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Mystery Document in Travolta Case -- Revealed

1/27/2009 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John TravoltaWe now know what the document is all about in the John Travolta extortion case.

Sources connected with the investigation tell us the document is an authorization for transporting Jett Travolta in the ambulance.

We're told John Travolta and Kelly Preston had an issue over where Jett Travolta should be taken for emergency treatment. We do not have further specifics, nor do we know why the alleged extortionists thought it was worth $25 million to keep private.

The Nassau Guardian has published a story saying it's a "refusal to transport" document. The paper cites the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames, who says the document "is signed by a party when refusing, for example, emergency medical services from trained personnel."

Our sources say John and Kelly did not refuse treatment for Jett, but had an issue over where he should be treated.


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Jennifer Bouldack    

I will say, after blasting someone's inaccurate statement posted here, that I agree with the spirit of his/her comment and many other comments here. There is clearly more to this story that is crucial to our understanding. Something here is just not right. I support this family's right to privacy at this time. They have suffered an unimaginable loss. But at the same time, this doesn't seem like simply a family trying to protect its privacy. I don't know...something just isn't right...

2096 days ago

Susan S.    

Will everybody just chill out about Scientology??? I studied with them in Boston and the teaching common sense. Don't rant about something unless you know what your talking about!

2096 days ago

Hayleigh's Nana    

You people need to get your facts straight ...EMT's and Paramedics DO ask if their is a preference in Hospital for a patient to be transported to. The only way they don't is if you are unconscious and they take you to the nearest trauma hospital. These were Jett's Parents so they had the right to have him taken to any hospital of their choice. Scientologists or not they are still parents and I am sure they did ALL they could to protect their child. This is just a horrible tragedy and I hope they come out of it stronger and closer as a family.
My prayers are with the Travolta family...

2096 days ago

GGW Fan    

Scientology.........The only religion that makes you pay to hear the story. I can go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life and don't have to pay a dime to her the pastor speak. But Scientology won't tell you whole story until you pay out the ass to make it to the next level. read it for yourself.

2096 days ago

darla gayle    

i feel sooooo bad for this family, John is a wonderful man, who has just lost his son..........LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!! PRAY FOR THEM!!!!!!!!! I am so hurt for them

2096 days ago

What a bunch of BIGOTS!!    

Seriously You guys have no Problems with Churches teaching people to HATE based on Color as your Wacko God's(OBAMA) church did.This church that didn't preach to hate anyone.You guys are hating on???HMM i see many mentioned Cruise and Travolta but none of you have the guts to say anything about Will Smith who is also a Scientoogist,In fact none in the MEDIA make outrageous statements about him.Seems like a RACIST double standard to only go after Cruise and Travolta. MEDIA are a bunch of hypocritical bigots too like you guys.

2096 days ago


that just git'z my roid'z a'boiling...............

2096 days ago


You guys have to remember this is the bahamas, so their policies on transfers are not nessaceraly the same as here in the states.

#9-It is NOT ALWAYS the most appropriate treating hospital-it depends on where you are. National Registry for EMT certification states transferring to the most appropriate hospital.(for example taking a burn victim to the nearest burn center, even if it means passing by a couple hospitals) But most states, and counties within those states, can say differently. Like here is L.A. County you would transfer that burn victim to the nearest hospital and not the nearest burn center.
I picked up this girl from a H.S. in Los Angeles who was claiming to be injured though she wasn't really. She had a guardian there who wanted her taken to this hospital that was like 50 miles away. County Fire said no. That was the end.

#42-EMT's & Medics do not always ask where you want to go. Again, it depends where you are, and the situation. For a simple medical issue, yea, most likely you will be asked if you have a preference, and will go there if it's within reason.(see story above) I have rerounted on the way to one hospital cuz the patient changed their mind on what hospital they wanted. But that was not a trauma like Jett's situation. Jett's situation was a trauma. Wanting to pass by a hospital just to take Jett to a 'preferred' hospital by the parents shows deglagence and plain stupidity on the parents part, if that's what they did, IF they had that option in the Bahamas. Most EMT's & Medics in the states during such a serious sitituation are not gonna ask where the parent wants the kid to go! The whole point is get them to A hospital asap! I went on a call for an 18 month in respiratory arrest from chocking on a penny. The Mom was there. Did she have a choice and was she asked? No. That would be completely ridiculous to ask in such a sitiation.

If John & Kelly wasted time discussing where Jett should go during such a serious situation while their son is being deprived of O2 & dying, instead of saying 'take him to the nearest facility', they are complete morons. Jett could have always been transferred once he was stabled to their 'preferred' hospital.

2096 days ago


#33-response no.46 was for you as well.

2096 days ago


This sweet young man is dead! I'm not sure that any one hospital could have helped Jett.

I've been reading about Scientology on the net ----SCARY!!

Hug your loved ones close tonight.


2096 days ago


NUMBERS four and five
Emt's do take requests on where to take a patient. They can take requests directly from the patient or from the parents or legal guardian. It is YOUR right as a patient or (parents) to be taken where ever you want to go within thier (emt's) jurisdiction. At least in Nevada anyway.

2096 days ago



2096 days ago


Number (22) get over yourself. Scientologist don't go around posting on blogs that are part of the cult. I have aunts,and uncles as well as in-laws that invest thousands of dollars in it,and it is not a good thing. My niece suffers with severe authism she had normal doctors ect. until my sister,and her husband joined the cult since then they have been, her 4 times a week to get her ,so called detox she has became worse her behavior is beyond irrational .We have been trying to knock some sense into my sister,and my brother in-law let them know what they are doing will eventually kill her,and they think no such thing would never ever happen,well guess what since the entire Travolta tragedy took place. Their eyes became opened well at least some of my family who's in Sciontology. My sister called my mom crying when this happen tried to get out,and guess what? In order for her to pull out of it she has to drop more money on them than she gave before a boarding their cult.

I know a lot of things about this cult it just makes me sick. I hope people open up,and come out about it when you join you sell your soul,and you can only break out from it by the help of the almighty God.

2096 days ago


Of course anyone sympathizes with a family who loses a child. Jett is dead, he deserves the truth...

$cientology brainwashes people into suggesting that CHILDRE can be DEGRADED BEINGS who bring on their own physical and psychological problems and have to cure themselves of the evil BODY THETANS inside of them. This IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE! Check it out for yourself...

How many hours was Jett dead before he was found? Where is the OTHER NANNY? What do we NOT KNOW THAT IS WORTH $20 MILLION?

There are MANY SUSPICIOUS DEATHS surrounding this dangerous greedy cult created by L. Ron Hubbard, a very bad science fiction writer…

RIP Jett, God Bless You!

2096 days ago

maggie mae    

There is just so much more to this story that has not been come out and is being covered up. The sad part is that this precious child has passed. I believe that religion had a BIG part in this tradgedy. Kawasaki had nothing to do with the boys death. The Travoltas need to come clean and face the facts of their childs disease.

2096 days ago
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