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Yo-Yo's Pianist Soft-Pedals Milligate

1/28/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yo-Yo MaThe piano virtuoso who played with Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman at their now-much-maligned Inauguration gig wants everyone to step off.

Gabriela Montero says if the all-star quartet had tried to play for real, "It would have been a disaster ... It would absolutely have been a pathetic way to lead a president into his oath." They could've made an announcement, but why would you do that right before such a big moment, she asks?

As for Yo-Yo, here is evidence of how precious his $3.3 mil Montagnana cello is: He has to buy a first-class plane ticket just for the instrument.


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What is everyone complaining about? Did people pay to go see them? No, it was an inauguration. Too cold to play the instruments for real, so intstead of going out there and sounding like S--t they prerecorded. They weren't the only ones.

2039 days ago

Bobby D.    

They sucked anyway. Lousy Milli Vanilli crap was boring. Who the hell cares about a fat chinaman with an ancient instrument. Nobody liked it. The piano player was the worst. Next time fake a song that would be worth the time. Yoyo this MF!

2039 days ago


This is so silly, the weather was too cold for the instruments. Nonetheless, this is not comparable to Milli Vanilli which was two guys lip syncing singers other themselves. This case did not involve other musicians playing the music, it was a recording the musicians played themselves.

2039 days ago


This is Yo Yo Ma. If you can't respect him and his decisions then you are typical riff-raff.Do you people even know who this GREAT man is?!?!? He knows more about music than you ever will.

2039 days ago


I agree, this is silly. As they were playing I was wondering HOW they were playing. As a violin player myself, I knew there was no way those instruments could stay tuned. Aren't there other things to complain about and fix, like the fact your neighbor might be going hungry or cold? Spend the time and energy investigating and helping that.

2039 days ago


This is probably an oversite by the new WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY WHO IS A BIG GOOFY CLUMSY OAF! Have you HEARD him trying to EXPLAIN anything? MY GOD!.....heaven help us that he is representing the White House trying to explain anything.....I will warn you....ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah before and after each imparted sentence. CHANGE THE PRESS SECRETARY and these things will be cleared up. CHANGE HIM!

2039 days ago


What I find amazing about this whole issue is that it is one! It is not just about the instruments or who the people are, by the way yo-yo ma plays real music you know the stuff that will last millenia longer than neyo, it is the fact that we have our first african american president and people are making a big whoop about a pre-recorded preccesion. Lets focus on what is really important!!!

2039 days ago

the DQ    

Get over it TMZ!!!!!! You're showing how classless and unknowledgeable you are.

There's NO other way this could have taken place in those conditions (eg - freezing weather). As for any comparison to Milli-Vanilli................not even close!!! Those two couldn't/didn't even sing..............EVAHHHHH!!!

2039 days ago


#9 & #11: They could have declined, but 1) They were probably hired for the event. 2) As hired musicians, you never want to back out at the last minute and leave the event planners without a back up plan. They would've needed to pull something together and have it timed and rehearsed to fit within the inauguration program. 3) Why would you ever turn down a chance to be a part of history? In all honesty, they didn't bring any kind of shame to the event. It's an understandable situation.

2039 days ago


Let's get off this non-issue. Get back to the vital issues: Madge is a withered old slut, and Tom Cruise has no genitals

2039 days ago

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