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Jessica Alba Was Right ... We Were Wrong

1/27/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is fuming at TMZ for calling her dumb when she called Sweden a "neutral" country last week ... even though it currently has troops in Afghanistan.

She is absolutely correct. Sweden was a neutral country ... 60 years ago.

Even though she was engaged in a debate about the current political situation in America when she advised a reporter to "Be Sweden ... be neutral" -- Alba is swinging back at critics, like TMZ, on her blog saying, "It's so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland."

She is absolutely correct -- when the Nazis were waging war on anyone who opposed Hitler's evil rule, Sweden remained neutral and stayed out of the war. After the war, Winston Churchill referred to Sweden as "that small, coward country."

We apologize for not considering the political climate of the world in 1942 when we suggested she may have meant, "Be Switzerland" -- a country that is currently neutral.

Our sincerest apologies.


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Atomik the Duck    

Isn't it just a little offensive to accuse Switzerland of 'knowing about the holocaust' and 'doing nothing' when it's well established that the US and UK, knowing full well about the holocaust, couldn't be bothered to direct even a single bombing mission to attempt to strike the railheads that led to the extermination camps?
Morgenthau, FDR's right hand, dared not raise the matter with him.
The US was the repository of a great deal of flight money from Nazi Germany. It was by no means all sitting in Swiss banks.
The Swiss, in a difficult situation, struck a delicate balance, maintaining neutrality as best they could while presenting sufficient strength with their armed forces that they would not have been a walk over if attacked. Both sides took advantage of the fact of Swiss neutrality with respect to banking, the movement of money, and the direction of espionage as well as for some relatively minor diplomatic contact.
Perhaps we might note how the US propagandized for 'Uncle Joe' Stalin as his armies raped, pillaged and destroyed the citizens of the very countries the Nazis had occupied. Ah, but he was on the side of 'virtue' since he was allied with the US and UK. Presumably the raped, murdered and looted who had previously been victimized by the Nazis felt better that they were now the victims of the Russian Army, the allies of US and UK 'virtue'.
Though somehow I doubt they found much consolation in that fact.
In any war there is hypocrisy and slaughter. One strikes what balance one can, if one cares to do so. Those who point fingers at the conduct of other nations ought, as a rule, consider their own actions, and those of their own nations first.
I'm afraid, though, that's too much to ask. Easier to wave the flags, point fingers, pound one's chest and declare 'We're number one!'
Grow up, children.
Yes, the 'bimbo' actress was right, and O'Reilly and TMZ were wrong.

2060 days ago


Seriously TMZ, you're just making yourselves look dumb. Jessica Alba is absolutely correct, Sweden is one of eight neutral countries in the world, which you would know if you'd done any research at all. Sending peace keeping UN troops is not nearly the same thing as sending troops to war.

2060 days ago


Why is TMZ apologizing? Sweden was NOT nuetral, they were overtaken by the Nazis and therefore did nothing not by choice but by force. Being nuetral is having the power to go one way or another but opting not to take sides. Sweden did not choose a side, they were indeed taken over. So, now if a country is taken over we call them nuetral? Good God, what a farce. As the war ended and the Nazi's were defeated, THEN, and only then, did Sweden start doing humanitarian work. Why? Because they wouldn't be killed for doing it now since the Canadians, AMericans, and British stepped in. Sweden was the precursor to the French wussies. SO, I guess that qualifies France as nuetral, right? Check Wikipedia TMZ. Alba didn't need an apology. I am sure she is overjoyed thinking she may have found an "out" to her stupidity and dumbass comments though. I know in Hollywood stupid is as stupid does though. It's like a big old game of follow the leader there. Just because she had a baby does not make her a brain surgeon.

2060 days ago


Please, she had NO IDEA what she was talking about. She clearly made a reference she did not intend to make - I will bet my farm she had no previous knowledge on the historical context of Sweden during WWII. She sounds completely stupid when she opens her mouth - whether she's reading a prompter or spewing her own fabled rhetoric. I will eat my shorts if she's ever been courted by MENSA!! Jessica: please keep your career to attempting to look pretty and trying to act your way out of a wet paper bag. Leave the real work to the real people.

2060 days ago

nelly forbush    

If she was any dumber she would have to be watered twice a week.

2060 days ago

leave it natural    

When Ronald Reagan was visiting Austria he said something like: "I'm happy to be in Australia".
So if American Presidents can say such crap, it's really not tragic if J.A. slips on Sw...

2060 days ago


She is not smart, she doesn't deserve an apoligy and she IS the worst actress. Overpaid, waaay overpaid. Jessica, you and your Hollywood friends, PLEASE, keep your comments and political views to are NO more important then the rest of us, so stop acting like it!

2060 days ago

leave it natural    

Well, now people on TMZ will at least have knowledge that Sweden IS a neutral country.
By the way: who is brighter? Anyone who chooses to quote Wikipedia or anyone who quotes TMZ?

2060 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Now if she'd just apologize for being the world's smelliest turd, you'd be all even.

2060 days ago


TMZ show they have no knowledge either. Switzerland is sending troops to protect ships in Somali waters. Is that neutral the way TMZ is reasoning?

Sweden only sends peacekeeping troops abroad, which ANY country part of the UN should do. When it comes to conflicts in the world, both Sweden and Switzerland ARE neutral.

Jessica is right.

2060 days ago

Atomik the Duck    

Nice logic, #99. So, if a country is neutral but then is invaded and occupied, it wasn't neutral.

Can you say 'post hoc propter hoc'?

I don't believe Mensa will be courting you, either. Then again, Mensa takes anything at or above 98th percentile -- not precisely the sharpest tools in the kit.

2060 days ago

Atomik the Duck    

Actually, O'Reilly is the spectacular dumb-dumb in all this. He latched on to the notion that Alba was stoopid [sic] in his annoyance at having been dissed, then foolishly accused her of ignorance when he ought have had at least an elementary grasp of the facts -- this is, after all, presumably within the area of his expertise.

Perhaps, in his heart of hearts he's 'blonde'.

2060 days ago

Marshall Smith    

I side with Jeccia on this one.

2060 days ago


Jessica is a cretin, but she's a very pretty cretin indeed. The Nazi's didn't invade Switzerland because the Swiss banks were in charge of protecting and laundering the Nazi money. The idea of neutrality is only believed by fools.

2060 days ago


Portugal was also neutral during WW2 (both them and Spain were having their tiffs at the time) but had and American Air Force base on the Island of Tercera, Azores, which was a Portugese possession. Interesting. hmmmm

2060 days ago
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