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Mystery Document in Travolta Case -- Revealed

1/27/2009 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John TravoltaWe now know what the document is all about in the John Travolta extortion case.

Sources connected with the investigation tell us the document is an authorization for transporting Jett Travolta in the ambulance.

We're told John Travolta and Kelly Preston had an issue over where Jett Travolta should be taken for emergency treatment. We do not have further specifics, nor do we know why the alleged extortionists thought it was worth $25 million to keep private.

The Nassau Guardian has published a story saying it's a "refusal to transport" document. The paper cites the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames, who says the document "is signed by a party when refusing, for example, emergency medical services from trained personnel."

Our sources say John and Kelly did not refuse treatment for Jett, but had an issue over where he should be treated.


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Another MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.... figures. I am not surprised with all the leeches out there, trying to suck cash out of celebs.

I cannot believe there are so many paranoid numbskulls on here, thinking there is some sinister plot. Not to mention just plain STUPID, RUDE people.

2059 days ago


As a Scientologist, we do go to the Dr. when needed. You guys have know right to judge theTravoltas Its easy to bash something you know nothing about. I have known many Scientolgist that have gone to Dr.s.

You don't know what type of health care was given to Jett. I just hope John, Kelly and Ela can get on with there lives and be left alone.

2059 days ago


You guys are true and complete morons! The Travoltas did nothing wrong. If they even thought they did something wrong they wouldnt have reported the extortion, dont ya think. Yes, the child was dead on the scene. How can they refuse treatment on a dead child?! TMZ and everyone else should mind their own business...let the authorities handle the specifics ..and let them MOURN their SON! Freakin hreatless bastards.
AND for the last time...not treating or acknowledging autism has nothing to do with seizures. Seizures are a separate medical issue for which they sought help. Now STFU already!

2059 days ago

nira k    

When you call EMT's they will begin treatment of the case. If you are dealing with a terminal case, you will have a signed form stating transport only. Your local fire house can give you a form.
Where else would they take Jett except to the hospital --there is only one in Freeport. Nassau has 2 but Jett would need to be stabilized in Freeport until air transport was readied. I smell rats.

2059 days ago


Davey Jones- u are an idiot. Go stick your head in the toilet. How do u know what their drs prescribed or didnt? Not all seizures can be controlled with meds. Now go do something constructive with your life.

2059 days ago


The question I have: Where in Florida did Travolta want to take Jett for treatment?

There were reports that when Travolta did finally leave Freeport with the ashes of his son, he flew directly to Tampa, and was met by a scientology van, and taken to Clearwater.

Did the Travoltas want to treat Jett at the Scientology Flag Base, and not by medical professionals?

2059 days ago


Jett is ( was) adorable. I wish he was still with us.

2059 days ago


I think TIME magazine said it best with the title of their 1991 piece on $cientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.

I would have added dangerous quackery to that, but still a very informative piece.

Oh and yes, $cientologists see doctors, SCIENTOLOGY doctors, and never for treatment of anything considered a mental condition.

2059 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

I know about that Time article from 1991. I grew up with the leader as my neighbor in New Jersey. They were into it even back then although we never joined thank the ol'mighty.

2059 days ago


yah stupid ceezee but a kid died so screw the parent's if they didn't care

2059 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Sounds fishy, who is at this point the number 4 comment, you say, "4. EMT's don't take requests for where to take a patient."I have used the services of an EMT/ambulance service four times: three times for myself and once for my minor child. Each time the ambulance was obtained by dialing 911, so this is not a private service I am talking about.In each of the four cases, the ambulance took me to the hospital I requested, which was not the closest hospital by a long shot. These ambulance trips were over a span of 15 years, with the most recent being last summer, when I was having chest pains and a heart attack was a possibility. The closest hospital to me is adequate, but a major hospital is about 25 minutes further and I very much prefer it.In each case, the EMT told me it was best to go to the closest hospital, but they never had any problem taking me where I asked. So, since that part of your comment is wrong, I have to wonder if any of your statements are accurate. I mean, they all sound good, but basically, I don't think you know what you are talking about.

2059 days ago


I am shocked at the level of both moronic suspicion, and arrogant pseudo-intellectualism exhibited in these comments. Either the comments foolishly claim to absolutely KNOW the procedures ALWAYS followed by ambulances IN THE BAHAMAS (jeez!), or they ascribe nefarious ulterior motives to family members who, from ALL accounts were lovingly devoted to a child with a long term and deteriorating illness. You folks seriously need to get some perspective.

2059 days ago


I feel for this lose .however THIS SO CALLED RELIGION IS DEAD WRONG! I know it is a free country and all but there is only one true god who made everything and i really know this young boy was an innocent child who cant help what his parents want to believe in or trust in. I feel he is in HEAVEN the one God himself made. Scientology is a cultish crazy church period. It is all head no heart. This young man is with the Lord forever and ever. He is and was to young to make any choice of what is real and true and lasting. I pray the family will turn to God and get out of this cult money taker.

2059 days ago


The comments made about Scientologist only going to Scientology Drs. again in not true. Our G.P. is not a Scientologist, but is an alternative care Dr. We went to him based on the type of care we wish to have and no other reason.

I think the Travolta's went to there home in Ocala after Jett's death. But even if they did fly to Clearwater does it matter? They probably went there to talk to a Minster about Jetts death and dealing with it.

As for the care of there son, from what I have herd they did have him on seizure meds for yeears. But lately the meds were not at all helping him.. The Dr. took him off them... not the Travolta's. But of course people "KNOW" better then the people that are Scientologist and we must ALL be brainwashed.. Well I guess I will be brainwashed for the rest of my life.. Because I have found Scientology and it works for me and has improved my life.

So you guys can go stick it were the sun doesn't shine.. and leave the Travoltas alone.

2059 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Not gonna let go of this one are you tmz - time to move on.

2059 days ago
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