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Alba Can't Park with Honor

1/27/2009 4:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba was lookin' particularly fine this weekend -- as in, the hot law-breaker's gotta pay one.

Jessica Alba: Click to watch
Bill O'Reilly's #1 fan took her tot to the park on Sunday -- and left with a parking ticket.

Anyone forced to sit through "The Love Guru," consider this karmic retribution.


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I feel so bad for Jessica. Doesn't anyone else have an ounce of sympathy for her? Just because she's beautiful doesn't mean she doesn't have problems like everyone else. Could you imagine being in her shoes? Probably not. Not to mention, pretty much everyone reading this is like, overweight, poorly dressed, and ugly to boot.

2023 days ago


too bad...she'z so beautiful.....but so stew phid!!!

2074 days ago

Rip It Up    

Good, this woman is an arrogant b!tch.

2074 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Ha ha

2074 days ago


Arrogant bitch! well deserved...

2074 days ago


Does the person who writes about Jessica Alba at TMZ have a complex
or something? You never have spoken about her in a positive light, ever.
I could so a better job of writing a gossip piece than you. Oh, and by the
way my husband and kids thought the Love Guru was funny. It wasn't supposed
to win any was the same kind of humor in Austin Powers. Are you
jealous because you can't have her? Is that it? Then maybe we should
feel bad for you because you have no life?????

On that note, who cares that she got a ticket at the park on Sunday? I would
be pissed too!

2074 days ago


She doesnt kiss their butts. Or dance like a trained monkey on cue. That is why they hate her.

2074 days ago


That guy taking the pic behind her looks like an ass- ever hear of personal space? She's holding her BABY!

2074 days ago


Look at that Elephant Seal snapping the pictures. What a fat gut that guy has! A no neck blubber gut indeed.

2074 days ago


Get that horrible sweater off your kid, idiot!

2074 days ago


Photogs are the biggest hypocrites like that PRICK getting like 2 foot away from a woman holding her child...Yet they complain & try to Sue anyone who pushes them or tells them to F OFF no respect given no respect deserved.. Should show more pics of photogs getting beatdowns.Need more Tommy lees in this business.

2074 days ago


I, too, think the STALKER 2' away from her, holding his camera within inches of her especially WHILE SHE IS CARRYING HER KID needs to be castrated. I would love to see someone come up behind him with a baseball bat and just knock him out of the park.

There is proof that the stalkerazzi is dangerous. NO ONE wants or needs to see the pics these guys are taking - they could easily be taken from a respectable 15'-20' away and tell the same LAME story. I hope there will be some laws made soon about them - THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

I also agree that TMZ's lousy attitude about this woman does NOT help her attitude towards them.

2074 days ago


What is the deal about Bill O'Reilly? She isn't really a rightie is she?

2073 days ago


she needs to tell bill she is sorry for name calling, you should have a certain amount of respect for those older. it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. didn't her parents teach her.

2073 days ago

R U 4 REAL    

she is one arrogant skank, zero talent, zero brains, she is just as waste of air...ohh...and for all of you who say nothing positive es ever said about her...well...that's becuase she never has anything positive to contribute....this skank is WAY over rated

2073 days ago
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