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Blagojevich's Killer Hair

1/29/2009 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Illinois Governor Milorad "Rod" Blagojevich in Chicago last month (left) -- and Lyle Menendez, one half of the infamous Menendez Brothers, back in 1992 (right).

Blagojevich and Menendez
One of them is currently serving a life sentence in state prison.

We're just sayin'!


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As my husband so correctly pointed out, Blago has LEGO HAIR!!! LOL!

2032 days ago


I thought this from the beginning. You guys are right on! They are almost "dead ringers" for each other. Loves it.

2032 days ago

lost in lalaland    

That's IT! Ever since Blago hit the news I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out who he reminds me of. Lyle Menendez, of course!
For those of you that voted that Blago is worse than Menenedez, you're crazy. Sure, he's a douchebag, lying politician. Call me crazy, but I think slaughtering both your parents is a tad worse.

2032 days ago


Judging from the vote most people don't even know who Lyle Menendez is. He and his brother SLAUGHTERED their parents.

He's way worse than Blago in my oponion.

2032 days ago


This guy ..... I mean seriously ..... poor thing should have stopped years ago with the hair, now he's made an ass out of himself and his hair ...... the shame of it all ..... Blago ..... bow out gracefully and then cut your hair. You should have blamed all of your shame on your bad hair ..... then maybe you would'nt be on the chopping block for the "Impeached" .....

2032 days ago


Are you freakin' kidding me?!
Mind you they're both pretty bad but I can't believe this is even an arguement!
I would say the one that helped kill his parents would be worse and so far 60% think he's not.
people are sick.

2032 days ago

Fur ball    

Menendez's "hair" is FAKE, a man wig. He's been bald since age 22. Yes, he actually paid for that.

2032 days ago


They should have compared Blago & Donald Trump's style, instead of Lylo.

2032 days ago

Clair the breakfast club prom queen    

NOW I know who he reminds me of. But seriously TMZ, asking who is worse, a guy who killed his parents in cold blood for money or a corrupt politician who tried to sell a senate seat is kind of a stretch. They're both ugly as hell though.

2032 days ago


Forget the hair, what about the horrid nose job

2032 days ago


Blagos hair is real, its beautiful hair too but it is so well sprayed with hair spray it doesn't look real. He is very fussy about his hair, he carries a brush and a small can of hairspray everywhere he goes. I have to say one thing in Blagos defense, not that he's right and who knows what he was planning on doing but on July 17th, 08 the Chicago Sun Times had a huge picture of him on the cover of the paper in a super imposed ccwboy hat and shirt and neckerchief, the outfit was borrowed from a picture of John waye, I still have the paper, I laughed all day. That is about when they started to make a jerk out of him, they made fun of him for everything from his hair to his jogging in spandex LOL. I think about a month or two later they decided to tap his phone, why they decided to do that I don't know, I thought wiretap was illegal, guess not, they did catch him on tape saying a lot of fool things, but the fact is he didn't actually do anything. He cursed a lot but he was in his own home and he can do or say what he wants, he never carried anything out. I wish I had a nickle for every time I cursed on the phone or said things I never did or intended to do. It sounded like he planned on doing them though but he didn't actually do them,prob ably because they caught him first. The new Govenor was elected to his previous office twice with Blagos help and this is the way he repaid him. He had been packed and ready ot move into the Gov. office for a week now, they already knew he was going to lose his impeachment fight, they said so on the radio here. I am aware of Chicago politics and when they want you out, you're out no matter what they have to do, unfortunately our Mayor is still here. When they take a picture of Mayor Daley in a cowboy hat you can kiss him goodby too. Now he will be facing a conspiracy trail, he could do some serious time for that, he can naever hold any office in Illinois again and he will probably be disbarred in Illinois so he will have no means of supporting his family, he is already broke. If he is so corrupt why is he broke? I thinjk the people who got him out had their own agenda from the start but he fell right into the trap and if nothing else he should have been kicked out office just for stupidity.

2032 days ago


that guy is an embaressment to this state!!

2031 days ago


i think he's channeling his inner dr rey.

2030 days ago

He Gone!    

NO, Blago does NOT wear a hairpiece! I saw him a few years ago when he was campaigning--it is DEFINITELY his real hair! Besides, why would ANYONE wear a hairpiece that ugly?

HIs hair became his trademark and he is proud of it.
I am personally glad to see him out of IL politics. I never voted for him but I'm still embarassed to live in this state. And I hope Obama doesn't make a bigger joke out of IL. Obama did absolutely NOTHING for my state. Why he got elected, I'll never know, except that he can talk the talk...but can he walk the walk?

2030 days ago


14. It is a well known fact Lyle wears a wig..
Posted at 8:37AM on Jan 29th 2009 by Freezy

You're right. And his sleazy attorney (made him wear it for the trial so they would look like two young & innocent boys. It didn't work. Every wonder why lawyers have such a bad rep in this country?

2030 days ago
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