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"CSI" Guy: Stupid Me For Boxing a Thief!

1/27/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He bravely fought off a real life attacker on the NY subway, but "CSI" dude Gerald McCullouch wishes he wussed out, admitting he was "stupid" for fighting off his attacker.

Gerald McCullouch: Click to watch
McCullouch -- who plays Bobby Dawson on the show -- used moves he learned from boxing to square off with an 6-foot-3-inch, 240 lb man who tried stealing his laptop. The large criminal responded by trying to stab McCullouch with a 10-inch kitchen knife....the leather jacket McCullouch is wearing saved his life.


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James Omar Peebles    

You did a good job!
You have to defend yourself.

2097 days ago


What a nice guy. Brave too.. My hero.

2097 days ago


its not a good idea for anyone to fight off a thief, but since he has the training and knows what he is capeable of doing with his punches....... not bad... the leather jacket simply saved him from getting hurt with that huge knife...
there are some special jackets that are knife proof..... meaning they will keep the blade from enterning the material and hurting anyone..... you can also find some high end fashion clothing for personal protection from CABALLERO...

2097 days ago



I don't agree with not fighting back at all. I have been attacked several times, mostly in the bad old crime-ridden NY days. I ALWAYS FOUGHT BACK, screaming my head off the whole time, and I am a woman with no special training who has had to be out late at night, coming home from work. I did not emerge unscathed but I had all of my belongings and the satisfaction of knowing I did what I could. This "changing the script" is more powerful than you think. Muggers think they know what you are going to do. Most of them are cowards (much bigger, carrying weapons, sneaking up on you) and stupid. They especially like to pick on women, the elderly and others they think are weak because they think we'll be terrified and just give it up, not even reporting it because it is humiliating. For me, it wasn't bravery--it was anger. But I kept my head. The element of surprise shifted to my side and with only 1 exception, they ran away. The exception was scared away by neighbors advancing with large dogs in response to the noise I was making. Also, if you manage to scare a mugger, there is less likelihood they will pull that crap with anybody again.

But I have to admit the train is much scarier if one is attacked. This has got me thinking about what I would do there.

Gerald's attacker was facing him head-on from the outset and man against man does tend to get more violent faster than man against woman. So Gerald is indeed a hero for getting one of these lowlifes behind bars (and not getting hurt himself). THANKS, MAN!

2095 days ago


Forgot to say in other post under reasons to fight back: Muggers don't always back off because you give them your stuff. If your attackers mean to hurt or kill you, I think you might as well go down fighting.

2095 days ago

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