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Ashlee's Got Jessica's Back

1/28/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's sister has a big beef with everyone who is calling Jess ... big.

The littler Simpson, Ashlee, writes on her blog she is "completely disgusted" by all the attention her sister got from those photos of her in high-waisted jeans and a big belt. Slams Ash: "Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it."

Jessica's ex-trainer is also piping about the controversy, saying Jess is "healthy."


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She's a terrible singer, worse as an actress, and my dog has more sense than she does. BUT she is hot. I'll give her that. Her outfit is out of control, but Papa Joe probably dressed her. He probably had to give alot of BJ's to get her that gig!!
Ashley who?

2031 days ago


What have we come to these days that a size 8 is fat? I don't get it. How many people would love to be a size 8, or would tell their mom they are fat at a size 8? If the average woman in america is a size 14, is a 8 fat? Shouldn't we just try to find something nice to say instead of trashing people all the time? They say people who have to say mean things about others, do not like themselves and are insecure. They belittle others to make themselves feel good. I wonder if this is what is going on here. I think she is cute, and trying to make this country thing a go. We should encourage her, not pick on her.

2031 days ago


I find it funny that they wanted us to notice when they look good and watch their mtv shows and all but when we notice something they don't like they get all huffy. You cant really make your living putting yourself out there and expect it to be all good!

2031 days ago


The only thing wrong was that whole atrocious outfit. In the past year since trying to go "country" her sense of fashion has completely hit the wall! If she has a stylist he/she/they should be fired. If she is doing it herself, hire someone immediately! She is a pretty girl with a nice voice who had great promotion. What happened!!!!

2031 days ago

Jess 1    

I think Ashlee does think bodies come in all different can exercise to change your body though but no matter how much you exercise your nose will never change. So what if she got a nose job. Maybe she was insecure about it and didn't like she changed it. SO WHAT! I don't understand what the big deal is. If I had a nose or anything for that matter that I didn't like and I had the money to make it better so I wasn't self-conscious about my look, I would change it too.

2031 days ago


Jessica looks fine but needs a stylist that 80's throwback outfit was yuk!!!!!!!!!!! She gets another outfit going and she is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2031 days ago


I don't like the big belt with her jean's outfit, but overall, she looks good. High waisted jeans don't make anyone one look good either. I'm petite and short waisted and I wore them once and I looked like a weeble! But come on, if you saw her on a regular street, as a regular person, she looks great.

A lot of people are just mean spirited and like to write nasty things about people. They should look at themselves in the mirror, then judge other people!

2031 days ago


Big?!?!? Overweight?!?!?! Are you people serious? I would hate to know any of you...I'm a size 4/6 and Jessica is probably my size or smaller. No wonder kids are becoming anorexic at 12. Its a bad pair of jeans and a NORMAL body.

2031 days ago


Ok TMZ, Listen. Her outfit it HORRID. However she is in no way fat. Stop putting these unrealistic standards on girls or else you will just become another internet version of US weekly or star magazine.

2031 days ago


This is what they signed up for when they wanted fame & money (thanks
daddy Joe).
In my opinion I do not think anyone without children should be out of
shape, unless there is a physical problem. When you have money for
trainers there is no excuse, people are paying for an image that is
not normal. You do not want to see Sally Ann your neighbor
performing. I think she has her man and got comfortable.

2031 days ago


Hey V...let me ask you say that unless someone has children they shouldn't be "out of shape"...are you saying that only women who are a size 2 (very skinny) should be considered in shape?

2031 days ago


haha Ash needs to open her eyes and be honest to her sister! She should drag Jessica to the gym!! Excusing her sister's weight is not right; she should help her loose that chunk of FAT instead of writing on her blogggg…Jessica looks GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS yuck I don’t understand how ppl can get FAT like that.. its just NASTYYY

Im 105 and never imagine being a fat COW!!

2031 days ago


Nick must be laughing his butt off. He has a beautiful, hot body girlfriend now and a real upgrade. I think Vanessa Minnillo is one of the prettiest women out there. Also Tony downgraded from Carrie Underwood to Jessica. She's also gorgeous. Jessica has crooked teeth if you look real close. Ashlee is just plain gross. They will both fade away soon. Too much competition out there for them. Taylor Swift is a much better singer than Jessica. Jessica is a joke in the country music world.

2031 days ago


wait, if i went back to my home town and had gain weight, people would talk! jessica made a choice to sing at the event - wearing clothes that made her look larger and yes, she has gained weight. so, jessica, is more special than who the average person that would be talked about. she has a public career, people are going to talk. unlike me who can't afford some one to cook my food, a trainer, dress me or do my hair. jessica can afford all these things and would greatly benefit by using them. oprah even admitted that she had dropped the ball on her weight issues.

2031 days ago


First, Jessica is not really FAT, she is just not toned... a lil flabby.
She needs a trainer STAT, especially if she is going to wear tight jeans and tank tops.

Second, if anyone I knew looked that bad in their jeans, YES, I would say something to them.
They were a total disaster.

2031 days ago
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