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Ashlee's Got Jessica's Back

1/28/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's sister has a big beef with everyone who is calling Jess ... big.

The littler Simpson, Ashlee, writes on her blog she is "completely disgusted" by all the attention her sister got from those photos of her in high-waisted jeans and a big belt. Slams Ash: "Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it."

Jessica's ex-trainer is also piping about the controversy, saying Jess is "healthy."


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J D    

I told you this pig was packing on the pounds when you can't get any gigs and you have your daddy looking over every move you make and a football player for a boyfriend that wants you to play line backer you get fat plus think what Nick and carrie would say about all that fat!

2061 days ago


Are they kidding me??--they just put this story on the Today Show! Good Lord-- shouldn't they be talking about the stimulus package or the war or Blog's impeachment? It is absolutely ridiculous to give this 'story' any airtime. It has taken on a life of its own. The girl has gained some weight-OMG let's all hold our breath to see what happens next!! And all of your nasty comments have fueled this 'discussion'-you guys get a frickin' LIFE-I doubt that most of you would want your photo put up on this site for all to see and comment on--this kind of jackal mentality is dangerous. And TMZ-- you are the fuel for the fire-shame on you. I'm done with this site.

2061 days ago


I don't care what her trainer or her sister says. She is not healthy and she is overweight. Wearing the mom jeans and the big belt didn't help any. If wasn't just her outfit making her look overweight. She IS overweight. Her face is full, her arms are big and flabby. She looks terrible. I'm NOT saying people should be anorexic, but she clearly put on mucho poundage and looks awful. She's too young to look like crap. Forget getting into those daisy dukes. She went from one extreme to another.

2061 days ago

gag me    

I could care less about Jessica S, she's just pathetic, the way she chased Mayer and Romo, haha. But I DETEST ashleeeeeeeeee S, because she got an opportunity to be on SNL and what'd she do? The HOE DOWN! You, ahleeeeeeeeeeee with that freakin stupid spelling of your name, are the joke here. Shut up now. Sheep. And (wait for it) your husband is gay, btw. LOL

2061 days ago


Ashlee, please STFU!!! You are just as talentless as your sister, and you are a complete hypocrite to talk about teenage girls and body image when you have had all kinds of work done to your face...and everybody knows it. Every time either of you two open your mouths you make yourselves look more stupid. And I hope someone kicks your ass for even mentioning something as incredible and inspiring as the inauguration and anything that has to do with you or your sister in the same sentence. Shallow, self-important bitch.

2061 days ago


SO jessica simpson got big and shes loving it . And her sister , pete and nick don't see anything wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with being fat. BUt shes in the music business ..thats why she prob went to country music. she prob would have a better career if she was skinny and her father wasn't controlling her like he did while she was married. And ashlee is her sister so she would say leave her alone but really she's saying yes now Im the pretty one.

2059 days ago


Jessica is a gorgious girl! The people who calls her fat or big boned are stupid!!!! The peple who tooked the shot, should be ashmed of themself. They don't realizes that other girls looks at this picture and considier themself as fat, when they are noT!!!!!!! This is a waste of time!!!

2057 days ago

tony romo    

Fat Fatty McFatson. SO glad i cheated on this fat whore

2054 days ago
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