopped , cause many of you knows that this is a really disease and it should be taken as one, so stop saying all this horrible things about him , cause they are not true, and im not defending him cause i like the Backstreet Boys , im defending him cause it`s the right thing, people open your eyes and see how hard it is being through a situation like this one,

2061 days ago


I have meet AJ and he is a wonderful, caring and love man. Every has problems of some kind or another and sometimes the become overwhelming. Trying to stay sober is difficult, my dad is an alcholic and I watch him struggle everyday.

As far as this so called girlfriend is concerned. If you are dating someone famous it is not your fame, it's theirs. Stay in the background where you belong and reframe from commenting. I have never seen Brian, Kevin or Howie's wife doing intterviews.

My prayver go out to AJ and I do hope that he seeks the helps he needs. I also pray that his family will reach out to him and hold him in their loving arms. He need them more now than ever and please dump that creepy girl.

2061 days ago


That was hard to watch. I'm a huge Backtreet Boys fan and I love those guys like they're family (even though I don't know them). It's hard to see him like that and I wanted to cry. I've been praying for him since I found out about this. I pray he gets back on the right track and gets sober again. I love you AJ and hope you get better. Please don't do that to yourself and get sober before something terrible happens. God bless you!

2059 days ago


AJ, hun... my prayers are with you. Try to keep your chin up, get some support, and look towards tomorrow. Remember to do what's right for you, and keep in mind, no matter what, your fans are here behind you. You can beat this. We know it, You know it. You might have fallen down again, but without mistakes our lessons mean nothing- just pick yourself up, (and we're here to help lift you up), dust yourself off, and keep on trekkin'.

Your family, your friends, and your fans will always be here for you, and we will always here- no matter what.

I don't know what's going on in your life right now, but I hope whatever it is, that you can find the strength and courage get through it.

I just want to say thanks to the girl that was trying to get him into the cab- thanks for trying to divert the attention from him, and thanks for being a support.

To the tattooed woman who's using this for her 15 mins of fame- I hope karma, God, or whatever force it is that causes such things, brings this back to you tenfold. Way to be an attention-starved loser.

2054 days ago


This was very hard to see because he has been through so much and over came alot and to see him like that was very heartbreaking. I have been a BSB fan since i was 14 and i'm 26 now so I support him no what and I pray that things will be okay 4 him. And why on earth would these people whom are his friends let him drink? His "loving GF" wasn't much help either yelling at him as if it was going to help..... Again I stand by him and support him

2052 days ago


That wasn't AJ's real gf, just an imposter or wanna be ho.
If AJ ever reads these comments and he should, take all those fancy bsb lyrics about loving your woman and get things straight with your real woman.

2051 days ago


i think everyone needs to let the man be. any recovering alcholic is going to relapse. even if it is more than once. i believe that once he finds that ONE girl that will be willing to give up the night life and the drinking..thats when he will settle down and get clean. so just lay off aj and let him be.

2051 days ago


Wow, I just can't believe it. AJ whats up with you? I just wonder what Kevin is thinking at this time, I think the BSB is over, I hate to say it. I mean I love their music, and love to watch their dance moves. What a way to end.. I pray that AJ will get help, get rid of the "friends" that LET HIM DRINK! and get back to his real friends, the BSB, they've been thru ALOT together since they started singing! I mean I saw the Oprah show, where the boys showed up in support of him, and how emotional it was, and I heard the story of how Kevin confronted him, man! get over this AJ!!!! PLEASE! LORD, SAVE HIM!
This will be another disaster and celebrity death, I fear, all thanks to the poison, alcohol. Boys, surround him with your love and suport, give him another chance and get him out of this. Love you AJ! I want to see you well.

2049 days ago


I ran into AJ this night... Unfortunately I was so drunk I thought he was sober .....and told him I didn't know who the backstreet boys were! ... bad hangover the next day!!!

2049 days ago


To others this is fun!
to me is painful
i'm in recovery
and i know how bad
it is to relapse
but relapsing in public that would suck big time!

He should have being working the steps!

2046 days ago


I hate to see someone lose their sobriety. What happened to the good ol' days when he was big enough to mock his screaming, fainting fans at lunch before the show (after a press conference). Now he's leaving the bar with fat leeches. It's sickening. Just sickening. I bet he'd die to have that Israeli fan with the dunce cap back in a heartbeat, screaming, fainting, sincere in her undying love and concern for him.

2046 days ago


I feel pity for him...when I was younger I was big fan of the's really sad to seem like this.I hope he gets better.

2045 days ago
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